Using Digital and Traditional Portfolios as an Assessment Tool


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Want to dig deeper? Here are the important links mentioned in the presentation:

Traditional Portfolio Resources:

Organizing Your Portfolio Processes


Digital Portfolio Resources: 

#1 Flickr : Use Flickr to Create Digital Portfolios in Minutes 

#2 Knofolio : The New Wave of Digital Art Portfolios

#3 Artsonia: How 3 Teachers Us Artsonia in their ClassroomFour Fab Features of Artsonia You Not Know

#4 Blogs : David T Miller’s Art Classes 

#5 More Cloud Resources: Evernote, Facebook and Dropbox

Each month AOE puts on a LIVE web event called a ‘workshop’. During each workshop an AOE Team Member presents on an important topic in Art Ed, and attendees are given the opportunity to interact, comment, ask questions and have them answered live.

Using Digital and Traditional Portfolios as an Assessment Tool

Portfolios continue to be one of the most authentic and comprehensive ways to assess student art work, and provide a valuable opportunity for students to review and evaluate their own work. Whether you prefer traditional portfolios or are moving the archiving of artwork to digital formats, the power of the portfolio can be an asset to your art program.

This workshop will cover some of the best digital portfolio options out there and provide trips and tricks for organizing traditional portfolio processes for the most effective outcome. We will also talk about different ways to use the portfolio process to create and administer assessments and student reflections for all age levels. Let’s talk portfolios!

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Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Mrswilcox

    As usual, a very informative session! Thanks, Jessica!

  • Rene

    Thank you for such a wonderful workshop. I am working on my PDP which is focused on assessment, so this workshop couldn’t have come at a better time. I am very motivated to get digital portfolio’s going for my students, but have hit so many road blocks- literally everything I have tried has been blocked to the students. I am excited for your slide show to be available tomorrow so I can print it off and bring it to our director of technology and let him circle which options would be best for me to explore. Will the chat that took place be available as well?
    Thanks again

  • Kristen

    This workshop was great and provided a lot of useful information and materials we could use in our classes. I am so happy that these are online because I haven’t been able to attend any conferences where I physically need to be present, but with these online workshops, classes and conferences, I can attend and really feel like I am bettering myself as an Art Educator! Thanks again!!

  • Jennifer Rodgers

    I hope you are able to post this again tomorrow. I missed it and could really really use some advice, help and information regarding digital portfolios.

  • Mrswilcox

    Are the pdfs posted yet? I can’t find them…

    • We will be posting the links in a few minutes Mrs. Wilcox!! ;)

  • inthemiddleart

    I teach middle school and after seeing art not taken home after the art show, and my son brought home crushed artwork I decided I needed to fix this problem. Now I collect brown paper bags with handles (from stores like trader joes) all year until I have enough for every student in the school. I label each bag with an avery label with the child’s name and homeroom. Then with the help of parent volunteers we stuff the bags so nothing is crushed or folded in a backpack. Finally all parents are notified that the art is coming home with a digital alert from the school.

  • jamuna vinod

    I am new here and I’m excited watching the video! I teach art too (grade 2 – grade 12). The self reflection forms would really be a useful method .

  • Patty

    I’ve been looking for a web site like this for months! This information is so comprehensive and is better than I could have imagined. Thanks so much!. Were can I find the pdfs to print out?

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