Take Your Artsonia Gallery to the Next Level with the Hall of Fame!

By now, we’re sure that many of you have heard of, Artsonia the online student art gallery. But, how many of you have celebrated with your students who have earned Artsonia’s Hall of Fame honors? We’re guessing a number of you are now scratching your head, saying, “Hall of What?”

Yes! Artsonia has a fun Hall of Fame program that many teachers haven’t yet incorporated into their art rooms. So, today, we’re going to give you the inside scoop on this exciting feature and give you a first-hand look at how Wolford Elementary School art teacher, Brenda Fee, has skyrocketed to the top of Artsonia’s rankings by making the Hall of Fame the focus of her Artsonia program!


How does the Hall of Fame feature work?

The Artsonia Hall of Fame feature encourages students to earn three awards based on the activity in their galleries. These awards are…

1. The Portfolio Award: earned for publishing three or more artworks in a year.

2. The Popular Artist Award: earned for having five or more fans in a year (and a minimum of one new artwork).

3. The Rave Reviews Award: earned for receiving five or more comments in a year.

Once a student earns all three awards, he or she earns the title of Artsonia Hall of Fame Artist!

Hall of Fame Status


How can the Hall of Fame feature help my students and my program?

As you might imagine, the program makes students extremely motivated to spread the word each time a new artwork is posted. In addition, these features help advocate for the arts by involving many different individuals. Friends and family can encourage students in their creative talents through Artsonia’s simple online activities from anywhere in the world!

To make life easier on teachers, the Hall of Fame program comes with a simple way to celebrate success! Gone are the days where you have to somehow manage “virtual” awards. Artsonia will now send you a weekly email about the awards your students have earned. As an added bonus, you now have the option to print out customizable certificates for students, parents, and other members of your school to see and appreciate.

sample award slip


How can I encourage my students to earn Hall of Fame status?

As we mentioned, Brenda Fee is an avid user of Artsonia, who credits most of her success to the Hall of Fame feature. Brenda has used the Hall of Fame feature to motivate her students to not only do well on their projects but also to involve parents in the process.

Brenda regularly presents students with their newly earned awards, making it a routine part of her students’ time in the art room. In addition, Brenda has created even more “buzz” about the art room by offering bonuses to students who have reached the Hall of Fame status. Many of her students look forward to the exclusive art party thrown twice a year for those who have made it into the Artsonia Hall of Fame! Other students can’t wait to see their names posted outside the Principal’s office on a Hall of Fame board. And, to celebrate at year’s end, all of Brenda’s Hall of Fame artists receive colorful certificates to proudly take home. This year, Brenda is going the extra mile. If she has 100% of her students earn the Hall of Fame status, she has promised to dye her hair pink!


What does CEO of Artsonia, Jim Meyers, have to say about the Hall of Fame feature?

Jim Meyers, the Co-Founder and CEO of Artsonia, sees the benefits these new features have to offer Artsonia users. Jim told AOE, “Brenda is a great example of using the Hall of Fame feature to make her program burst in popularity. Last school year, Brenda’s school boasted more than 3600 fan club members, 10,000 comments on the artwork, and 150,000 visitors to their Wolford school gallery, which was the highest cumulative totals of all schools on Artsonia. Brenda proved that students are motivated to complete projects and have another way to gain pride and self-esteem, as they work to become Hall of Fame artists. Likewise, teachers have a fun, easy way to reach out to parents, encouraging more families to get involved in their child’s art education.”

Furthermore, according to Meyers, “Artsonia can truly make a difference in how a school art program is supported and encouraged by families and the school community. We know that the schools with the most active galleries, in terms of visitors, comments and artwork also tend to be the ones who are seeing the most all around benefits from the program. Through the Hall of Fame program, we hope that many more teachers will embrace the opportunity to connect with families, motivate their students, and in doing so, see Artsonia as more rewarding and beneficial than ever before.”

So hop on board art teachers! If you’re interested in earning extra funds for your classroom while involving your students and families in a meaningful way, the Hall of Fame feature is a no-brainer!

If you’re new to Artsonia, you may want to go back and check out how three teachers use the site in their rooms, as well as some of the cool features Artsonia provides. For all of our seasoned pros out there, don’t forget to dig into our organizing article with 10 tricks from the experts.

Special thanks to Brenda Fee of Wolford Elementary and Jim Meyers for their wealth of information about Artsonia



What is your experience with Artsonia?
How has the Hall of Fame feature benefited your classroom? We’d love to know!



Jennifer Borel

Jennifer is an middle school art teacher in Kansas who is passionate about creating an organized, well-managed environment where students feel comfortable to learn and explore.


  • HipWaldorf

    This feature showed up on my Artsonia page just today 10/16/2014. So Brenda Fee must have been part of a testing group for her to have so many hall of famers. I am not sure I want to participate in this kind of competition between my students whom already get so much pressure to perform in their academic subjects. I realize Artsonia needs to make money, but I do not want to do it through the children. Is this a sponsored post?

