The “Super Handy Yarn Cart”

Behold, the “Super Handy Yarn Cart!”

Weaving projects in the art room can easily get out of control! Especially when you’re dealing with hundreds of kiddos every week! The worst feeling in the world is trying to untangle a ball of yarn with 25 little faces staring intently at you. Watch this really quick video to see an easy solution to eliminate that problem in your art room and make your weaving projects a whole lot more stress free.

Do you use any other ‘yarn management’ tricks in your room?

6 years ago

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Redwards

    Great idea! Thanks!

  • deb

    Great idea.  I created my own yarn box out of an old copy paper box with holes in the top. I make a point out of explaining to the students that they have to leave a “tail” of yarn otherwise you lose that color for the day when it drops back into the box.
     I love that you are using a transparent plastic box so you can keep track of your inventory. 
    Thanks for the new idea.

  • Rpatterson

    I was tired of that yarn ‘tangle’ as well.  (I often gave it to students who liked to finger weave if they wanted to get the knots out!)  I now have a deep (Sterlite) storage bin and made dividers out of cardboard (like the ones in a wine shipping box) so each skein will stand up.  I drilled holes over each section and put the ends of the yarn through them.  This works very well until a student forgets to leave enough for the next student and then the lid is raised and I have to redo it all!!  I now will definitely put it high on a cart and maybe get one with the locking handles.

  • Absolutely I am doing this!

  • Erica Stinziani

    I love that! I have so many tangled messes of yarn that were donated to me! You reminded me. . . that would be a great box to pull out for the end of the day helpers. Somehow my small group has become very large and my room is the neatest it’s ever been at this time of year. They do an awesome job at making everything perfect the problem is finding enough easy jobs. So for the kids who are being rehired Monday, a few boys were fooling around instead of doing their job so they had to take a break, this will be the perfect way to reintroduce them to the group. 

  • Marilena

    I enjoyed viewing this video.

    Great tips.

  • I love this idea!  Do you roll the yarn into balls first?  I’m going to have to try this.

    • I just keep the roll in tact from how I purchased it, and pull out the center string for the kids.

  • CD Wilson

    My neighbor teacher gives giant, hard pretzals as treats in class so I collected the large, plastic containers- they are clear, rounded, and can hold about 10 skeins rolled into balls. I poked holes around the containers using a hot glue gun- just press the tip in slowly and it melts a nice, round hole with no jagged edges like using a screwdriver or scissors. I drop in the yarn balls one at a time and poke the ends through the holes then replace the lids. Each color has its own container. I teach the students to pull out an arms-length and cut away from the hole (so it doesn’t bounce back inside causing them to have to wait for me to get to it) and that they are not allowed to open the lids. Works great!

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  • Berta Newton

    Excellent idea!!!

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