Mar 11, 2014

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Great Giveaway: Over $200 in Monoprinting Supplies for Your Classroom!

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Vicki, who said she will use the Gelli Plates in her summer school classes. 


It’s time to get excited for one of our best giveaways ever! The wonderful people over at Gelli Arts are giving away 12 of their amazing 6” x 6” printing plates. That’s over $200.00 worth of materials for your classroom!


If you missed Jessica’s interview with the Gelli Art’s founders yesterday, be sure to check it out. And if you’re wondering how you can use the printing plates in your classroom, be sure to visit the Gelli Arts blog for some truly amazing ideas.



To Enter:

1. Comment below and tell us how you would use the Gelli Arts plates in your classroom.

2. NOTE: Be sure to sign in with your email address or social account when you fill out the comment form so we have a way to contact you if you are the lucky winner.

3. This giveaway will be closed Friday, March 14th at Midnight, Central Time. The winner will be chosen by This article will be updated announcing the winner on Sunday, March 16th.

Good luck and happy monoprinting!

Psst – AOE isn’t paid for giveaways- we just do it because we love our readers and want you to win some cool stuff!


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  • Mallory

    I’m about to embark on a new journey in my career as an art educator….motherhood! My husband and I are lucky enough that I will be able to stay at home. When I broke the news to my juniors and seniors, it was a total sobfest (them AND me). Teaching is my life! It is truly where I fit into things. So what I’ve decided to do is take advantage of a super cool 24 hour access art space that opened recently in my town (which is small, so this was big news!) and teach an Open Studio class for teens! I actually just bought my own Gelli plate yesterday (I couldn’t wait for this giveaway), but I would LOVE to have this set in my arsenal as I attempt to create my own little art ed world outside of the high school classroom. My broken-hearted students would make something amazing!

  • Stephanie Serber

    I just saw the video and it looks like fun! I teach in the inner city and my students need materials that are easy to work with. This product looks like something they could accomplish well. I will try to order them but, this year I’ve gotten very little supplies. Still awaiting white paper.

  • Donnalyn Shuster

    I love using my Gelli Plate at home…and wish I could afford it for my upper elementary students as an introduction to printmaking. We were trying to get them on our cooperative bid list for the county, but have not had much success with that.

  • Clara Crosby

    I already do a printmaking station, so this would be an awesome addition!!

  • Megan Forker Wallen

    This would be an amazing way to teach texture, and overlapping and so much more!!

  • Sarah Shu

    My elementary students learn about various ways to make prints — and we try to do most of them over the span of the time they are with me. I’d love to add in this technique!

  • Crystal

    I would use this in my classroom to help teach my students how to add more texture and depth in mixed media pieces.

  • Carl Ankenbrand

    I already use my personal plates with 6th graders but if I could receive some to use in my other buildings that would be sweet. Just hearing the students reactions when you pull the paper off the plate.

  • Hope Knight

    I use printmaking all the time in my K-5 art room – collograph, styrofoam, stamp printing – and monoprinting has probably been the biggest challenge for me because I haven’t found just the right materials for doing it. I would love to have a set of these plates to make our monoprint experience effective and exciting!

  • Kaitlyn

    I love to do printmaking in my class. Having these plates would allow me to explore texture and color intuitively. I would love to have these for my class! I want to try it for myself!

  • Katie Schaefer

    Wow this is amazing! I would use them with my my 4th grade after school club to start.

  • Julie

    What an awesome opportunity to explore printmaking with my students! Gelli plates sound amazing and I would use them with all grade levels K-5!

  • C. Ibarra

    This is the first year I have been brave enough to try printmaking with my students and we love it! We do not have a press so I am constantly looking out for ways to print without one.

  • Rachelle R

    I am so excited about the opportunity to win this prize!! I would use the Gelli plates with all of my students (K-5). I know they would LOVE it! I love the use of layering. Thank you so much for the chance to win. :)

  • cindy s

    This is so cool! It would fit right in with my 7th grade book deconstruction unit! My class has been so excited with mixed media and journaling!

  • Michelle Salmans

    Gelli Art Plates would be a wonderful addition to my elementary classroom. My primary grades could make some wonderful monoprints to use as mixed-media pieces for exploration, or collage pieces to learn about shape and texture. Intermediate grades could also use them for the same purposes but I would really love for them to use them in their sketchbooks.

