The Best Art Teachers on “Teachers Pay Teachers”

Teachers Pay Teachers is a website that is pretty self explanatory. Teachers submit resources like PDFs, worksheets and lesson plans, for other teachers to purchase and use in their classrooms. It’s a very successful model that is a win-win for teachers everywhere. One general education teacher was even in the news for making ‘a million dollars’ for selling her resources on “Teachers Pay Teachers.” She has no plans to quit teaching anytime soon. :)

There are plenty of art teacher resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. Have you discovered them?

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Here are a few of our favorite TPT Art Education Stores:

  • Cheryl from Teach Kids Art: Her store contains colorful PDF booklets with unit plans. Very detailed!
  • Art with Mrs. Smith: Here you will find a variety of cross curricular lessons and resources for the art room.
  • Katie Stuart: Her store contains a variety of lesson plan booklets and worksheets for the elementary art classroom.
  • Art is Basic: Marcia has drawing prompts, discussion questions, critique games, and a ton of other general art education resources in her store.
  • Naomi Swyers: Her store has over 300 downloads with a Middle School focus. Lots of nice templates, too!
  • Patty from Deep Space Sparkle: Patty Palmer, who always has such colorful and detailed resources, sells some of her lessons from DSS on her TPT store as well.

Many teachers will post a free download on their TPT site so you can assess the quality of their work before purchasing, which is nice. Where was this when I started teaching?! Talk about a time saver. I want to thank these art teachers for taking the time to create such detailed resources so we can all benefit. As with anything, use your own discretion. There are so many resources on TPT, and some may or may not fit with your own teaching philosophy or the requirements of your school district. There are still a lot of ‘cutesy worksheets’ out there, which I know many school districts today would probably frown upon, especially for core areas.

Your next question may be, “Does AOE sell resources on TPT?” – Short answer: No.

All of the downloads and resources you see in our magazine are free. The bulk of our more detailed resources are put into our online classes, free to participants. For example, teachers in our Student Growth class get a copy of the 30 page booklet “The Art Teacher’s Guide to Student Growth” to help guide their coursework. This format allows us to dive deeper into the hot topics in an educational format, and give teachers graduate credit to do so. There is a little something for everyone out there when it comes to resources, depending on your needs.

I really like the idea of teachers sharing with each other: free, paid or otherwise. We are better together! What are your thoughts?

Have you purchased anything on Teachers Pay Teachers? What did you think?

Where do you get your resources for the classroom? 


Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Thanks for including my little shop! Selling resources I’ve created has helped me to purchase extra art supplies, books and take extra online art workshops that I wouldn’t have purchased otherwise. If any of your readers are opposed to purchasing on TPT (I have heard other opinions) I would encourage them to check out my blog where I have over 600 blog posts with completely free art teaching ideas!

    • Thank you, Marcia, for taking the time to share all of these resources with us. Paid or otherwise, creating quality resources takes a lot of time and energy and art teachers everywhere are thankful!

  • teachkidsart

    Thanks for the shout out, Jessica! I’m with you when you say, “Where was this when I started teaching?!” I love all the great resources available on the internet these days. Between TpT, all the blogs, and of course, Pinterest, there seems to be no end to the inspiration we can find! Thanks for your very unique contribution with AOE, too!!

  • HipWaldorf

    The classroom teachers in my district use TpT because Common Core is overwhelming, especially the first year. Thank you for identifying the good art resources. I had looked at it a few times and there were no art resources at that time, but I will definitely look at the stores you have recommended today. Thanks for the reminder.

  • H Kostal

    I had a post about this a few weeks ago on my blog too. It includes a list of a few more art teachers on TPT.

    • Thanks for sharing more resources on this topic. Great minds think alike. I love the name of your blog “No Corner Suns” – I have just added you to my blog reader. Nice to ‘meet you’!

      • H Kostal

        Thanks so much Jessica!

  • Adam Donkus

    Teachers Pay teachers sounds like an idea I had when I was in the classroom a decade ago..Sounds like it was an idea whose time had not yet come..

  • Marianne Griffith
  • Tara Herring Miyasaki

    It’s difficult being the only art teacher in a school. Teachers Pay Teachers makes me feel like I am part of a community! I love getting FREE things from other art teachers! I also have free Power Points (work is already done) for art teachers.