Collage Techniques for Every Level



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Introduction 1:55

Best Materials to Use

Best Surfaces for Collage 1:59

Scissors and Other Tools 2:24

Creating Your Own Painted Paper

Painted Paper- Tempera 2:56

Painted Paper- Watercolor 1:23

Adding Texture to Painted Paper 5:06

More Texture Paper Examples 1:07

Ideas for Textured and Patterned Paper

Stamping Options 3:19

Using Tempera Sticks 1:25

Texture Crayon Rubbings 1:54

Coffee Filter Bleed 3:22

Advanced Methods for Making Collage Paper

Alternative Ideas for Collage Papers 2:47

Finishing the Tape Transfer 2:12

Beginning Collage Processes

Planning a Collage Composition 3:23

Cutting the Collage Pieces 5:13

Assembling and Gluing the Collage 5:13

Complex Collage Processes

Advanced Collage Prepping 2:58

Creating a Complex Collage 6:50

Connecting to Literacy and Technology

Connecting Shapes to Literacy 5:57

Using a Stop Motion App 5:08


Conclusion 1:03

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Collage Techniques for Every Level

3 PD Hours

  • 1 Discover how to best teach basic collage techniques.

  • 2 Explore strategies for effectively managing and organizing paper and adhesives.

  • 3 Explore innovative ideas to go beyond paper and glue.

Get your students started with the versatility of collage. In this Learning Pack, gain the confidence to introduce basic techniques and beginning processes of all things collage.  Discover specific tips for what papers and adhesives to use, how to prep surfaces, and how to keep messy materials organized. Finish with an exploration of how to incorporate digital collage into your curriculum.

Connected National Visual Arts Standards:
Anchor Standard #1: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.
Anchor Standard #2: Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.
Anchor Standard #3: Refine and complete artistic work.

Nic Hahn

Nic Hahn

PRO Facilitator and Elementary Art Teacher

Nic Hahn, an elementary art teacher in Minnesota, and she has worked as an instructor for AOE. She also authors the popular blog “Mini Matisse.” She enjoys sharing creative ideas and positive musings about teaching. Nic has worked with learners from preschoolers through adults and has discovered she loves teaching at all levels.


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