Color Theory through Watercolor



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Introduction 0:26

Teaching Color Theory

The Basics of Color Theory 1:39

Additive vs Subtractive 1:38

Getting Started with Color 3:24

Watercolor and the Color Wheel

Basic Techniques 6:59

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Colors 5:47

Using Complementary Colors 3:25

Monochromatic, Triadic, and Analogous Color Schemes 2:11

Going Beyond the Color Wheel

Value Sphere Exercise 9:19

Emotional Response to Color 1:23

Simple Monochromatic Landscape Example

Monochromatic Landscape Exercise Part 1 1:41

Monochromatic Landscape Exercise Part 2 2:38

Advanced Landscape Example Using Color Theory

Lesson Scaffolding 8:00

Adding Watercolor Layers 5:11

Middle Ground Layer 2:21

Adding the Second Layer 5:02

Adding Final Details 3:17


Conclusion 2:01

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Color Theory through Watercolor

3 PD Hours

  • 1 Discover the basics behind color theory and how to best teach it to students.

  • 2 Learn how watercolor’s unique qualities lend themselves specifically to color theory.

  • 3 Apply these strategies and techniques for any age/grade level.

Color theory through the use of watercolor is an exciting avenue for students to explore. The fluidity and ease of watercolor allow for color mixing methods, unlike any other medium. In this Learning Pack, discover the best strategies for introducing simple color theory, experimenting with color mixing, and engaging watercolor activities to support learning. Finish with some successful painting exercises to implement immediately in your painting curriculum.

Connected National Visual Arts Standards:
Anchor Standard #1: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.
Anchor Standard #2: Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.
Anchor Standard #3: Refine and complete artistic work.

Andrea Slusarski

Andrea Slusarski

PRO Facilitator and High School Art Teacher

Andrea Slusarski is an artist, educator & midwest-transplant living and creating in Denver, CO. She hopes one day to inspire all subject areas to integrate the visual arts to boost student learning.


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