Frequently Asked Questions

As one of the largest professional development organizations for art teachers in the world, the Art of Education serves teachers from a variety of teaching contexts and during different seasons in their careers. You may have questions during your AOE experience and we are here to answer those inquiries. Take a look below for answers to the most commonly posed questions  Can’t find your answer here? Remember, we are just an email or phone call away.

What can AOE classes offer me?

You can take our courses in one of two ways. If you want graduate credit, followed by a graduate transcript from Morningside College, take the class “for credit.” Graduate credit earned qualifies as semester hour credit. The cost is $349 per credit hour. If you are looking to simply log hours for professional development points, or CPDUs, and are sure you do not need graduate credit, you can take the course for “no credit” which gives you professional development hours only. The cost is $199 per credit and you will receive a PDF certificate of course completion at the end of the course from The Art of Education. Each credit is worth 45 hours of professional development contact time.

How do I sign up?

First, you have to either create an Art of Education account or sign into your current account. Then, find the course you want and begin the enrollment process.  The enrollment process is completed in just a few steps, which include creating/updating an account, completing the enrollment agreement, ensuring that official university transcripts have been sent to AOE’s Registrar, and processing your payment. Each critical step will ensure that you are ready for the AOE experience!

What is an online class like? How is the material presented?

AOE courses offer a lot of flexibility. Every course has weekly due dates to keep you on track, and you can work ahead if you want. AOE uses the online platform Schoology to deliver courses. Guiding information is presented in a syllabus that is provided at the beginning of the course. You will submit your weekly assignments via a social discussion board, where you can read and respond to other participants’ work. It’s very engaging to get feedback from an AOE instructor and art teachers from all around the world for each and every assignment. For more on the AOE Experience, click here

What can I expect for course workload?

The Art of Education follows the Carnegie Unit definition of credit hours. Each credit hour is equivalent to fifteen hours of academic engagement (seat time) and thirty hours of preparation (work outside of class). Academic engagement can include viewing lectures, submitting assignments, asking faculty members questions, and participating in an online discussion group. Preparation may include reading texts and web articles and completing assignments. You may naturally work at a faster or slower pace, but the Carnegie Unit is a good rule of thumb when estimating workload.

To see a breakdown and examples of the course workload associated with both 2 and 3 credit AOE courses, click here.

Can credits earned from your courses be used for either continuing education credits toward relicensure or toward a lane change (salary advancement) in my school district?

AOE’s courses meet many of the common professional needs of practicing art teachers! AOE encourages you to refer to your state and local guidelines, and/or to work with our professional development advisors, who are kept up-to-date on state guidelines.

Students may choose to earn degree level graduate credit for The Art of Education courses through Morningside College. These credits may be used for license renewal, salary advancement, or as electives in a Master’s Degree Program, such as Morningside’s Master of Arts in Teaching online degree. The Art of Education cannot guarantee credits will be accepted as transfer credit at another institution. Acceptance of transfer credit is up to the receiving institution. It is strongly advised to check with the degree-granting school, your state, and your district to verify the credits will be accepted for license renewal, salary advancement, or for use in a degree program. If you still have questions, just give us a call or send us an email and we can provide as much assistance as possible.

How do I request a transcript?

If you opted to take AOE courses for credit through our educational partner, Morningside College, you may obtain an official transcript directly from Morningside once the course has ended and a grade has been recorded (approximately 7 days from end of course). Morningside College charges $7.50 for a paper or electronic transcript.

My school district, Board of Education, PTO, or other organization wants pay for my AOE class. What do I do?

That’s great! The Art of Education makes it easy for organizations to pay for AOE classes. Simply follow one of the options below and you’re all set!

  1. The best option is to have your organization make a direct payment via credit card through the normal sign-up process, which you can find here: First, the student will have to either create an Art of Education account or sign in to their current account. Then, it’s as simple as finding a course and enrolling. Account creation, enrollment, grad credit setup and payment are all taken care of in the same easy process—the only difference is that the school will have the option of making a direct payment for the course.
  2. If your organization does not have a credit card (most organizations do, it might just take a quick phone call to find out), the second best option is to pay for the class yourself, then secure reimbursement through your organization. Since you’ll be handling the reimbursement, all you need to do to sign up is to go through the normal process which you can find here:
  3. If your organization doesn’t have a credit card and is unwilling to do individual reimbursements (for some organizations, they’d prefer to just make one large payment on your behalf) you’ll have to pay via standard PO/billing process. This process takes longer for all parties involved, but it works well:
    • E-mail The Art of Education at Include in your e-mail, the list of class participants with the corresponding classes they want to take, along with the dates they want to take the class (make sure it aligns with the course schedule on; their e-mail addresses; and the address, name and contact info of the party you’d like to be billed (such as your board of education, school district, etc.).
    • Upon receipt of the email, we will draft an invoice and forward it on to the billing party you specified.
    • After the check has been issued and the invoice has been paid (which must be complete before the start date of the class), then you will be officially enrolled.

AOE is not responsible for any student unable to secure reimbursement from their organization, nor is AOE responsible for any school/organization unable to secure reimbursement for their student.

Will I get a receipt to provide my school district, Board of Education, PTO, or other organization?


  1. Students paying with a school credit card will immediately receive an emailed receipt.
  2. When individuals are using a Purchase Order (P.O.) an invoice will be created for them and emailed directly to them.  It is the individual’s responsibility to print off the receipt and provide to the school/organization responsible for payment.
  3. Administrators purchasing for a teacher or group of teachers will have the invoice emailed directly to their email address for payment remission.

All Purchase Order Payment remissions can be sent to:

The Art of Education
℅ Finance Dept.
518 Main Street
Suite A
Osage, IA 50461

Can I take an AOE class even though I don’t live in the United States?

Absolutely! You are welcome to enjoy quality professional development no matter where you are. We have had participants from more than 20 countries around the world, so we are no stranger to international students.

The Art of Education cannot guarantee credits will be accepted as transfer credit at another institution. It is strongly advised to check with the degree-granting school, your state, and your district to verify the credits will be accepted for license renewal, salary advancement, or for use in a degree program.

Still have questions? Contact The Art of Education or one of our professional development advisors and we’ll help you find what you need.

Note: All non-native English speakers must submit proof of English proficiency during the time of application. Proof of proficiency must be emailed directly to AOE’s registrar at  Please review the Admissions Policy for details regarding the accepted testing options.