  • Kristina D.

    We do several forms of printmaking in our Advanced Drawing classes. I have one of these at home and I love using it. Having a set of Gelli Art plates for the classroom would fit right into the printmaking unit.

  • Danielle

    This would be an awesome way to do a quick response-based project, connecting with music. Students could have 5-10 minutes to create a design on the gelli plate, in response to music being played, to see what kinds of colors, lines, and textures, different music provokes.Then, students could print this design, and move right into creating another design based on different music. I’ve been looking for an ideal medium to do that type of project, and this seems perfect!

  • Dan Ng

    I work at an organization that for 3 years has provided art classes to individuals with disabilities. Many of our students are only just starting to open up and express themselves creatively. Printmaking is one of the mediums we have not yet explored. This would be a great way to introduce it to the program and possibly add a new dimension to the art show we are planning at the end of the summer.

  • Amy A. Osterberg Shamp

    Our school district doesn’t have a press and we teach printing in different ways usually involving stamping. This plate is a fantastic way to get the look and feel of printing without all the heavy and expensive press equipment. What a fantastic creation!

  • Lisa

    I LOVE printmaking! I do a little every year with each grade and this would be an amazing way to show them something new! This is also great for students who may not be confident in their abilities to draw or create art. Using stencils and other items to create unique textures and design – can’t go wrong!

  • Jen

    My middle schoolers ( and I ) would be ecstatic to have the opportunity to learn Gelli Printmaking. My new school has limited resources and I think this is something that once we experience and learn how to do, would be something we could continue to do in our curriculum. My middle schoolers love the technical process of printmaking and I think this novel way to print would really capture their interest. Thank you for considering us and an entrant! Sincerely, Jen Welle & 400 7th graders =)

  • Helen Windhorst

    I have no experience with Gelli arts. I am always looking for way to expand my knowledge and experience base to impact my students’ learning, I want to be fresh and current. This promotion would be an avenue to implement the visual arts standards in my elementary art room.

  • Jacqui Logan

    I just watched the video. I am amazed!! I’ve only done printmaking once with my classes and I was disappointed with the results. Gelli looks like fun and I would like to give printmaking another go. The layered look is interesting with all the textures and ways to use the plate. I also like that the clean up seems easy.

  • Jill Bailey

    How could we NOT use it, as what’s not to love? First, I would use the Gel Printing Plates this summer with my non-profit group, ART Attack!. We’re collaborating with our local public library to offer opportunities to make art with a broader age range. This new material will surely inspire people to get creative!

  • Erin Massa

    The video was amazing. I have done relief printmaking with my classes before and the results have always been so-so and the process takes so long. I like how this is quick and simple and none of the students can cut themselves!! I also like how it is reusable. This would make a great addition to the classroom

  • Karen

    I love how easy this project is and they way it looks to layer all the colors. It would not only be a great way to teach printmaking, but you could also use it to talk about color theory. Students could experiment with mixing different colors as well as limit color choice to particular color schemes.

  • Natalie Czerwinski

    These look amazing! I’d be able to use them with my 7th graders when we make our 4-sided Japanese paper lanterns. One side is a koi fish print and this Gelli print would give the students a new way of creating this type of print! I could also use this with my 8th graders, they’re making Basquiat inspired mixed media artworks and including this type of printing would be amazing for them!

  • Debra Hastings
  • sarah

    What fun! I know my 6th graders would love adding this to the altered art history books we create.

  • Adriana Ranta

    Would love to add this to my curriculum, a great addition to my choice based classroom allowing students the freedom to experiment and try new techniques. Could see these Gelli plates being used for making our posters for our district art show in May.

  • Amanda

    This would be a great art experience for my students!

  • Christy

    I would love to try these! I haven’t done printmaking since I first started teaching . . . many moons ago.

  • Christine Bang

    I find many of my students paralyzed when be begin a new art project- especially my older kids. The Gelli plates would be a great warm-up activity to reinforce the notions of there-are-no-wrong-answers and trust-your-gut. The bonus is getting to make something with visual impact fairly quickly.

