Finalists Announced and Voting Open! 2013 Art Ed Blog of the Year


After pouring through nominations for the 2013 Art Ed Blog of the Year, the committee has decided on the Top 20 Finalists which will be voted on by all of YOU to narrow down into the Top 10 Blogs of 2013. You will notice quite the variety in content and age levels represented. We hope you will discover some new favorites in this list below, too!

The committee reviewed the nominations in the categories of Quality of Content and Photos, Consistency in Posting, Community Interaction and Overall Look and Feel. We encourage you to browse all of the Top 20 Finalists before you vote by clicking on each blog below to visit and explore!

Here are the 20 finalists for Art Ed Blog of the Year!



Marcia is an Elementary Art Teacher for Gifted and Talented Kids. Find what you are looking for in her well organized tabs at the top of her blog!
Marcia is an Elementary Art Teacher for Gifted and Talented Kids. Find what you are looking for in her well organized tabs at the top of her blog!
Erica is an energetic art teacher, mom, and photographer who ‘keeps’ it real with a glimpse into her urban classroom and busy life.
Hilarious and honest, this isn’t your normal classroom blog. ATHG tells the real story of what it’s like to be a modern art educator, and will make you laugh along the way.
With art project ideas for all age levels, Jeanette cares about art and design for kids, and showcases projects for both parents and teachers to instill daily creativity and art into their child’s life.
An Italian Middle School art teacher with an endless supply of beautiful photographs, ideas, and innovative lessons.
Inspiration is shown from the detailed project and process photos from Laura’s Elementary Art Classroom.
Cassie’s glimpse into her art room and life is colorful and vibrant. She engages students with amazing artistic outfits and cultural curriculum and is hosting an ‘artsy book club’ for teachers.
Middle School Art Teacher and Freelance Photographer Lauren has a well organized and beautifully photographed blog.
Middle School Art Teacher and Freelance Photographer Lauren has a well organized and beautifully photographed blog.
Tim is a HS Art Teacher documenting the daily happenings in his classroom and providing resources and insights into the art and art ed world.
Cathy, an art educator from Australia and Apple Distinguished Educator, provides techie tutorials on all things ‘iPad’ for art teachers.
Nic is a Middle School Art teacher and shares innovative ways to connect with her students and her own children through art.
Mr. E is an Art Teacher with a colorful room and enthusiastic personality. His blog covers a little bit of everything in art education and beyond!
Mrs. Novak dives deep into educational topics that matter while showcasing lessons and discoveries from her classroom!
Don shares projects and processes from his art classroom, and has organized tabs at the top to help you discover even more art education resources!
Detailed and informative photos help you follow along in this busy art classroom.
This blog by Hope Knight covers assessment, art projects, organization and motivation for parents, students and art teachers alike.
Veteran art teacher, Theresa, shares lessons, technology, common core, differentiation and a whole lot more!
Heidi is a busy art teacher on a cart and mom with tons of great ideas beyond lesson sharing to help you organize and streamline your processes.
Cheryl shares fundraisers, group projects, art lessons and inspiring stories to keep you motivated in the art room and beyond!
You can sort by grade level to find lessons and inspirations from Zach’s Elementary Art Room


Voting takes place between February 3-7.  The Top 10 will be selected by, of course, YOUR or votes! Be sure to visit all of the blogs by clicking on their linked headers above, make your choice(s), and then vote in the Poll below.  Finalist bloggers are encouraged to share the ballot link with their own readership so there are as many voters represented as possible! Voters, yes, you can vote for multiple blogs when you place your vote (give to your love to lots of blogs or put your eggs all in one basket)! 

Why wait? Vote for your favorite(s) today!

Shorty after voting closes (at Midnight on Friday, February 7th) we’ll announce the winners.  You will be notified if your blog is one of the Top 10 Winners.  The Top 10 blogs will all receive a unique Award Badge which they can proudly post in the side column or other prominent location on their blog! In addition to the badge, award winners will be promoted with a permanent space on AOE and will be featured in our Weekly Newsletter.

Be sure to forward this link to all of your teacher friends so they can discover these 20 great Art Blogs, and they can vote as well. This is a amazing opportunity to give these blogs credit and even send them some new Art Teacher readers!

How do blogs inspire you on a daily basis? 

What new blogs are you discovering, or what “Ah Ha” moments are you having through this process?

Best of luck to everyone! 


Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Thanks for including me in the list. It will be hard to vote since they are all great blogs and I know the writers all put in a lot of time sharing their ideas.

  • Ted Edinger

    Jessica…I it only one vote per computer…one per day…???

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  • Artprojectgirl

    To be completely transparent… I’m shocked:) and excited. Thank you for the nomination. Now I get to check out all these clickable links when the baby goes to sleep and the laundry is drying;))

  • Natalie waggenspack

    Yay!!! I’m so excited my blog was chosen!!! Squeeeee!!! :-) Thank you for doing this! I can’t wait to get some coffee and go through each blog!!! The link to my blog isn’t working though…not sure if that is just my computer?? thanks again AOE!

  • Phyl

    I thought I would look at the one blog I’d never heard of – ArtChoo – but it is a dead link, unfortunately. Can you fix?

  • Heidi O’Hanley

    Thank you so much!!! I’m so excited “Tales From the Traveling Art Teacher” made the list! Good luck to all my fellow bloggers!!!

  • don masse

    congrats to all the finalists! thanks Jessica and the art of ed team for putting this (and everything else y’all do) together. shine brite:)

  • Lauren

    Thanks so much for including my blog in your list! What a sweet write up as well! -Lauren @Dali’s Moustache

  • Cathy

    Thanks for the listing – to be included amongst this group is an honour. My site, iPad Art Room is a labour of love, but I really believe in open-source materials and the power of sharing in education. And I know everything I have contributed to my amazing PLN has been reflected back ten fold. Aren’t we so fortunate to be surrounded by such inspiring teachers and students? This list is a wonderful affirmation of the value of arts education. Thank you to all the awesome bloggers who let us into their classrooms this year and congratulations to those that made the Top 20.

    • don masse


  • Art Teachers Hate Glitter

    Wow! What a collection of great blogs! There are so many I didn’t know about, but you can bet I’m following them now. Thank you for including my blog again. I’m truly honored.

    A quick note, the link to Artchoo doesn’t work.

  • Hope Knight

    Wow, honored to be on this list! Thanks for including my blog.

  • Tim

    Good luck to everyone!

    Tim (East Art Room)

  • Wow! I’m honored and shocked to be amongst such an amazing group of blogs in here. I know about many of them, but got to learn about some new ones as well. Thanks so much for including me! (Artchoo)

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  • Nic Hahn

    So honored to have my blog posted amongst these other GREATs!! Thanks!!

  • Laura Kim

    I am so excited to be nominated and feel absolutely humbled! I had no idea I was even on the radar for this type of honor! Love it! THANK YOU!

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  • Rachel Wintemberg

    It looks like a lot of wonderful blogs made the final 20. I look forward to exploring all of them. Hopefully my blog, will be included next year. I put a link to this contest on my public FaceBook page, so hopefully lots of people will come and explore these fantastic blogs and learn something about what we art educators actually do all day. Congratulations and good luck to all the talented nominees. And thanks to those who did nominate me.

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