Aug 27, 2014

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An Innovative Way to Keep Track of Your Schedule

Art teacher schedules can get crazy. “You mean I only see the second graders every third Tuesday of the month, but I see all the kindergarten classes every Monday? What?!” If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a new or tricky schedule (or by a schedule that’s new AND tricky) you may want to consider arranging your project storage in a way that allows you to visualize which classes you have each day. Watch the video below to see how it’s done.


How do you store student work in your room?

Any other tips for managing a crazy schedule? 

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  • Kathy Olson

    Brilliant! Just rearranged my drawers by day!! Now I just have to color code the grade levels. Thank you!

    • Amanda Heyn

      Awesome, Kathy! Don’t you just love to color code? :)

  • Catherine Gruenewald

    Amanda where did you get your plastic “tubs”? Were they pricy?

    • Amanda Heyn

      Hi Catherine- Just saw your comment! I got them at Walmart about 5 years ago. They were maybe $7-10 dollars each.