Art History Writing Your Students Will Actually Want to Do

This might sound crazy, but there are art history writing assignments that kids will actually have fun doing! This video highlights one of my favorites called “Blind Date.” It can be used with any two portraits and can serve as a great introduction to an artist, to portraiture, or even just to writing about art. No, we don’t go over the elements and principles of art and we don’t describe/analyze/interpret/judge, but we do something even better: we think critically and creatively, and have fun while we do it. Check it out.

Want even more engaging art history activities? Check out 3 options below!


How do you make writing in the art room engaging?

Do you have any innovative activities to share?


3 years ago

Timothy Bogatz

Tim is a high school teacher from Omaha, NE. His teaching and writing focus on the development of creativity, problem-solving, and higher-order thinking skills.


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  • Jane Langenfeld

    Great idea Tim! Love it! This would make a great sub lesson too for those times when you don’t want students working on their projects without your guidance! Thanks for sharing!

  • Michelle

    I entered the web address to the video but it did not work. Is the link missing a letter or number?

    Thank you!

  • Tim, you typed in the incorrect URL. It is actually

    Joe Schwartz
    DESIGN-ED coalition

    • Hey Joe- Thanks for the note. We were experiencing some technical difficulties yesterday, so the html code was showing up instead of the link. Hopefully you can now see the video embedded in the post!

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