Choice Based Art Education

Choice-Based Art Education

Art education is all about celebrating uniqueness. Every teacher is different, every student is different and every school and district is different. However, these differences sometimes require finding a balance that honors the district’s needs, the students’ needs and the teacher’s goals and philosophies.

Finding that balance is what choice-based art education is all about. In this class, you’ll learn about the choice spectrum to give your students more autonomy without losing control. You’ll explore the power of a student-centered curriculum, reflect on how you are currently using choice and set goals. By studying different choice-based approaches (TAB, Montessori, Reggio and others), you will reflect on the pros and cons of different programs and prepare to find solutions that work in your classroom. Assessment, advocacy and management strategies will also be covered.

Participants in this course will need to purchase a copy of the book “Engaging Learners Through Artmaking” by Katherine Douglas and Diane Jaquith.

ISBN: 978-0807749760

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  • Develop student artists who take pride and ownership in their artwork.
  • Assist students while serving as classroom manager, environmental designer, art designer, art expert, facilitator and student mentor.
  • Confidently push your teaching to the next level while still meeting state and national standards.
  • Construct authentic, student-directed, student-centered learning experiences from the bottom up.
  • Create practical assessment and self-reflection tools.

Course Breakdown

Week 1
Levels of Choice
  1. Discover ways to give students more autonomy and ownership over their learning.
  2. Understand your position on the choice spectrum to find a combination that works for you.
Week 2
Classroom Organization and Management
  1. Use concepts from Montessori and Reggio to create a learning environment.
  2. Use Pinterest to help you stay organized as you plan your choice-based classroom.
Week 3
Introducing and Planning a Choice-Based Curriculum
  1. Learn how small procedures will make a major difference in choice-based curricula.
  2. Explore time-management practices to incorporate into your art room.
  3. Discover ways to motivate students, particularly underachievers, to produce quality work.
Week 4
Celebrate Learning
  1. Create record-keeping tools that make tracking student progress possible and practical.
  2. Develop a documentation sample to inspire and celebrate student learning and choices.
Week 5
Final Considerations
  1. Learn how to educate others about the strength of your choice-based program.
  2. Discover how to find the support you desire in the choice-based world.
  3. Leave the class with a comprehensive tool kit that houses all of your plans, organizational tools and reflections from this class.

Levels of Choice

A sample assignment from Week 1 of the class “Choice-Based Art Education.”

1. Research

Uncover websites, articles and ideas that are learner-directed and choice-based. Use WebQuest as a springboard to further your research.

2. Discussion

Discuss with educators around the world where you are on the choice spectrum, where you’d like to be and what’s holding you back.

3. Practical, Hands-On Application

Create a teaching philosophy that supports your position on the choice spectrum and make a goal for where you want to be. Make a case for your beliefs and an action plan to carry them out.
Leah D.
"This class was a huge eye opener to me; I would recommend to anyone in art education. I had no previous knowledge of choice based art ed; it truly is the best approach to teaching students to think like artists."
Stephanie H.
"This class has really helped me develop a new philosophy and teaching style that brings creativity, media, and curriculum together into a very student-centered structure."
Deyana M.
"Love the 'realness' of the class - we actually created things we can use in our own classroom. Whenever I can get something to use in my own life, it makes the time spent so much more valuable and appreciated!"

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