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The Why and How of Elementary STEAM Education (Ep. 058)

So many teachers want to incorporate more technology, and especially more STEAM concepts, into their classroom. In this episode, Andrew brings on STEA [...]

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“I listen to Art Ed Radio while I get ready in the morning. That might seem a bit strange, but it's 'my time' to relax and prepare mentally for my day. I love this podcast!”
- Jen B.

Meet the Hosts

Andrew McCormick

Andrew McCormick is a middle school art teacher from Cedar Falls, Iowa. He loves all things zombie and gardening but he assures us he's not a doomsday survivalist! Just to tick Tim off he says he loves kittens and glitter but we're not 100% certain; though given his proclivity for singing and dancing in class to horrible pop music, we're apt to believe him!

Tim Bogatz

Tim Bogatz is a high school art teacher from Omaha, Nebraska, and he's probably planning a ridiculous new project right now. He loves underwater photo shoots, color theory, and the mantis shrimp. He hates glitter and kittens, and he is excited to talk about each and every one of these things on Art Ed Radio.