Jun 5, 2014

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The Perfect One-Day Lesson

Oil Pastel Tie-Dye is a simple, one-day lesson that you can whip out at a moment’s notice. It’s perfect for a variety of situations, from the class that gets ahead to a day when you have to be out of the art room. As a bonus, the effect is so mesmerizing that it’s guaranteed to have both elementary and high school students sitting quietly in their seats for the whole class period. You might say it’s the perfect one-day lesson. Interested? Watch the video below to find out how it’s done!



Do you have any no-fail lessons to share? 

How do you use up old supplies in your art room? 


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  • JM

    This looks awesome! My kids love anything like this. The marker plus rubbing alcohol plus water plus spray bottle plus coffee filter “tie dye” is a roaring success in my class room since my kids are crazy for anything tie dye related. Thanks for sharing! :-D

    • http://www.artbke.blogspot.com/ Amanda Heyn

      Oooo- I forgot about the coffee filter tie dye. Thanks for reminding me!

  • Stacie Lewin

    This looks like a lot of fun. Will have to try it with my daughter.

  • Jackie Ryan Masek

    Ooohhhhh! That looks too fun. I want to try that myself.

    • http://www.artbke.blogspot.com/ Amanda Heyn

      Yes, Jackie! I love to sit down and do this one right along with the kids :)

  • http://marybreshike.com Mary Breshike

    Cool! Going to use it this next week, the last week of school for students that are done with their projects.

  • Mrs.C

    When I saw this lesson this morning before my classes started I silently cheered! I had several classes that I needed a quickie project for today and this fit the bill perfectly! I did it with three fourth grades and plan on using it with third also next week! The kids loved it! I let the kids choose their colors but gave a brief color theory. Some of the most stunning pieces were those with black or very contrasting colors! Thank you SO much for sharing this today!!! :) :)

    • http://www.artbke.blogspot.com/ Amanda Heyn

      So glad your kids loved it!

  • Michelle Melendez

    I also saw this lesson at the PERFECT time!!! Thanks for sharing Amanda, my kids loved it!! I had some students that made more than one, they were so into it.

    • http://www.artbke.blogspot.com/ Amanda Heyn

      Awesome! Yes- this lesson always gets, “Can I make another one!?”

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