  • paige hellmann

    I love printmaking and have used many different techniques in my elementary classrooms. Mono-printing is an easy and quick way to teach printmaking but often the results are disappointing. This Gelli plate looks amazing! I would love to try it out when teaching about real and implied texture. I can imagine using it to create patterned papers that could be used for collages or decoupage. There are several artists that could be very successfully taught using these plates also; Rauschenberg and Johns come to mind. The possibilities with layering are endless. How cool would it be to use these plates to teach Japanese symbolism and them make kimonos out of the printed paper? Or use the printed patterns as a background for a self portrait contour drawing? So many ideas!

  • Jodi Youngman

    I love printing on gelatin! I have a great project I use to teach positive and negative space with second graders. I hate the weeks and weeks of using my own time to make gelatin at home and lug six trays of gelatin to my schools-these plate would be amazing! I have been wanting to buy some, but don’t have the funds. This would give me the headstart to afford a class set!

  • Stephanie Holmberg

    I haven’t tried these yet but have been doing monoprinting with third grade using plexiglass and water soluble oil pastels. Would love to try this with my abstract landscape monoprinting unit!

  • Chris Sholl

    What a great addition to teaching printmaking. My 5th graders are ready to step beyond the traditional styro prints.

  • Alyssa Mattheis

    I have been aprehensive to do much in the way of printmaking, the mess, difficulties over creating plates and the students concern over making mistakes has left me avoiding printmaking for most of my classes. After watching the Gelli plate video I am excited to try such a different innovative product. I think that my students would love creating Gelli prints and I am eager to see what kind of art they will produce.

  • Maria Cleary

    This year I have been trying to add printmaking back into my lesson plans. I realized I had been avoiding it because of the mess and resulting clean-up. But these prints seem to be so user friendly I even want to try them with my preschool classes!

  • Stacy

    I have a Gelli Arts Printing Plate myself and my 8 year old daughter begs to use it-its one of her favorite art things to do. I would be great to use in my mixed media classes and art journaling workshops. I think it’s something you can incorporate into so many lessons.

  • Tera Morriss

    I Just introduced basics of printmaking in my intro to at class…I would love to be able to extend it to my other classes to…but due to funding…w all know that one…I had to limit it to one class…thanks for the amazing giveaway…someone is going to get a great surprise!!!

  • Vicki

    Wow! I will be teaching summer classes for kids and I could see this being a great tool for the printmaking portion of the class!

  • Elizabeth Harper

    I would give my fifth graders the chance to make a memorable project to wrap up their elementary school careers!

  • Krysta

    I would love to be able to provide another form of printmaking to my 5th grades! We work with the Styrofoam in 3rd and 4th grade, it would be awesome to give them a new media to work with.

  • E Chaney

    I’ve been eyeing this product for almost a year… loving all of the tutorials and ideas! My middle school students would be able to create a beautiful variety of textured and patterned pages for their hand-made sketchbooks! I currently have one from home I bring in, but the kids go crazy for it! I would love to have the whole studio exploring the new medium and experiment with more printmaking techniques!

  • Katie Morris

    I have purchased a few gelli plates with my own money, but I would love to have more so that I can make monoprinting a more regular part of our studio choices. I want to use leaves for monoprinting next fall. They work great as a mask and then leave an awesome “ghost”! It is a great way to show texture.

  • Anne Eckenroth

    I would love to use gelli plates in my art classroom! I do a lot of printmaking in my home studio and I would love to try something new with my students. I just finished a styrofoam printing project with my fourth graders and they love it–it just gets so expensive with inks and supplies. It would be great to offer them another printmaking project!

  • Rebecca Vander Sys

    I would love to show my elementary students how to print. We have done so little with this technique. Oh and my birthday is Saturday!

  • Geena Teo

    I would love to do more monoprinting with my first graders- and share supplies with other buildings and grade levels. At first, I can think of making architectural drawings or “blue prints” and learning about design and buildings!

  • jimmic

    I LOVE doing mono printing! Most of the time we use Plexiglas and water-soluble pastels – but this looks AMAZING! I want to try this ASAP!! Beginners would feel confident, and the advanced classes would love doing a series!

