Jun 17, 2014

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Great Giveaway: A Must-Read New Resource for Artists!

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Michelle who said she would open an art boutique and studio!

Yesterday, I hope you read Ian’s review of the fantastic new book The Successful Artist’s Career Guide: Finding Your Way in the Business of Art and the accompanying interview with author Margaret Peot. If you were as excited about the book as we were, today’s your lucky day! Margaret is giving away a copy of her book to one lucky AOE Reader! Read on for contest rules.


To Enter

1. Comment below and tell us: If you had to choose a career besides being an art teacher, what would you choose?

2. NOTE: Be sure to sign in with your email address or social account when you fill out the comment form so we have a way to contact you if you are the lucky winner.

3. This giveaway will be closed Friday, June 20th at Midnight, Central Time. The winner will be chosen by This article will be updated announcing the winner on Sunday, June 22nd.

Good Luck!

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  • Angi


  • Vicky

    If I were not an Art teacher, I think I might like to illustrate children’s books. i also might like to create logos for businesses.

  • Emily Setrum

    Children’s book illustrator

  • Jane

    Fine artist

  • ms.seitZ

    Before I added my teaching certificate I was pretty much a machine in an art studio for an artist. If I wasn’t an art teacher I’d want to be an artist like jean claude with teams of installers of monumentous works.

  • Carolyn

    I would choose to be a writer, illustrator, fashion designer, or own a cafe/gallery.

  • April Ryan

    I would be a museum curator!

  • Teri

    If I wasn’t an art teacher I would be an art maker!

  • Angela

    I would want to be a full time photographer.

  • Amy Janicki

    If I wasn’t an Art Teacher, I would want to be a full time artist, or High end craft gallery owner! I love looking at what jewelers, glass artists…let’s be real.. what ALL artists are doing! Can I be a full time art student? Taking art studio classes all the time? That is what I’ll do when I win the lottery. :O) But seriously, I would choose to be a full time artist.

  • Hannah Hill

    If I wasn’t an art teacher, I would want to be a photographer for a company like Patagonia who supports the environment and simplicity in life. Being able to travel and experience different cultures all while being creative would be a dream!

  • Jen

    If I wasn’t an art teacher, I’d be an interior designer or photographer.

  • Kristen McCarthy

    My answer is apparently way different than most others, but if I wasn’t an art teacher, I would be a pediatric oncologist. That was actually my plan all through middle school, high school and into college, but then I had an epiphany one day while contemplating life by the lake at my college….then switched my major to Art Ed…and never looked back!

  • COS art teacher

    Glassblower or potter perhaps at a place like Silver Dollar City or an art therapist.

  • Adam Laughlin

    it is hard for me to think of being anything other than an art teacher, I love it so much. But if I had to choose, maybe another kind of teacher? (I have my endorsement in several areas just in case!) Or maybe a travel food show host…ha!

  • tscootch

    I came in as an art teacher later in life and love my job, but before that I wanted to be a children’s book writer and illustrator.

  • Gena Bauer Smith

    I would be a professional artist but I definitely love teaching. My email address is Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Pat Williams

    An alternative to me being an art teacher would be a graphic designer.

  • artstudio301

    If I weren’t an art teacher, I would then spend my time making art for myself. If it sold great, if it didn’t, no problem.

  • Rachelle

    I would be an art therapist

  • csteagall

    Hummmm an art teacher has always been my first choice but I have always been interested in being an illustrator for children’s books…

  • Amy Thomas

    I would still teach but it would be private lessons and on MY terms. I would love to be a children’s book illustrator but the truth is I would wither and die if I couldn’t teach. I love it too much!

  • ElizT

    An alternative to teaching elementary art, would be to run a children’s art gallery and art store.

  • Douglas Lloyd

    If I were to do a different career, or choose again, I would probably still be an artist? Or a Farmer-HAHA. Following my interests:)


  • Emily Valencia

    I would be a pastry chef! Or cake decorator! Best of both worlds… Food and creativity!

    • Amanda Heyn

      That’s what I would do too, Emily!

  • jimmic

    I would LOVE to be a Chef! I think the creative part of me needs to breathe and I love cooking!

  • Bridget

    I would open a small cafe’ joined with little bookstore where people could escape the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy a cup of tea and a light snack, read a few chapters of their book and view the original artwork hanging on the walls.

  • Jill Bailey

    Well… I’m an “art educator” right now with a non-profit, which means I get to teach for fun without the politics, and then I do freelance graphic design part time. So I guess you could say that I’m already immersed in my career outside of the school setting!

