Five Ideas for Awesome Art Teacher Apparel

Being an art teacher can come with a lot of pressure. Since we are so cool, fun, and creative the expectation to look amazing is there, too! Are you on the lookout for some hip art teacher threads? Are you looking for a way to look great without destroying your clothes in the unavoidable art room mess? Check out this list for some great apparel ideas!



If you love comfortable, stretchy clothing and amazing patterns you’ve got to check out LuLaRoe. They are a fast-growing, direct sales company known for their buttery soft leggings. They also sell shirts and dresses that are perfect for teaching. LuLaRoe is only available through independent consultants, often through online shops on Facebook. Their clothing is soft, comfortable and comes in a huge array of bright and colorful patterns. Fair warning – it’s also fairly addictive!

The Sock Drawer

What art teacher’s wardrobe is complete without art inspired socks? The Sock Drawer has tons of great ones. Frida, Mona, The Great Wave and even Michelangelo’s David – there is so much to choose from! In the wise words of art education expert Tim Bogatz, “I love me some art socks.”

Cover Up In Style

Lee and student in matching outfits

Teaching is messy. You find something adorable and wear it to work, only to have it covered in paint or clay. Then you buy something new and… well, you get the idea. Lee Ten Hoeve, K – 8 teacher and AOE writer, recommends thwarting this vicious cycle by teaching in Dickies coveralls in her article, “Wear Your Color Wheel….and Get Your Mornings Back.” Of course, she adds some excellent art teacher flair to hers as well! Read all about it here.


Toms classic slip-on shoes are comfortable and adorable. They come in a variety of fun patterns and colors, and they often feature the work of famous artists. You can currently by Toms that feature the work of Haitian artists, Keith Haring or Los Angeles artist Tyler Ramsey. The best part? For every pair of shoes purchased, Toms donates a pair to a child in need.



Plaid is at once classic and trendy. If you haven’t embraced current plaid styles, now might be the time. Ian Sands, author, blogger, and high school art teacher advocates an exclusive plaid wardrobe for work attire. He explains it like this: “Since plaid contains multiple colors, it’s less obvious when I spill paint on my clothing. The geometrical patterns are also perfect for days I want to introduce Mondrian”.

Take a little time this holiday season to do a little shopping for yourself. You deserve it!

What are your “go to” places for art teacher wear? 

What is your favorite piece of art teacher clothing?

Melissa Purtee

Melissa teaches at Apex High School in North Carolina and is the author of The Open Art Room. She’s passionate about supporting diversity, student choice, and facilitating authentic expression.


  • Lauren

    So, I fell in love with LuLaRoe back in May and decided that it was the perfect art teacher wardrobe. Super comfy, fun, and exciting prints! (I teach elementary art so the more fun and comfortable the better, ha!) I loved it so much I started selling it! If anyone wants to order some LuLaRoe, I would love to have you in my shopping group. Tell me you came from AOE and I’ll give you free shipping on your first order. :)
    (Hope this is okay to post! If not, feel free to delete!)

    • I just requested to join your group :)

    • Me, too.

    • Karyn Balan

      Just requested to join as well. I teach art to PreK through 8 grade at 2 different schools, and once you wear a Carly with leggings it’s pretty hard to go back to wearing other clothes for work lol!

      • Lauren Norton

        Right?! Carly and leggings could be my uniform and I would be very very happy!

  • Joy Cawiezell

    My principal gave me and the other art teacher permission to wear scrubs in our school colors. We work at a preparatory school with a strict uniform policy and finally someone noticed it was hard for us to teach in white dress shirts and blazers, haha. Honestly, even if I was at a school without uniforms I’d still wear scrubs– the fabric is easy to clean, I don’t need to think about what I wear each day, and they’re super comfortable with lots of pockets.

  • Ms. Epp

    I’m a Lularoe wearinggn art teacher too. I find the whole at home parties and Facebook album sales to be a bit awkward so I just visit the links on this twitter feed which lets you buy from online pop up sales, just like any other online shopping. A piece of advice though, you might want to go to an in person multi consultant sale first to see what sizes you wear. Anyway, the twitter with the online sales links is