Easy Steps to Get Started with a Flipped Classroom




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Easy Steps to Get Started with a Flipped Classroom

2 PD Hours

  • 1 Learn the basics of flipping your classroom to promote autonomy and differentiate instruction for your students

  • 2 Explore the best equipment, ideas, lessons, and apps to help you record videos

  • 3 Discover new instructional strategies to help you seamlessly integrate flipped videos into your classroom and curriculum

Imagine an art classroom where you never need to repeat yourself. A place where you can teach without interruption and still maximize student learning. Once you get started flipping your classroom, that dream can become a reality! In this Learning Pack, you will see how easy it can be to create videos for your classroom. Learn the basics to make your instruction, classroom management, and ability to differentiate easier than ever!

Nic Hahn

Nic Hahn

PRO Facilitator and Elementary Art Teacher

Nic Hahn, an elementary art teacher in Minnesota, and she has worked as an instructor for AOE. She also authors the popular blog “Mini Matisse.” She enjoys sharing creative ideas and positive musings about teaching. Nic has worked with learners from preschoolers through adults and has discovered she loves teaching at all levels.