  • Wandering Nomad

    If I wasn’t an art educator my dream would be to become a gray-haired wandering nomad traveling from country to country and completing crazy adventures on my bucket list! My grown up job would be to work at a University as an Art Education or Art History professor or become a supervising teacher observing student teachers.

  • chris kierath

    If I would choose another career it would be in marketing. My dream is to be an artisan and author living in the mountains.

  • Jacqui Logan

    If I were not an art teacher, I think I would want to work with children in some other capacity. AND of course, I would continue my art interests.

  • John Post

    During the last few weeks before summer break, I fantasize about having a job in a watch-tower overlooking a mountain forest full of pines – (making sure to report any fires that might break out). I would enjoy the quiet solitude of sitting high in the forest, feeling the breeze and sunshine. …and mostly being a million miles away from kids who keep asking questions like “Mr. Poooooooooooooooooost, where do I put my painting?” When they know it goes in the same freakin’ painting rack it has gone on since kindergarten…

    …..errrrrrr, sorry, I still haven’t full shaken off the school year and settled into summer properly yet.

    • E. Fishel

      Thanks for the laugh this morning…

    • Amanda Heyn

      Yes, John! My favorite question is always…”Where are the pencils?” when they are literally sitting on the table 5 inches away…and have been always and forever.

  • Britt Irvin

    Besides the greatest job in the world!!!! Hahaha I would love to work in an art museum with education programming or a community center!

  • Mallory

    Pretty crazy, but I always longed to be a storm chaser!

  • Valerie Shears

    If I were to pick now I’d go to being a studio artist. I’ve been teaching so long and still haven’t been able to find the time for my creativity outside

  • Cindy Selikoff

    I would be a full time painter. Currently I am learning watercolor techniques.

  • Virginia

    If I couldn’t be an art teacher, I would be either a classroom teacher or I would love to work in a craft store where I could make and teach cross-stitching, crocheting, knitting or tatting. Maybe get to travel around and paint water colors of the surrounding land or seascapes.

  • E. Fishel

    I think that being an art therapist sounds interesting…working with people that have a need to express themselves through art. Hmm…

  • Michelle Matthews

    My dream would be to own my own little art boutique and studio that would be open to anyone wanting art space to create and then sell their work. Someday!

  • Vicky Siegel

    A photographer

  • Joan Raney Livesay

    I think my dream job, if not an art teacher, would be a consultant/presenter for classroom teachers wanting to incorporate art (not crafts) into the curriculum in ways that broaden students’ depth of knowledge. Or the flipside – a consultant for museums or businesses who wanted to develop art programming for children.

  • iansands

    I would be a hockey goalie in the NHL! Hey, dream big, right! I know I can’t win the book, but commenting looked like fun!

  • Laura Dickenson

    If I had to choose a career besides being an art teacher I would go into the field of hazardous waste cleanup. If I can’t help inspire kids by teaching art, I would at least try to make their environments healthier for a positive future so those who are lucky enough to be art teachers to do what I wish to do with art. Besides studying art currently at school I’m also studying hazardous waste cleanup and treatment. Trying to inspire and save the world at the same time

  • artteach91

    I love my job. But often, dream of being just a ceramist and doing “my art” full time.… actually ANYTIME I WANT TO!! Own my own private studio to teach art in private or small group lessons. I also, would change my name. As I often get soooo tired of hearing “Mrs. Schuuuuuuuuwer, is this GOOD ENOUGH ” the most dreaded teacher question ever!
    Lol… till that day
    Christy Schuler aka “Mrs. Schuuuuuuuuwer “

  • Lenea

    If I had to choose another career I would probably go into cake decorating and make sculptural cakes. Now I want to go bake a cake.

  • Franklin Spence

    If I wasn’t teaching art, my dream would be to have my own restaurant and entertain the patrons @ night singing with the band.

  • Mary L.

    I would want to work with glass – lampworking and glassblowing!

  • Hannah

    I definitely would be interested in being an interior designer/stager.. or a party planner!

  • K Hyman

    I would have clay under my fingernails all the time. I would be sitting in a studio throwing on the wheel and handbuilding. That would be the life ! Maybe I’ll make it happen when I retire.

  • Mrs.”C”

    Hmmmm…if I were not teaching art( which I always said I was going to do since I was a little kid) I might have a little yarn/fabric store/studio where people could come purchase yarny/fabricky supplies and stitch, have a cup of tea and some simple homemade baked goods and share ideas… :)

  • Susan C

    I’d be an interior designer (which is what I went to school to do the first time around before I went back for my teaching degree). Or an event designer/decorator. Or I’d be a full time grandma, my new favorite!

