Creativity in Crisis


Credits: 3 Credits
PD Hours: 120 Hours
Length: 5 Weeks

Art class is designed to facilitate the MOST creativity. But are we talking the talk and walking the walk? We can easily get sucked into the standardized world and forget our roots.

During this course you’ll learn from creativity experts, including Sir Kenneth Robison, to dig deep into a true understanding of creativity. You’ll also learn strategies to take into your classroom to enhance creativity and cultivate learners who are prepared for the demands of our ever-changing world.


Course Takeaways

  • Create a culture of creativity in your art room using the nine principles of creativity.

  • Build an environment of trust and openness within the studio to nurture individual creative potential.

  • Ignite/reignite the fire within by taking part in personal creativity exercises.

  • Invite and explore new viewpoints to expand students’ beliefs about creativity.

  • Arm students with critical life skills, such as how to think creatively, problem solve, and adapt to new situations.




I just emailed my entire art department and urged them to take this course. It is hugely important for us to be teaching our kids these creative-thinking skills and advocating for our peers to do the same.

- Stephanie H.

The ideas and concepts are essential for an educator to ask and answer. I feel better prepared to lead my students in discussions and critiques.

- Jennifer M.

All teachers, not just art teachers, should take this course. It would change many things about the ways we teach our students and could change the look of education in general.

- Christine W.

It’s great to conference with other art teachers. [This course] has a great premise as well as being valid professional development.

- Shawna C.

This course changes your whole outlook on education and gets to the root of the problem while providing solutions for the education system and personally. My life is on a new trajectory because of this course and the instructor’s encouragement!

- Jill A.


Course Breakdown

Week 1: The Creativity Crisis

  • Read and reflect on issues raised in the Newsweek article “Creativity in Crisis.”
  • Begin reading Ken Robinson’s “Out of our Minds” to explore the concept of life being linear.

Week 2: Creativity in Education

  • Use Robinson’s writings as a springboard for exploring challenges within the education system.
  • Watch Robinson’s TED talk on how schools kill creativity, then share your thoughts with classmates.

Week 3: Let’s Get Creative

  • Use two strategies from “The Artist’s Way” to help unblock your creativity.
  • Clear your mind and help your creativity soar through the use of Morning Pages.
  • Make a date with your inner artist to nurture your creative consciousness.

Week 4: Creativity in our Students

  • Learn about the processes necessary for creativity to flourish.
  • Discover nine principles necessary for developing a culture of creativity and innovation.
  • Create an action plan to personalize student learning and ignite their creativity.

Week 5: Final Assignment

  • Write a mock letter to a leader in education, suggesting (and recommending!) actions for change.
  • Leave class with a comprehensive toolkit of lesson plans and organizational strategies.





Featured Instructor

One of the highlights of the class is the opportunity to complete hands-on tasks that are intended to help you reconnect with your creative self. The class is based on the incredible writing of Ken Robinson, and we discuss classroom-specific examples as well as examples for our own lives as artists. Another valuable aspect of the class readings is that Robinson provides specific information regarding promoting creativity and the arts in your school and community. – Patricia C.




Sample Assignment


The Creativity Crisis

A sample assignment from Week 1 of the class “Creativity in Crisis”



Read chapter 1 of our text, “Out of our Minds” by Ken Robinson to learn what is meant by life being linear.



Using examples from your own students and teaching experiences, share why you agree or disagree that our nation is in a creativity crisis.


Practical, Hands-On Application

Gain a greater understanding of what is meant by creativity and how you can help your students tap into and nurture their creativity.




  • Degree Level Graduate Credit
  • Morningside Grade Report
  • Morningside Transcript
  • Full HLC Degree-Level Accreditation
  • Letter Grade
  • 120+ PD Contact Hours
  • Full Access to Class Resources
  • Full Instructor Feedback
  • AOE Certificate of Course Completion
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  • Degree Level Graduate Credit
  • Morningside Grade Report
  • Morningside Transcript
  • Full HLC Degree-Level Accreditation
  • Letter Grade
  • 120+ PD Contact Hours
  • Full Access to Class Resources
  • Full Instructor Feedback
  • AOE Certificate of Course Completion
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