Integrating Art History

Integrating Art History

Art history is exciting to teach and can be an incredibly powerful tool for getting students excited about art. Making the experience unforgettable creates a lifelong appreciation that will be reinforced every time they visit a museum or interact with great pieces and artists. Integrating Art History pushes you beyond Google searches for information on artists, and empowers you to go in depth and explore creative and seamless ways you can teach art history in your current curriculum.

During this course you’ll review and research art history and famous artists. You’ll also discover ways to use this information to enhance your current lessons and inspire the creation of new ones. In addition, you’ll discover various art museums around the world through Web resources and new technologies.

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  • Help students understand how art history can help them retain information, enhance visual literacy and provide lasting connections.
  • Revamp your existing lessons to leverage the richness of art history.
  • Create effective lessons to leverage the richness of art history.
  • Explore art museums around the world with your students completely online.
  • Develop resources to facilitate art critiques and conduct meaningful museum experiences.

Course Breakdown

Week 1
Art History in the Classroom
  1. Discover how to incorporate art history into your curriculum in fun, unique ways.
  2. Create a lesson plan to help students recognize artists, art styles and an art history timeline.
  3. Research through a variety of sources an artist you’d like to learn more about.
Week 2
Art History Resources
  1. Learn to use Google Art Project to view masterpieces and create your own galleries.
  2. Embark on a search for art opportunities in your area.
  3. Reflect on ways to better expose your students to local art opportunities.
Week 3
Exploring Museums Online
  1. Take a virtual tour of U.S. and international museums and art centers.
  2. Share with classmates which websites appeal to you and why.
  3. Develop creative ways in which you can use these websites with your students.
Week 4
Putting It All Together: Art Criticism
  1. Research and learn about ideas to implement art critique in your classroom.
  2. Create an art critique question deck to assist you in facilitating these critiques.
  3. Leave class with a comprehensive tool kit of lesson plans and organizational strategies.

Art History in the Classroom

A sample assignment from Week 1 of the class “Integrating Art History.”

1. Research

Use books, articles, websites, etc., to learn more about artists/art history to invigorate your lessons and broaden your knowledge.

2. Discussion

Share ways in which you already incorporate the big picture of art history in your classroom. Discuss how you’ll incorporate your class research and new ideas into your curriculum to make art history come alive for your students.

3. Practical, Hands-On Application

Search Pinterest for ideas on how to create an art history lesson plan. Create a plan using art history games, timelines, choice boards and other resources found in your class readings and research.
Penelope L.
"I really enjoyed this class. Assignments were very clear but also very open ended which allowed for much creativity and flexibility. The instructor was positive, helpful, and encouraging. The interaction with classmates was invaluable."
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"This is my second AOE online course. They are informative, challenging and very much worth my time as an ART educator. There is nothing else like it!"
Jenn I.
"For art teachers who are working overseas and cannot get back to the states for professional development opportunities, the Art of Ed is the perfect solution. The programs are very relevant and are a great way to connect with other art teachers around the world."

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