PRO for Schools

Finally, a high-quality professional learning platform for K-12 art teachers.  Your art team deserves this.

  • Personalized Learning Solution for Art Teachers
  • Expert Trainings, Hands-On Tutorials, and Rich Resources
  • Automated PD Hour/CEU Management
  • Plug & Play — Simple Setup

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What can PRO do for my school?

As an administrator, you’re committed to making sure your teachers get quality professional development. However, providing personalized and relevant learning for your art teachers can be tricky. Introducing Art Ed PRO — the plug & play personalized learning solution for art educators.

Everything Your Art Educator Needs

Art Ed PRO includes a large and growing library of Learning Packs. Each Learning Pack contains specialized art room trainings, hands-on tutorials, and rich downloadable resources so your art teachers can implement what they learn right away. Below are a few examples. Visit the PRO Library to see them all.

How can PRO improve my school?


Delivers Equitable PD Offerings

In a recent survey of U.S. art teachers, 70% of respondents reported that they’re not getting adequate personalized training at their school. PRO provides art teachers the PD they deserve.


Translates Important School Initiatives

Meeting common teaching standards can be a unique challenge in the art room. PRO serves as an standards translator for art teachers, providing proven steps for art-specific implementation.


Increases Student Achievement

The arts have been proven to improve student achievement. PRO gives your art teachers the best training possible so the art can bring out the best performance in your students.


Builds Art Teacher Leaders

Society is demanding creative students who think outside-the-box. PRO gives your art teachers the skills they need to lead your school in design-thinking and project-based learning initiatives.


Boosts Morale, Slows Burn-Out

Teacher turnover is costly and frustrating. PRO helps you provide your art team with quality, art-specific personalized learning that boosts morale and prevents costly turnover.


Saves Administrator Time and Energy

Delivering personalized learning to your art teachers doesn’t have to be difficult. Art Ed PRO is simple to set up, easy to manage, and automatically tracks learning as it happens.

Fast and Easy to Implement

Rolling out new school-wide platforms can sometimes be time-consuming and frustrating. Art Ed PRO can be set up in a matter of minutes and we have dedicated enterprise support to ensure that the system is launched without a hitch.


Set & Forget It

PRO tracks learning progress and distributes printable certificates of completion, automatically.

Easy User Management

Adding and removing art teachers takes only seconds. Optional integration with Active Directory.

Simple, Consolidated Billing

Streamlined and automated billing via CC or PO. Pay monthly or annually.

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