Feb 13, 2011

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Display Dilemma!

Display Dilemma!

If I display artwork, I display the whole class. Ā All kids deserve to have...

Feb 1, 2011

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Clay Curriculum

Clay Curriculum

The following are the Power Standards that I follow during the month of...

Dec 17, 2010

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Lesson: Complimentary Stained Glass ...

Lesson: Complimentary Stained Glass Window

Grade Level: 3rd Grade Art Elements: Color, Line, Shape Art Skills: Cutting,...

Oct 7, 2010

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Resources! Aboriginal Art

Resources! Aboriginal Art

Yesterday, I posted a new printable lesson plan on Aboriginal Art and Contour...

Oct 6, 2010

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Aboriginal Bark Paintings: Free Less...

Aboriginal Bark Paintings: Free Lesson Plan Download

Grade Level: 3-5 Art Education Lesson Plan Art Elements: Line, Contour...

Jun 8, 2010

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Showing Movement in Artwork

Showing Movement in Artwork

The curriculum in my district is based upon the Elements and Principles of...