The 3 Things I Can’t Live Without at my Free Choice Station

Back in October, we had a great discussion about setting up a free choice station in the art room. Today, I’d like to get a little bit more specific and unveil the top three items at my free choice station. Watch to learn what items I chose and why they rose to the top.

Tell us, what do kids gravitate towards at your free choice station?

Is there anything you couldn’t live without?

6 years ago

Amanda Heyn

Amanda is the Senior Editor at AOE. She has a background in teaching elementary art and enjoys working to bring the best ideas from the world of art ed to the magazine each day. 


  • My students love building with Roylco Straws and Connectors! They work collaboratively and have designed some amazing structures. At clean up they are assigned to be either a straw sorter or connector collector. Origami and animating on the computers with Animationish software are  popular.  I have timers at each computer station to help with taking turns. Art Rage is also great if you have a Smartboard.

    • Cool ideas, Amy! I like the straws too. They are one of the things that I rotate in and out. How do you do origami? Are there direction sheets? I’d love to know…

      •  I have the origami books and square newsprint paper in a tub. I also print and laminate directions from the Origami Club website, They are very clear directions that are divided by difficulty. Some of my fourth grade students were inspired by the Between the Folds documentary to invent their own origami directions. Students need to show me they have mastered the design in newsprint in order to use a sheet of real origami paper. I try to avoid waste this way.

        • Cboggs73

          Thanks for the tip about showing mastery with newsprint first. Paper waste is one of my biggest frustration since I’m on such a tight budget.

        • Great idea! I love Between the Folds. 

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