  • Lonna Tucker

    A potter! I love everything about playing with mud!

  • Linda Z

    I would go full time as a jewelry designer or just hang with nature and the environment which could mesh well with making art- sculpting and painting.

  • claire

    Would love to create with metal and wood.

  • lizzyscribbles

    Travel writer and photographer focusing on traditional and culturally unique arts.

  • Em Mattice

    If I wasn’t teaching art… I’d love to travel the world drawing, painting, creating, photographing, and journaling about what I see and experience.

  • candace pridemore

    Photography would be the field that I would like to make a career out of, if I was not so busy teaching.

  • Dee Hartman

    I would love to teach ancient history! I so enjoy the stories about all the interesting people.

  • Kari Volk

    If I wasn’t an art teacher, I would make a career out of making art, most likely in ceramics or metals.

  • Ms. S

    A full time painter and potter – in fact, one day I plan to! If I had to choose something different, I would still be creating. Perhaps an architect, carpenter, furniture builder, or interior designer. Give me color, power tools, and the satisfaction of transformation and I’m a happy girl!

  • Teresa Mallett

    An illustrator, or photographer…kid’s books or nature related. Or work in an art gallery choosing the exhibits and arranging them. I would be interested in doing most any art related activity as a job or as a volunteer once I retire! (Soon)

  • Chelsea Brendle

    I would like to work in a museum or in a printmaking studio!

  • Heidi Klein-Line

    I love to teach art, especially in the elementary grades! If I were to choose something other then teaching art, it would be to ” play ” with all the materials and lessons that I have been teaching with over the past 23 years, I would indulge my total ADHD personality by painting , drawing with pastels, printmaking, working with clay, and fabric. I have so much to learn still!!

  • Pamela Tycer

    I would love to set up a studio and do mosaic cement sculpture. I know that is an odd one, but I just love to smash up tiles and smear cement. I would make benches and garden sculpture for resale. I just wish cement bags weren’t so heavy!

    • Tobie

      This is beautiful

  • Dawn Kruger

    I would illustrate children’s’ books.

  • Rebecca

    I would like to become a character who would have a show teaching the secrets of successful artwork for students to follow along at home via TV or Utube. Mrs. Chromatic or
    Mrs Rene Saunce

  • 2Dv8

    Astronomer….I started out studying astronomy in college but my Aunt (who raised me) said she would not pay for that, she would only pay for art school! Strange twist right! I love being and art teacher and an artist but I wish I had followed my original dream.
    Lee Darter

  • pac

    I probably would teach in a private studio or do art therapy. I believe in the power of the creative process. I would also only work a 3 day week so I could have time for my creativity :)

  • Photochic

    Preschool teacher so I could play!

  • Jodi Youngman

    I think I’d be a graphic designer.

  • Barbara-Jill

    Open my own artist run studio and gallery.

  • Laura Becker

    If I wasn’t an art teacher, I’d love to make a living off of my own artwork. I make mixed media drawings/paintings. I have also always wanted to write and illustrate children’s books!

  • Sandy Block

    I would like to own a small gallery where I could have paint along classes with either for adults or children. The gallery would sell local artist artwork.

  • Lindsey H

    I would be an archeologist!

  • Sherry

    If I wasn’t an art educator, I would like to work for Crayola or any art supply manufacturing company to try out new art products or name the next new crayon color. it would also be fun demonstrating new products or writing art lessons for companies like Dick Blick!

  • Kim Correro Fandel

    After 22 years of teaching in the regular education classroom, I just started as an art teacher. So, as of this moment, I can’t see myself doing anything else. I love my job and working with kids.

  • Clark Fralick

    If I ever had to do something other than teaching art. I believe I would be a technology integration specialist.

  • Sarah Clare

    I will officially start my career as an art teacher next month. Yay! However, if I couldn’t do this, I’d be an English teacher, which is my major. Literature and art go together like caramel and chocolate, perfect! Either way, I can’t lose. ;)

  • Desiree DiGerolamo

    I truly love teaching Art but if I had to choose another career, it would be writing children’s books. I just finished my first book and am trying to self publish. It is about a true story that happened in my Art room…here is a link in case you are interested

  • Tobie

    after 20 years in the bar business, I love being an art teacher! I would love doing big set designs for big shows.

  • Michelle Matthews

    I won! I didn’t expect a handwritten note from the author! Thank you guys so much. It was more than I dreamed of!