Getting a “Yes”

Do you have an idea that you think is amazing and want to see it implemented in your school?  I am sure you do.

Watch this video for 3 quick tips to help  you to write a proposal that is professional, dynamic and hopefully will get you that ‘YES.’

Links Mentioned in Video:

View a Sample of an Assessment Plan Proposal I created. If you are interested in some of the ideas in this Assessment proposal, many of these types of assessments are covered in the online class Assessment in Art Education.

The blog post that inspired this video:  The Art of Getting What You Want 

6 years ago

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Hi Jessica,

    As a new teacher in art this year assessment is one area that I would love more information on. Perhaps your online class might be just the ticket. In my teacher prep courses we spent much time dealing with assessment (formative, summative, ongoing) and I “get” all that but discussion on that topic was geared more to Iowa Core academic areas. I want ways that I can go beyond ‘art project’ assessment. Informal group discussion is great with students also as a form of assessment but I want more besides both of those to know if ALL of my students are achieving at their levels.

    On a side note, WOW…..first year art teaching is tough!!! Nothing can prepare an art teacher for the reality of their own art classroom. I have learned so much through trial and error on organization, classroom management, lesson planning, etc. etc. The exciting part is that I feel as if I am succeeding….students are meeting my art goals and objectives, expressing their individual creativity and creating fantastic art. My students are engaged, creatively collaborating and all of that fun stuff! I am having a great time and truly know now that my vocation as an art teacher is where I need to be. It took me 46 years to get here but I am perfectly content!

    Thanks for your great blogposts! Also, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and new beautiful baby!

    • Did you by chance go to Luther College?!

      • Yes, Amanda, we took tons of art ed classes together. Did you not know this was me the whole time?

      • No – not you Jess. Ha. I know you and I took bunches of classes together.

        I was wondering about Cathy1art — the person who left the message above me — I meant to reply to her. I don’t hear a lot of people use the word vocation… though now i am reading that it took her 46 years to find her vocation and I”m thinking I have answered my own question. LOL.

    • It sounds like you are doing a GREAT job and learning all the important lessons. It always gets better and you are living proof. Carry on and just wait until next year. You will find the whole summer will be spent gather more great ideas.
      We’d love to have you join the assessment course. It starts next month and involves creating assessments for your classroom, so you can’t beat time to make that happen! It has quite the sampling so you can take the ideas the work for you and leave those that don’t. Let me know!

  • Oh, Amanda, hahaha! I thought you knew that but was just wondering. I was not paying attention to where you commented because sometimes on my end of the blog on the dashboard you can’t always tell.
    Vocation. Wow yes we heard that a lot didn’t we!?

  • Great tip! Thank for sharing!

  • thanks so much