Never Get Your Pencils Stolen Again!

Pencils: such small objects that seem to rule the art room. How many times have you put out a freshly sharpened bin of pencils to find them all but gone in a few days? If you’re tired of constantly having students walk off with your pencils, check out this video to make sure your pencils never get stolen again!

How do you manage pencils in your classroom?

What techniques do you use to keep your art supplies in the classroom?  

2 years ago

Abby Schukei

Abby is a middle school art teacher in Omaha, NE. She focuses on creating meaningful experiences for her students through technology integration, innovation, and creativity.


  • Anne Fry

    We learned about collateral and discuss how banks loan money in my hs and middle school classes. Students may use collateral to borrow a pencil. They must trade something of equal or greater value of a pencil.

    • Abby Schukei

      That’s a great strategy, Anne! For those more expensive materials (like paint pens) that we don’t use all the time, I have my students give me their shoe in exchange. I haven’t lost a paint pen yet!

    • Melissa Gilbertsen

      I did the shoe trade but it became more of a distraction with the beasties taking a shoe, looking incredulous; making a joke; and then others joining in on the convoy when really it should take 2 seconds and get back to work. Lover the obnoxious concept! I saw Ian using a foam head from Michael’s (($5ish clams) that worked well too. Love your ideas – not coming to art class with a pencil is, like, uh, really?? but I don’t have time for letting a student out of a project because of a pencil!!

      • Melissa Gilbertsen

        I hate stupid spell check!!😤

  • A.M. Hyde

    I use green spray paint on all my pencils. It makes it easy to identify when a student is walking out of the room with one of my pencils in hand. Also, students and teachers alike now recognize “art room pencils” and often return them to my room when they find one. It has helped!

    • Abby Schukei

      What a great idea, thanks for sharing!