Summer Conference Schedule Released

The AOE Online Conference is only a few weeks away! Today, we’re releasing the official conference schedule so you can review all of the great presentations and begin to plan your day!

All of the times below are based on Central Time (CST, GMT-6). The Conference begins on Thursday, July 17th, at 10:00am CST (11:00EST, 9:00MST, 8:00PST) and ends around 3:00pm CST (4:00EST, 2:00MST, 1:00PST)

Unlike most conferences, you don’t have to choose which presentation to attend. Each presentation is roughly 10 minutes long, and you get to see them ALL! The conference will go in chronological order, and there will be announcements, introductions, raffles and digital SWAG announced in between each presentation. If you miss a few, they will ALL be available on the day of the conference in a password protected community so you can instantly see anything you missed, download the handouts, and review your favorites for up to 6 months.

Official Summer 2014

AOE Online Conference Schedule:

 Hour 1 – 10:00 am

Welcome | Jessica Balsley 

Art and Soul: Using Songs, Sound and Silence| Heather Crockett

Structures and Routines for Success Before the Mess | Alecia Eggers

Teaching Art Online…how does that work? | Hannah Brown

Teaching 21st Century Color: Mission (Impossible) Magenta | Maggie Maggio


Hour 2 – 11:00 am

The Visual Culture Hook: Pulling from Pop Culture to Drive Student Choices| Andrew McCormick

Beyond the Pinch Pot- Making Clay a Central Part of the Art Curriculum | John Post

Giving Simple and Authentic Feedback in the Art Room | Nic Hahn

Surviving Alternate Teaching Situations with Ease | Heidi O’Hanley


10 Min. Break


Hour 3 – 12:00 pm

Selfies: Student Self Portraits | Julie Davis – Blick Hands on Project and Demonstration

Choosing a Tech-Free Art Room in the Digital Age | Cassie Stephens 

Let’s Board the Sketchbook Express- Learn to Use the Most Popular App for Artists | Theresa Gillespie

Scaffolding a Killer Printmaking Curriculum in the Elementary Art Room | Zack Stoller 

Hour 4 – 1:00 pm

Evernote: Digital Organization for the Art Teacher | Cheryl Trowbridge

How Art Saves Lives: Inspiring At-Risk Students Through Art | Malcom McCrae 

Your Ultimate Guide for the First Day of School | Amanda Heyn

Conquering the Art Room, One Conflict at a Time | Jessica Balsley 

Fast and Fun Formative Assessments | Sarah Dougherty


Hour 5 – 2:00 pm

Infusing Contemporary Art into the K-12 Art Curriculum | Lea Lovelace 

10 Things You Need to Know About Teaching at a “BAD” School | Amy Zschaber

Beyond Collaboration – Connecting Sister Schools | Ian Sands 

Teaching Peace and Keeping the Peace in the Art Room Erica Stinziani

Special ‘Thank You’ and Closing | Jessica Balsley 

BONUS Presentations: AOE After-Pass

Ensuring Success for All Students in the Art Room with Universal Design | Kathryn Rulien-Bareis 

Crossing the Bridge: Connecting Visual Art, Drama and Language Arts | Diana Rivera

How to Assess a Choice-Based Curriculum | Cassidy Reinken 

* Bonus presentations will be available exclusively through the AOE After-Pass. The AOE After-Pass provides access to all conference content including presentations, handouts, and more for an entire 6 months.


If you still have some questions or want to learn more,check out the conference page right here.

Amanda Heyn

Amanda is the Senior Editor at AOE. She has a background in teaching elementary art and enjoys working to bring the best ideas from the world of art ed. to the magazine each day. 


  • Jan Cramer

    I just have 2 questions:

    Does everyone have access to the after pass even if you attended “live”? If so, for how long?

    Is there a limit on how many registrations you accept? I thought I saw the limit is 1,400 and that there are over 1,000 already. Waiting for district approval…wonder if it’s too late or if we will make it.


    • Jessica Balsley

      Hi Jen- We just sent you an email about this! Answer: Yes, everyone has access to the After Pass for 6 months after the conference. There is no limit to registrations, but we do only have 1400 SWAG boxes.

      • Jan Cramer

        Great, thanks! Of course, I found the after pass time after I re-read it again. Another question:

        If my district is paying for it do you need to receive payment before July 17th? Not sure how fast they will be during the summer.

