Designing Your Art Curriculum

Designing Your Art Curriculum

Art teachers are unique in many ways. One of those ways is that we are empowered to design our own curriculum, and for most of us, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Yet, that freedom comes with its own set of challenges. Like with a blank canvas, knowing where to start can often be a struggle.

Designing Your Art Curriculum is a rigorous, hands-on class where you’ll research what some of the best districts and programs in the nation are using for their art curriculum, as well as observe different styles and types of art curriculums being used and marketed today. Using this data as ammunition, you’ll design your own comprehensive tool kit with all the necessary pieces to implement a curriculum that best fits your teaching, your students and their needs.

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  • Implement a personalized, concrete philosophy that will drive your curriculum.
  • Use the latest research and examples from around the country to refine your own hybrid art curriculum.
  • Organize your instructional plan in provided matrixes that make planning a breeze.
  • Connect your curriculum to state and national standards, regardless of your teaching philosophy.
  • Develop a comprehensive list of resources, technology, media and materials needed to teach your dream curriculum.
  • Implement a system to organize your materials for seamless transfer into the classroom.

Course Breakdown

Week 1
Philosophies in Art Curriculum
  1. Explore why you teach art and what you hope students will take away from your classes.
  2. Discover various art philosophies and consider which one aligns with the way your teach.
Week 2
Art Curriculum Samples
  1. Consider what a comprehensive curriculum needs in order to thrive.
  2. Browse curriculum map samples for use in designing your own art curriculum.
Week 3
Putting Together Your Curriculum
  1. Begin to map out the basic standards and experiences you want students to have in the art room.
  2. Explore ways to ensure students are getting an authentic creative experience in the art room.
Week 4
Putting Together Your Curriculum
  1. Download and complete three planning matrices for organizing your curriculum.
  2. Discuss the planning choices you made and why you made them.
  3. Create an action plan to personalize student learning and ignite their creativity.
Week 5
Organizing Your Curriculum Resources
  1. Write an action plan for how you’ll keep curriculum and resources more organized.
  2. Leave the class with a comprehensive tool kit that houses all of your lesson plans, organizational tools and reflections from this class.

Philosophies in Art Education

A sample assignment from Week 1 of the class "Designing Your Art Curriculum."

1. Research

Use Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle” to design the purpose behind your art program. Explore various websites to learn about art education philosophies and contemplate which philosophy aligns with the way you teach—and why.

2. Discussion

Share with educators around the world your opinion on “canned” or pre-done art curriculum. Talk about ideas you’ve learned that have changed the way you think about teaching art.

3. Practical, Hands-On Application

Decide on a direction you want to take your curriculum materials that engage students and energize your teaching methods. Create an action plan to implement your philosophy throughout the remainder of the course.

What do actual art teachers think?

Stormy S.
"This course helped my get organized with my art program. Through discussion board postings and collaboration from other students, I was able to learn new perspectives in art education and new strategies. This was a great experience and I learned more in this class about art education and curriculums then in my undergrad and grad school together."
Sheila J.
"This was honestly the most useful graduate course I think I've ever taken. What we did was so relevant, useful, and not available anywhere else. I wish my whole department would be able take this course. Thanks so much for offering it!"
Chris S.
"I took this class just to help me re-think my teaching. I have been teaching quite a while and although I feel that I am a seasoned teacher, I learned so much. Everyone should take time to re-evaluate their program and this class does such a good job in guiding you through the process."

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