iPads in the Art Room


Credits: 2 Credits
PD Hours: 80 Hours
Length: 4 Weeks

Many schools are going 1:1 with iPads, or at least have a cart to check out. Art teachers can feel stalled on how to use this technology without taking the creativity away from their hands-on classes.

During this course you’ll learn the basics of the iPad, including how to organize your apps and more efficiently use the device. Then, the course will move quickly on to how to use this tablet as a medium, not just a device for students to play games on when they’re done with their work. In no time you’ll become proficient at incorporating apps and resources into lessons you’re already teaching in the art studio!


Course Takeaways

  • Expertly use iPad teaching tools and resources to enhance student creativity, visual literacy, and divergent thinking.

  • Understand how iPads are changing the future of education, and how you and your students can benefit from those changes.

  • Combine traditional art-making processes with innovative tablet-based technology to expose students to new ways of thinking.

  • Customize lessons so students can practice art skills at their own level and pace.

  • Create action plans to get iPads into the hands of your students.




This class provided the type of hands-on learning that I was looking for regarding iPad use in the art room. I loved having the available guidance and support from the instructor for any questions throughout the assignments, and I enjoyed the sharing of ideas between class members.

- Carol G.

With little background about iPads, I felt very comfortable learning in this community. I learned so much from the assignments and others that I can now start to integrate iPads into my art curriculum.

- Alice S.

This course encourages you to try out technology without the pressure of mastering it on your first try. Your instructor and fellow classmates give you tips along the way, but you don’t feel like you are competing – just learning by playing or discovering the way we should all be teaching.

- Mary Beth N.

Within this course I was able to gain technical skill and understanding that I can use now. At the same time, I was immersed in a cohort of like-minded artists and art specialists. What would have taken me years to accomplish was shared in a few weeks – meaning, my classmates and I explored and reviewed new apps and technology, times 17!

- Marni O.

In four short weeks I picked up a great deal of knowledge and a notebook full of notes to help me in my own art class. I have jumped way ahead of where I was when I started. The fact that we were all art teachers was incredibly helpful. We all understood each others challenges.

- Susan T.


Course Breakdown

Week 1: iPad Basics

  • Learn the basic workings of an iPad.
  • Explore ways to help fundraise for more iPads or for new apps for use in your art room.
  • Set up an iTunes account for downloading apps, then download several!

Week 2: iPad for Creation

  • Explore various digital mediums for creation, noting how colleagues use them with students.
  • Browse Pinterest to find and install camera, drawing, and painting apps that interest you.
  • Discuss how these apps can be used with your students and as a teacher resource.

Week 3: iPad for Animation

  • Learn how other art teachers are using video and stop-motion videos with their students.
  • Browse Pinterest to find and install video and digital-storytelling apps that interest you
  • Familiarize yourself with Vimeo and YouTube to share videos from the iPad to the Web.

Week 4: iPad for Connecting

  • Break down your classroom walls and connect with the world through Twitter and Skype Edu.
  • Discuss the benefits and challenges of collaborating on projects through technology.
  • Create an action plan on how you’d like to use technology to collaborate with another art teacher.
  • Leave class with a comprehensive toolkit of lesson plans and organizational strategies.





Featured Instructor

If you have iPads in your art room, this class is for you! We help students learn iPad basics, discuss organization techniques, and, of course, explore a WIDE variety of apps! It is a fun, hands-on class with a lot of sharing! – Heather C.




Sample Assignment


The Creativity Crisis

A sample assignment from Week 1 of the class “iPads in the Art Room”



Learn the basic workings of an iPad and explore ways to fundraise for iPads and apps for classroom use. Research cloud-based storage platforms to make collaboration a breeze.



Share the steps you took to familiarize yourself with your iPad and how the iPad will help you become more productive. Discuss effective ways to receive funding for iPads and apps.


Practical, Hands-On Application

Use online apps to organize and categorize teaching-related materials. Install a cloud-based storage program on your iPad or desktop.




  • Degree Level Graduate Credit
  • Morningside Grade Report
  • Morningside Transcript
  • Full HLC Degree-Level Accreditation
  • Letter Grade
  • 80+ PD Contact Hours
  • Full Access to Class Resources
  • Full Instructor Feedback
  • AOE Certificate of Course Completion
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  • Degree Level Graduate Credit
  • Morningside Grade Report
  • Morningside Transcript
  • Full HLC Degree-Level Accreditation
  • Letter Grade
  • 80+ PD Contact Hours
  • Full Access to Class Resources
  • Full Instructor Feedback
  • AOE Certificate of Course Completion
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