The Beauty Around You

As Art Teachers, we lead hectic lives.

Between memorizing hundreds of kiddos’ names, prepping projects, cleaning up messes, managing the classroom, ordering supplies, and so on and so on… we’re busy from the morning bell to the afternoon buses.

Which leads me to ask… How long has it been though since you’ve taken a few moments to sit back and appreciate your job? One of the things that I absolutely love about being an Art Teacher is the beauty I’m surrounded by each and every day. Recently, my husband Derek (@derekbalsley) and I were in my Art Room when he decided to capture some of the beauty he spotted. (He works in Marketing for a living and is a bit of an artist in his own right with photography, web design (including this site), etc.) Anyway, he did such an amazing job of capturing the beautiful objects around the room… I absolutely had to share it with you.

Take a look… As Art Teachers, the beauty around us on a daily basis is a true blessing and something we should take a moment to consider from time to time.

We really are a lucky bunch, aren’t we?

What do you find beautiful in your art room?

What else do you have to be thankful about regarding your job?


6 years ago

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Hmason

    SO clean and organized–inspires me!!!!!!

  • Kathy Olson

    I LOVE Derek’s video!  Makes me so glad to be an art teacher!

    • I think he’s pretty talented, if I do say so myself! :)

  • Eukent

    Thanks for sharing!!  Loved the video and I agree,  we need to take a moment to look around and enjoy the beauty in everyday things.  I needed this reminder.  This past week I held our first ever elementary art show at our 4-5 building.  It’s also my first year teaching art so I was seeing myself coming and going.  In 2 weeks I will have one for my K-3 building.  I’m going to take your advice. Thanks!

  • Michelle

    Thank you for the beautiful video!  I absolutely enjoyed it.  Out of curiosity, what do you use the combs for?  

    • When we do weaving on cardboard looms, the combs “beat down” the weft (yarn)- in short, to scrunch the yarn. Works great and kids love it. Fingers work fine, too.

  • Ms. Novak

    We are a super lucky bunch!  Most days I leave work thinking, “How did I end up with a job and career that I love? And I get paid for it?!”  

    What I find beautiful is the organized chaos that is my room – the organized mess before, during, and after a project — papers, paints, scissors, glue, water — I love it when it’s everywhere and then put away after it’s been used.  

    I also find that the kids are the most beautiful.  The way they explore, ask questions, and even somedays I love to stand near by busy doing something, but listening to their conversations.  The things they say about art, about life, about movies, about a trip they went on.  It helps me remember that they are not just students, but beautiful, wonderful people.  They make me laugh on a daily basis – and they also often grow my patients.  

  • We are indeed blessed by the beauty around us.  I found myself thinking how pretty it all is and then the kiddos come in and it is like the icing on the cake.  Great video!!

  • Ldeziel

    Nice video! I actually made an art lesson for my 6th graders based on the “art” in our art room. I took close up shots of the myriad of contained art supplies and art works that are found throughout our art room. The kids selected a photo they wanted to use for their inspirational and colorful works of art.

  • Tracy Ralston

    i loved the video. i keep forgetting about all the beautiful images around my classroom. thanks so much for sharing

  • Sam_applestone

    How Nice! By the way, I just found an app for kids that brings to life the paintings from the book  Klimt Discovering Art… I’ve tried it and it’s great for kids! Full of interactive activities and it really engages them… I leave the link on the app store, you should try it certainly:

  • Ana Sanchez

    WOW MEGA LIKE IT !!! I dream with an art room like that !!!

  • Eliz T.

    Very cool. I don’t have the luxuary of an art room–just an art storeroom, but I certainly can appreciate the beauty of and in your film. Thanks.