        Thanks, Jan

        • Jessica Balsley

          Jan – We accept a PO to hold your place for the conference. We need a PO number on file before the 15th, even if the check is cut after the 17th. You can contact to set this up. Thanks!

        • Ellen K

          Just out of curiosity, when are you sending out the swag boxes? I registered a couple of weeks ago and haven’t seen mine show up yet.

          • Jessica Balsley

            Ellen (Kudlicki) – I checked and yours was shipped last week. You should get it any day!

      • Ellen K

        Just out of curiosity, when are you sending out the swag boxes? I registered a couple of weeks ago and everything went through, but I haven’t seen a box from AOE yet.

  • Joan

    Is it too late to join up?

    • Amanda Heyn

      Hi Joan! It’s not too late! The last day to register is July 15th :).

  • Debra Rowntree

    Will you issue attendance certificates for CLU credit?

    • Jessica Balsley

      Yes, all participants will receive a Certificate of Completion for 6 contact hours to be used for your PD needs.

  • Adrienne

    How long are the bonus presentations with the after pass? I am needing 6 hours for PD credit.

    • Jessica Balsley

      The actual conference is 5 hours, but we estimate 6 for the entire conference, which includes the Afterpass Bonus presentations and time to look through all of the handouts. You should be fine!

  • Rebekah

    I have not received access link or code yet. When should I expect this email? I just retrieved my previous email from the district quarantine filter – gggrrr.

    • Jessica Balsley

      We won’t send the actual link until the night before and the day of the conference. You can look for it then!

  • Denny

    How many of these hours will count towards the 20% Special Classroom Purpose for Professional Development?

    • Jessica Balsley

      Denny – send us an email at and we will help you determine how the conference can meet your specific requirements. Thanks!

  • artdavis

    WOO Hoo! Got back from vacation and there was a present on my porch…it’s my swagg for the upcoming conference..
    Looking Forward to being inspired:)

    • Jessica Balsley


  • lisa cox

    I signed up kind of late….has the 1400 been met. Just wondering if I will receive the swag!? Looking forward to the conference…swag or no swag! :)

    • Jessica Balsley

      Thanks, Lisa! It will be a close call if you get one. We are right on the line.

      • Joan Marangoni

        Thought you said that you had to pre register? I’m definitely signing up next year. Looking at the topics, it’s everything I need to get the art juices flowing.

  • Rachelle Kaufman

    I just went through my swag and it is very useful. I can’t get enough brushes for the kids:)

  • Maggie

    I used my apple laptop last year for the conference. I tested it this year and noticed you said Mac iOS is not supported. Will it come through anyway?

  • Matthew Martinez

    Two days away and counting down!

  • Tammy Papp

    Hi, looking forward to the conference. I have a mac laptop or my smart phone. Will I be able to use my mac!

  • Keri

    Yeah! Can’t wait!

  • julia

    Hola Jessica, just wondering , becouse I am not a native english woman, I am curious to know about the Swag Box, please can you tell me what it is, and it will be ship to europe as well?Looking forward to have my 1st experience with you guys.lots of besos from spain.

  • lkhannon32

    got my swag box today! Thanks!

  • Robert

    Jessica I just looked at the sign in page for tomorrow and Canada isn’t listed as my location. Does this matter? What should I choose for Toronto? Also talking of swag, how do I know if I qualify?
    Looking forward to the conference ;)

    • Melissa

      Hi Robert – I’m in Toronto too! I was able to sign-in with my name and email alone. Since we’re not in the USA, we are ineligible to receive the swag boxes, however I believe we will receive an e-link to online swag coupons etc. Enjoy the conference and e-meet you soon!

  • Michelle Matthews

    My SWag box hasn’t got here yet! Will I need it for the conference? Where is it? Whaaaaahhhhh

    • Joan Marangoni

      I don’t think a lot of got one- I was told we had to pre register.

      • Michelle Matthews

        I did. I’ve been paid since May!

        • Joan Marangoni

          Bummer- sorry, frustrating!

    • Kristal Petruzzi

      I didn’t receive one either and I’m in the US::: I think alot did not.

  • Elizabeth Rubenstein

    thanks for a great day!