Methods for Early Finishers

Instructional Strategies


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Introduction 0:33

How to Support Choice and Differentiation For Early Finishers

How a Choice Menu Keeps Students on Task 2:17

Utilizing Creation-Based Activities

Grid Drawing as an Extension Activity 1:45

Encouraging Free Drawing through a Choice Board 1:50

Encouraging Cleaning and Organizing Tasks

Critiquing Supplies Exploration 2:39

Maintaining the Art Room through Cleaning Task Cards 2:58

Providing Technology Options

Using Website Tickets for Online Time 3:38

Facilitating Student Photography 3:57

Setting Up for Creativity Choices

Using Doodling as a Meaningful Continuation 3:26

Organizing Design Challenges 6:17

Using Stations to Stay Organized

Setting up an Early Finisher Station 2:28

Keeping it Organized and Functional 2:40


Conclusion 0:24

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Methods for Early Finishers

2 PD Hours

  • 1 Learn how to support choice and differentiation for early finishers.

  • 2 Discover specific activities to implement immediately into your classroom routine.

  • 3 Apply some essential tips and tricks to create efficient early finisher stations.

This Learning Pack will discuss how to support your early finishers through choice and differentiation. Gain specific ideas to excite students through options that include technology, creativity, and design challenges. Learn why it’s important to plan and organize self-sufficient activity stations for students to work independently. It’s everything you need to implement early finisher strategies right away!

Lindsey Moss

Lindsey Moss

AOE Writer and Elementary Art Teacher

Lindsey Moss is an elementary art teacher in Yorkville, Illinois. She enjoys art history and finding creative and artistic solutions to educational challenges.


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