More Arts Integration Ideas

Monday’s post “Arts Integration for the Art Teacher” by our guest blogger, Elizabeth Peterson inspired me to look back and do a little “Blast from the Past” from AOE’s archives to give you even more ideas to integrate the arts into art class! I love the idea of arts integration in art because the disciplines really feed off one another, making your art program even stronger and student connections for the different arts more fluid.

Here are past AOE posts I think you’ll enjoy that help you further integrate “Art into Art”

Making Connections: Art and Poetry

Use a simple but effective poetry template as way to reflect on a finished piece of art. I used this with a music lesson inspired by Picasso. (If I were playing scrabble it would be a double point move- integrating poetry and music into one art lesson!)

Piggyback Songs for the Art Room

Use music to help assist students with transitions, directions and learning concepts. My favorite part about this post? The comments section! People came up with some pretty cool songs to add to the list. Check it out!

Kandinsky Lesson Plan

This lesson uses music to inspire students as they paint. Students listen to classical music while they paint, just like Kandinsky did!

Other things I want to try:

  • Using a reader’s theater to express an artist or time in art history  – Does anyone know of any good art history reader’s theaters?
  • Use of movement to help with transitions and listening. I am starting this quest by using and researching Whole Brain Teaching. What other ideas do you have for movement to help kids learn and focus?
  •  Continue to use different types of music in the art room while students are working and transitioning.
  • Brining in a guest to our school like Greg Percy, who writes songs for the art room.

What are other ways you integrate one of the “Arts” into Art? 

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Awesome! I especially like that you are not afraid of Kandinsky :-)

  • “Using a reader’s theater to express an artist or time in art history – Does anyone know of any good art history reader’s theaters?”

    Hi Jessica–I have a number of readers theatre scripts created by Art teachers. There are a few on art history topics. They are posted on my wiki– You will need to request access to the wiki–I will approve you–and then you can browse the various scripts that teachers I have worked with posted.
    Hope this is a helpful resource!