The Best Facebook Groups for Art Teachers

Are you on Facebook? If you are, you might be noticing that Facebook groups are becoming more and more popular. Belonging to a group is a fun way to interact with like-minded people in a casual atmosphere. When the updates come right to your feed, it’s super easy to interact and contribute. There are some amazing ideas, questions and discussions out there! Here are some of the best and most active Facebook groups we’ve found for art teachers.


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**Note: Please sign into Facebook before clicking the links below!**

Art Teachers – This is one of the largest groups for art teachers. With over 5,000 members, there’s a little something for everyone here. Look for many great conversations and lots of thought-provoking debates here!
Men of Art Education – This is group is for male art teachers to share experiences, stories and strategies. As they state, “We are the minority in Art Education, we need to embrace it.” 
Midwest TAB – Choice Based Art Teachers – There are many choice-based Facebook groups, some of which are area-specific. I belong to the Midwest group, but you can find many others along these lines.
Badass Teachers Association – Not specifically for art teachers, but unique enough for a mention here. This group is very political and opinionated. Not my cup of tea, but for some, an excellent outlet.
NAEA Middle Level Division – NAEA has a few specific groups for different areas of interest, such as Women’s Caucus, Middle Level, etc… Hopefully they will add more in other areas over time.
Art Teachers: Beg, Borrow and Steal – This is a sharing page for ideas just for art teachers.
If you are interested in joining any of these groups, you will usually need to click “Join Group” at the top right of the page, and an administrator will approve your membership in a few days. If you are acting inappropriately on any of these, usually the admin will reserve the rights to give you the boot to keep the community pure, so behave!

I hope you will enjoy chatting with other art teachers on this social platform that I “love to hate,” Facebook!

Oh and while you are at it, don’t forget to follow AOE’s Facebook page. We often post giveaways and other tidbits you won’t find on our website.

What are other Facebook groups for teachers do you belong to and enjoy? 

Any stories from interacting on these pages (good, bad or ugly)?


Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Jamie Hand

    What a great to have a round up of groups that are available to art teachers! I also run a group called Fun Art Projects for Kids. This group is a resource for teachers, parents and caregivers that are looking for art ideas to do with kids. I would love to invite any art teacher to join and share their ideas or projects or use it as a resource to provide at home ideas for students and parents.

  • Kt

    Here in New Hampshire we just started a Facebook Group for sharing articles, ideas, and hopefully lessons. Should be a great way to support each other! The group is called “nh art educators” because that is where it started, but it’s a group for everybody!

  • Elizabeth Rubenstein

    thanks for these- i knew of a few and joined a few!

    I’d recommend all the TAB groups, especially the one dedicated to room design!

  • Avery

    Thank you for sharing these! I love to hate Facebook too, but these are wonderful resources!

  • Heidi

    Art on a Cart Teachers also have a Facebook group! There’s also STEAM Art Educators as well.

    • MissArtyNutMeg

      I could have used an art on a cart group last year, even if just for the purpose of crying in my beer

      • Heidi

        I hear ya.

  • MissArtyNutMeg

    I don’t recommend B A T unless you are prepared to agree with everything the admins think and say

  • Nancy Walkup

    There are also ones for NAEA Elementary and Secondary Divisions.

  • Keith

    Thanks for including Men in Art Ed. We are a newer group, but our numbers are growing.

  • Beth Carter

    I am also in an awesome TAEA Elementary Division group!

  • Lauren Snider

    Anything in ny? I would love to connect with ny and Long Island art teachers.

  • Lyn

    We have one for our local region in NYSATA, region 6. NYSATA Region 6 Lauren Snider your local should have a Facebook group as well.

  • Chris Parker

    Any chance anybody knows the administrators of that art teacher group (the first one mentioned)? I’ve tried to join that thing for about about six months.

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  • Hi Jessica, great idea to collate these in one place. I thought you might also like to include High School Art Teachers: Thanks!

  • Nic Hahn

    Would you please write an update on this post… is there any new ‘must follows’ on Facebook??

  • Marty

    Your all invited to a new group for teachers from Idaho,Washington,and Oregon

  • Katrina Thomas

    I like The Helpful Art Teacher, Art Teachers as Artists, Art Resources for High School Teachers, the BEST has to be Elementary Art Teachers!!!!! Even though I am mostly MS/HS, they are a great group, very helpful, always active, great discussions, lots of tips- THE BEST!

  • Sarah Crowther

    There is a really useful facebook page called ‘The Arty Teacher’ and another fun one called #ArtTeacherProblems.