Managing the Art Room

Managing the Art Room

It’s easy for the art room to turn into a free-for-all – especially when a management plan has not been established or enforced. If you only see students once a week, or only have nine weeks to build rapport, management issues can escalate. Regain control and lower your stress level by becoming the CEO of your own classroom!

During this class you’ll review some of today’s most comprehensive and popular classroom management strategies, as well as gain insight from Michael Linsin’s book Dream Class. You’ll receive support from fellow art educators as you identify your key classroom management struggles and learn to turn these struggles around.

Participants in this class will need a digital or hard copy of the book “Classroom Management for Art, Music and PE Teachers” by Michael Linsin.

ISBN: 978-0615993263

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Oct 1 Oct 31
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EDUC500 AOE011
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  • Identify the 15 keys that make the greatest difference in the classroom.
  • Identify your key classroom management struggles and gain feedback and ideas to help.
  • Develop a comprehensive classroom management action plan that can be implemented right away.
  • Create a calm, productive, respectful classroom environment.
  • Become a master of routines and procedures in the art room.
  • Leverage your own unique personality and teaching styles to reach students.

Course Breakdown

Week 1
Leverage and Influence
  1. Describe to classmates your teaching position and what makes it unique.
  2. Share what you feel are the advantages and disadvantages of your position.
  3. Consider how your unique teaching position relates to your challenges and successes with classroom management.
Week 2
Routines and Procedures
  1. Discuss with classmates the procedures and routines that are, and are not, working for you.
  2. Identify structures and routines that you’re ready to revamp.
  3. Create a mini lesson detailing how you will show your students a specific structure or routine.
Week 3
Classroom Management Plan
  1. Discuss with classmates what holding students accountable looks like in your classroom.
  2. Create a classroom management accountability plan that includes expectations and consequences.
  3. Develop an action plan to more fully involve parents in the art room.
Week 4
Managing Your Space
  1. Learn strategies to become more efficient and a better time manager.
  2. Search Pinterest to find ideas for art room organization to share with classmates.
  3. Create a cleanup map or chart to assist students visually with keeping the art room tidy.
  4. Leave class with a comprehensive tool kit of lesson plans and organizational strategies.

Leverage and Influence: Specialist Pros and Cons

A sample assignment from Week 1 of the class “Managing the Art Room.”

1. Research

Research different classroom management strategies and techniques and find one that would be a good fit for your classroom. Explore teacher blogs, interview colleagues, etc., to help you determine what a successful classroom management plan entails.

2. Discussion

Describe your teaching position, then share the advantages and disadvantages it provides. Talk about the management plans you’ve used in the past, why you chose them and how they worked for you.

3. Practical, Hands-On Application

Weave concepts of successful, school-wide classroom management plans into your own classroom.
Brittany T.
"This class was worth every penny! I learned more in one month in this course than I did over two years of grad school getting my masters for Art Education. As a new teacher, I found this course to be so immensely helpful and more importantly practical! It was so refreshing to take a class that helped me gear up for the school year and now that the year has begun, I'm already seeing the tools work!"
Morgan C.
"I think this class was wonderful, insightful, inspiring, refreshing. It turned my career around. Before this class I thought about switching careers, maybe this wasn't for me. But now I feel ready to conquer the world."
Anna F.
"This was my first online class. I loved the flexibility and that it was ALL art teachers in the class. It helped so much that we all could relate in that way."

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