Instructional Strategies for Art Teachers

Instructional Strategies for Art Teachers

Do you tend to only teach media you’re comfortable with? We’re all guilty of sticking with what comes naturally. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and start providing your students a deeper, more well-rounded art experience. Learn how to create dynamic lessons that incorporate best practices in every art medium you teach as you become an expert educator in your content area.

This five-week, highly-interactive course covers more than just the how-to for each media. You’ll also learn critical instructional strategies to help you more effectively deliver your message, refine your demonstrations, and perfect your teaching language.

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  • Use a variety of delivery methods that grab – and hold – the attention of even the most distracted student.
  • Incorporate a variety of painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, and fibers techniques into lessons you’re already teaching.
  • Create how-to guides to help you teach complex processes.
  • Confidently develop a scope and sequence planning matrix that seamlessly fits into your existing art curriculum.
  • Use technology and unconventional materials to support and energize your instruction.

Course Breakdown

Week 1
Delivering Instruction
  1. Explore different philosophies in curriculum delivery.
  2. Learn which curriculum-delivery method best fits your teaching and why.
  3. Learn about nontraditional instructional methods and reflect upon their impact in the art room.
Week 2
2D Strategies in the Art Room
  1. Research various methodologies for teaching drawing concepts in the art room.
  2. Create Pinterest boards for painting and printmaking techniques, application or lessons.
  3. Use a 2D planning matrix to create a scope and sequence for your courses.
Week 3
3D Strategies in the Art Room
  1. Learn how to efficiently and cost-effectively teach bookmaking and fibers/weaving.
  2. Revise a current lesson to help students learn a step-by-step fiber or bookmaking process.
  3. Create a course scope and sequence using a 3D planning matrix.
Week 4
Other Engagement Strategies
  1. Reflect on how games can help you teach or assess concepts in the art room.
  2. Create a game to play in your art room.
  3. Learn how to infuse technology into your lesson plans to support your instruction.
Week 5
Final Instructional Tool Kit
  1. Rethink art room materials while reflecting on the Reggio approach to early childhood education.
  2. Discover ways to reach out to the community to gain unconventional art supplies.
  3. Leave the class with a comprehensive tool kit that houses all of your lesson plans, organizational tools and reflections from this class.

Delivering Instruction

A sample assignment from Week 1 of the class “Instructional Strategies for Art Teachers.”

1. Research

Explore a variety of delivery methods to engage students in the art room. Familiarize yourself with delivery methods such as “Think Aloud” and “Modeling Your Thinking” to uncover the method that best fits your teaching style.

2. Discussion

Discuss Fisher and Frey’s teaching model “The Gradual Release of Responsibility” and how it can be used to design effective lessons and strategies. Share your thoughts and opinions on using the Internet to deliver instruction and the implication it has on our work in the art room.

3. Practical, Hands-On Application

Take a current lesson and create a script of you “Modeling Your Thinking” during a demonstration. Use this script to create a sound bite of yourself delivering this lesson using the free online app Chirbit.
Nora G.
"The self-reflection, wealth of knowledge, and sharing of information between students and instructor is invaluable in enhancing my own instruction! Thank you AOE!"
Laura W.
"It was really nice to work from home while taking this course and to connect with art teachers from all over the country. The articles and assignments were very pertinent to what art teachers need to learn and apply in the classroom."
Karen K.
"It was so great to be in a group of art teachers! We created sustained conversations and learned in depth from each other. "

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