Why Every Art Room Needs a Carpet

A carpet in the art room? You may think I am crazy.  A carpet provides a great gathering place for students and I can’t imagine my art room without one.

It sure beats students huddled around a demo table or messing with stuff at their seats while I talk.

Watch this video to see how I use a classroom carpet in the art room, and why I think you should get one, too!


Missed some of my classroom setup posts about how I use my carpet and demo area? No problem! Catch up by clicking below!

How do you gather students in a structured way for instruction? 

What is working for you, and what do you want to change when it comes to gathering and demo time? 


6 years ago

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Ingrid Larson

    Hmm…. Says “This video is private” – Can’t wait to see it though. I have been thinking about getting one, also for the purpose of noise/sound absorption!

  • Amanda Heyn

    I love having a carpet in my art room too! It’s such a nice gathering space, and I love how quickly it helped me build a routine with my students. 

  • Cooperberner

    Jessica I in curious to know the name of the book you have in the article above showing a tiger/cat? in a van gogh style??. PS love your website- very refreshing !!

  • Heatherhillart

    Jessica, the carpet really does work!  I had a HUGE classroom, and adding the carpet was amazing!  I put it in front of the smartboard, and the students knew the procedure each day was to sit on the carpet first, then would be dismissed to their tables to work on the project.   Funny, mine was a map of the US, too!  The janitor found it rolled up somewhere in storage—a great find!!!

  • Sujhess

    I also have a carpet in front of my white board (which I use to show power points, etc.).  My K-2 students sit there when they come to art and we do “eye exercises” to get them “ready” for art class.  Funnily, some of the older students miss sitting on the carpet!

    • Your eye exercises sound neat- I would love to hear more about them sometime!

  • Susie Belzer

    Love this!  I was a new teacher last year and inherited a rug.  At first I wasn’t sure how to use it, but I ended up having all my students come to the rug to start class as you mentioned.  My rug is right in front of the smartboard and after giving directions, I dismiss students to their tables.  I even have my 3rd-5th graders come to the rug.  The older students who have trouble fitting on the rug will often pull up chairs to the rug so their are still seated around the rug area.  Works great!

  • Meg Walsh

    I love your call and response technique!! “1 clap,2 claps, 3 snaps, in your lap. Its time for art!” LOVE IT!

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