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Our online graduate courses are practical, relevant, and highly engaging. They're also fully-accredited and perfect for relicensure, logging hours, or earning credits towards your Master's Degree.

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We offer 18 online courses designed to help art teachers at every stage of their professional career. Whether you’re looking to develop a new art curriculum, get help with classroom fundamentals, incorporate new technology into the classroom, or just brush up on your own fine art skills, we’ve got the course for you.

22 Total Courses
16 Classroom
5 Studio

Staley A.

AOE is what grad school should be about…relevant, helpful, inspiring information to enhance your art teaching.  I have NEVER taken classes that I enjoyed or learned more!

Lauren K.

I am new to online classes and new to AOE. They are very patient and make you feel comfortable even if you are nervous to venture into something new like I did.

Gail O.

I am truly amazed at how these classes are bringing me into an awareness of what’s going on in art education. I have taught many years and this opportunity is the best!

The Courses You Love — The Credits You Need

Whether you’re completing a degree or fulfilling a licensure requirement, it’s essential that the courses you take meet the necessary state/local requirements.

At the completion of any AOE Course taken for Graduate Credit, students are eligible to receive an official transcript from our educational partner Morningside College. Morningside is an HLC Accredited Institution, with full 500-level degree accreditation status.

Run Dates

All AOE Courses start on the first of the month just to make things easy. And whether you’re taking a 2 credit, 3 credit, or studio course, we make sure to give you the optimal amount of time to complete your professional development.

2 Credit Course

4 Weeks


3 Credit Course

5 Weeks


3 Credit Studio Course

8 Weeks


Simple and Sensible Pricing

Don’t you hate it when institutions hide their prices, making you call them or speak to an admissions rep before they’ll drop the “price bomb?” 

Our prices are right here out in the open – nothing to hide. Our courses are incredibly affordable. When taken for non-graduate credit, they’re only $149/credit, and when taken for graduate-credit they’re only $299/credit.

That’s a fraction of what most brick-and-mortar institutions charge,  and best of all… you’re getting courses specifically designed for art educators! They’re specialized courses, at a very special price.

Non-Graduate Credit
Graduate Credit
2 Credit Non-Graduate Course
2 Credit Graduate Course
3 Credit Non-Graduate Course
3 Credit Graduate Course

Graduate Credit or Non-Graduate Credit?

Depending on your professional development goals, you may choose to take a course for grad-credit or non-grad credit. What’s the difference? This simple chart spells out what you’ll get, no matter your choice.

Benefits Graduate Non-Graduate
45 Contact Hours / Credit
Full Class Resource Access
Detailed Instructor Feedback
Course Certificate
Letter Grade
Official Grade Report
Graduate Credit
Official Morningside Transcript
Morningside HLC Accreditation

PD Classes You'll Want to Take

AOE classes are structured with you, the art teacher, in mind and it has paid off in world-class experiences and careers of lasting success. Put simply, our students love taking our courses, and the numbers prove it!


Satisfaction Rate


Completion Rate

Q. Will these classes be accepted through my graduate program?
A. Yes, usually. Any student seeking to transfer graduate credits into a graduate program at another institution is advised to obtain prior approval from said institution. The Art of Education credits will work to transfer in as an elective to any Morningside College program. Morningside credits carry a highly respected degree-level accreditation, but all programs vary.

Q. What kind of time commitment does an AOE course take?
A. You can expect 45 hours of contact time per credit. That includes interacting with your peers, research, reading and completing assignments. So for a two credit course, that’s 90 hours over 4 weeks, or 22 hours a week. It’s challenging, but our students find it well worth it.

Q. How are courses graded?
A. All participants will be given a letter grade for our courses. This letter grade will be scored based upon the rubrics and requirements in the course syllabus. Morningside College and the Art of Education follow a rigorous academic model to maintain the highest standards and rigor.

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Course Lifecycle

Every course has a distinct yet uniform timeline, so no matter which class you take, you will know what you’re getting into. This timeline is simple, direct and easy to understand. It’s more Mondrian than Pollock.

1. Enroll & Pay

2. Receive Course Details and Invitation

3. Start and Complete Course

4. Receive Transcript and Certificate

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