As you begin a new year, AOE wants to challenge you to stand up for yourself and convince your administration to provide PD that’s relevant to the art room. The more personalized your PD is, the better you can do your job and the more your students will learn.


  • Talk to your administrator about taking an online class for art educators. (40hrs/credit)
  • Sit down and discuss the financial benefits of sending your art team to a low-cost online conference for art teachers. (8hrs/event)
  • Ask if you can skip the next general-PD meeting and instead meet with your art peers to read, download, listen, and implement some of the endless resources (available for FREE) from The Art of Ed.

Whether or not your school is ready to help you implement a custom PD solution, you can take advantage of the code below right now (GREATSTART17). This is a rare chance to save big on some online classes to start 2017 off right.

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We have over 20 online courses for you to choose from, including 5 innovative hands-on studio courses. All of our courses are fun, relevant, and full of incredible resources you can use in your art room right away!

As with all AOE Courses, you can take them for graduate credit on your own time, or ask your administration if you can use them to log hours during school professional development time.

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