    • Artsonia Tiffany

      Hello HipWaldorf! Just wanted to let you know that the Hall of Fame and student awards have been around for the past 10 years. Unfortunately, we (Artsonia) never did a very good job of letting teachers know about the feature, much less, provide any documents or handouts to help them incorporate it into the classroom. This is what showed up recently on your teacher section, but the awards/hall of fame honors were always there, just very hidden behind small links. We greatly appreciate feedback and suggestions that teachers are willing to provide. In this case, Brenda Fee was a teacher who discovered the Hall of Fame program when she first started using Artsonia, embraced the opportunity to create something bigger within her art program, and then shared her experience with us. Certainly, whether or not you wish to incorporate the Hall of Fame into your classroom is up to you and what you feel is best for your students. We hope that by sharing Brenda’s success, any teachers looking for ideas on how to motivate their students or new ways to celebrate creativity within the classroom will find the information beneficial.

      • HipWaldorf

        Thanks Artsonia Tiffany!

      • HipWaldorf

        Thank you so much! I LOVE my Artsonia!

  • Cynthia Gaub

    The hall of fame has been around for the whole 4 years I have used artsonia. I use it in a fairly low key way. 70% of my urban student body is on free/reduced lunch, so making money off the sale of products is not really the main function of my artsonia.

    My favorite feature is the classroom mode and writing artist statements. I use Artsonia for students to turn in all their digital art using the classroom mode, where they have to write about their work to get credit for the assignment.

    What little money I do make, I use to buy a keychain or bookmark for my hall of fame students. For them it is a special treat to get their artwork on something and usually something they couldn’t buy for themselves. Often it is other teachers in the building and fellow students that are able to join the fan club or leave comments to get them into the hall of fame.

    It also is great advertising for my program. I just got a bunch of local, district and state press for being “8th in the state” for my level of particpation. The Artsonia press release went out on the district website, facebook and newsletter…which then got us into the state superintendent news too!

    • Artsonia Tiffany

      Thanks, Cynthia! Great to hear that your school community (students and teachers) take the time to help some of your students make the Hall of Fame! Also, definitely appreciate your feedback on classroom mode as a means for getting artists statements published as well. We hoped that by including that feature, it would indeed make it a one-stop-process for publishing art AND submitting statements. Congrats on a great year – hope this next one is just as rewarding!

  • K Hyman

    I found that using Artsonia and the awards program raised the level of work from my elementary students. They work to impress their fan members rather than rush through and just finish an assignment. As far as awards, I want their fan members actively viewing their work and offering support and comments so I highly support the awards. Last year I visited my local dollar store and purchased small plastic party favor trophies to recognize all the Hall of Famers at the end of the year. I made a really big deal out of the recognitions and their hard work in Art class. I am not focused on the money making part of the program but do appreciate anything that helps my program. I make sure to let parents know that proceeds to benefit the classroom although they are not expected to spend or buy anything. Since my goal for the year has been having students think like an artist, critique their work and the work of their classmates and writing about their work; the big feature for me is writing the artist statements. My requirement for grades 3-5 is an artist statement for every completed work of art. In the younger grades, I supply statements for them to complete but not on every work. For Kindergarten I occasionally write down a quick sentence they might share with me about their work that is then typed into the program. I’m looking for a parent volunteer to take over typing in the statements for me.

    • Artsonia Tiffany

      Love the idea of dollar-store trophies – such fun for the kids! Thanks for sharing! As for artist statements, have you looked into using Classroom Mode yet? If not, next time you login, look on the middle of your start page for the link to Classroom Mode. You’ll see a full description page as well as a link to our webinar, which helps explain how your students can actually photograph & publish artwork, as well as type in an artist statement, right there in the classroom! It’s a big timesaver for teachers!

      • K Hyman

        My older students do type their own statements into Artsonia using the classroom mode. I have statements from K-2 as well and those I type myself or would have a parent volunteer to type.

  • S.Riggs

    I just began a K-5 Artsonia gallery this year and am currently uploading photos of art all on my own. I have one classroom iPad that I plan to introduce to students to begin uploading their own art. Can anyone give me advice on the best way to have artist statements added. Perhaps, students write them on the back of their artwork and I look for parent volunteers to type them in? Any advice is appreciated as I am still getting the hang of things. On the upside, 25% of my school has given approval to share their art online!

    • Artsonia Tiffany

      Thanks for venturing into the world of Artsonia this year! As you mentioned – having the students use “Classroom Mode” (via the iPad) will be the best, most efficient way to get your artwork published AND get their artist statements added at the same time. I know you’re new, so I don’t want to overwhelm you with information, but when you’re ready…Login to your teacher section and click on the link for Classroom Mode (found right in the center of the page). Read through the description and then I encourage you to watch the recorded webinar, which walks you through the process. By all means, reach out to our Customer Service team at info@artsonia.com if you have ANY questions! We’re happy to help!

  • Mary Rutherford

    I am a huge Artsonia fan. It is the best advocacy tool ever! Love all the tips on using the awards and would like to add one. I create an Animoto video of our Hall of Fame winners and post it on our gallery. Artsonia makes it so easy to do and students and their families love it!

    • I love Animoto! This is a fabulous addition!

    • Artsonia Tiffany

      I just watched Alex’s Hall of Fame video! What a cool idea. When I read your post, I was thinking it was a video featuring ALL your winners, but when I realized each student had his own video — wow! What a great way to celebrate and yes, I’m sure the students and families love it! Thanks for the great suggestion!

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