(NEW) Diving Deep into Color Theory




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Introduction 1:02

The Basics of Color Theory

What Is Color Theory? 1:57

Teaching Color Theory in Multiple Parts 2:02

Applying Theory to Multiple Materials

Using Experimentation to Teach Color Knowledge 3:04

Working with Paint and Model Magic 3:22

Mixing Color with Play Dough 3:54

Experimenting with Paint

Mixing Paint Without a Mess 2:12

Games, Organization, and Documenting Learning

Games to Teach Color Theory 3:56

Additional Ideas for Exercises and Organization 5:57

Documenting Student Learning 1:37

Color Theory Activities

An Additional Activity for Secondary Students 1:51

Emotion, Color Schemes, and Beyond

Color and Emotion 4:25

Teaching and Working with Color Schemes 3:41

More Advanced Ideas 1:36


Conclusion 2:55

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(NEW) Diving Deep into Color Theory

3 PD Hours

  • 1 Discover the basics of color theory as well as advanced applications.

  • 2 Learn how to incorporate color theory into a variety of mediums.

  • 3 Apply these strategies and techniques for any age/grade level.

Color theory is a vital part of any art curriculum. No matter what level you teach, implementing the science of color along with its application in a variety of mediums is essential. Discover the best strategies for introducing theory, experimenting with color mixing, and engaging activities to support learning. Walk away with the confidence to teach your students the ins and outs of this art curriculum basic.

Johanna Russell

Johanna Russell

PRO Facilitator and Middle Level Art Teacher

Johanna Russell has been teaching since 2003 and is always seeking to improve her craft through non-traditional avenues of research, thought, and teaching practice. She believes the mental capacity for creativity and divergent thought will be essential for the futures of our students and that the best place for students to learn to think differently is in the art room.


  • Rachel Albert

    Awesome! But where are the game handouts she mentioned?

    • Abby Schukei

      Hi Rachel, Are you and Art Ed PRO member? Resources are available to download if you sign up for this awesome Professional Development platform. With a PRO subscription you have access hundreds of videos and downloads. You can find more information about it here: https://www.theartofed.com/pro/

    • Tracy Hare

      Game handouts are on their way very soon. Thanks, Rachel!

  • Laura Minor

    Does anyone really believe that you can’t teach younger kids paint?

    • Kathlyn Freeman

      I totally agree with Johanna’s idea of experimentation first — and I start my pre-k and Kinders with this. You should hear the excitement of the kids sharing their discoveries across the room! (disclaimer — I rarely have more than 13 kids at a time, and that’s a big group).

  • Laura Minor

    you can also tint homemade play dough with liquid watercolor for stronger saturation

  • Meredith Freeman

    my students are way too squirrelly for these details.,.