  • Leslie McReynolds

    I have 5 new Gelli plates that I purchased after falling in love at the NAEA conference in FW, TX. . I recently used them with third grade to teach organic and geometric shapes and patterns. We followed the Gelli plate video about creating texture plates with foam. The kids LOVED them. Loved. They were able to pull at least 5 successful prints, learned a lot about advanced color theory (Ummmm what does happen when you plop red into lime green??) and were highly engaged the entire time. The problem is, that with only 5, I can only do 5 kids per class, with 24 kids per class. So we are looking at 5 class periods just to get through, and I need alternate lessons for kids NOT printing. We love the plates and we love the videos, just need some more to be efficient!

  • lux_arts

    i would love to use these for making painted papers for a book arts unit. also, i think these would be great for doing abstracted self-portraits!

  • Vicky Siegel

    So I spent all of my lunch yesterday reading about this and seeing if I have money left in my budget! Would tie in great with my upcoming Eric Carle unit, or for my 4th grade autograph book covers!

  • Marcia Thompson

    My elemetary teachers taking an art methods class would love to use these…..and might actually be emboldened to try monoprinting in their future classrooms!

  • Mary Gallagher

    My third graders are going to be making themed, hand-stitched alphabet books. This would be a fun project for the covers.

  • Julie Kohl

    I use gelli plates with my HS students. Students create a series of backrgrounds. They then use them to make collages and add zentangle designs and creative lettering to add a poem, song lyric or favorite quote.

  • Keri

    I have always wanted to try gelli plates and I’d love to use these with any age to teach color theory. I’d use them with a reduction print method and have students use one print of yellow, then one print of magenta, then one print of turquoise (and then one print of black for older students). I’ve done this before on plexiglass but I think it would work so much better on gelli plates!

  • Cynthia McKeon

    I saw the video yesterday, and I am trying mono printing today – it is just too challenging with traditional methods in an elementary classroom with such limited time. Gelli plates look amazing, and I know that they would work very well in my classroom with the time that we have! I cannot imagine a more creative, playful way to print, and I want to try them! I feel like one of those kids who makes all the noise because they want to be called on :)

  • Rachel

    I would love to use this with my special ed students! I think it would be so much more user friendly for them.

  • Courtney White Prugh

    I saw these at the NAEA conference in FW, but wasn’t able to afford them for my class. I have tried mono printing using transparencies and markers, but the results are unpredictable and often disappointing. I would love to be able to introduce my students to printmaking in an easier way with reusable materials!

  • Amanda Long Lemke

    I would use them with my middle school students to get them motivated. I would put a 1980’s graphics spin on these and use them to print onto paper and laminate the paper onto canvas for a mixed media look.

  • Valonda Leichty

    I don’t have my own classroom anymore, but what a joy it would be to take these around to a variety of classrooms in my kids’ school and school district and introduce them to a wonderful art form. They would also be a wonderful addition to the women’s retreats that I help with.

  • E. Fishel

    I can see this working really nicely as a collaborative activity…one per table with lots of little hands contributing and then each having a turn printing. The finished pieces could be used alone or as a beautiful collage paper! I would use these with all of my K-5 classes.

  • Sharon

    I am a volunteer art teacher for my son’s class at public school, since I no longer have a position at his previous school. I would give a brief history of print making and do various art projects to inspire the various use of colors, patterns, and layers.

  • Chelsea Carr

    I would use these in my third grade printmaking unit!

  • Clare Butler

    I have attempted printmaking before and enjoy it. However I found with foam etching we dealt with one to many steps and materials. With the Gelli Arts it will give my students the knowledge and hands on experience printmaking. But it would eliminate some steps used with foam etching. I feel mono printing would be a more successful process for me students.

  • Amber Bidinger

    I just went to a workshop introduced to my school district. We got to experiment and create with the Gelli products and they were amazing! It puts a whole mew spin and sensation into printmaking. I love doing printmaking techniques with my elementary classes. However, it may not always be convenient or budget friendly with 800 students…With using recycled foam trays and Styrofoam plates it becomes a long process to prepare for. Having these gelli plates for my room would allow for so many new ways to introduce and expand the possibilites of printing. I would love to show students ways to layer images, create textures for backgrounds with grades K-3. I like the idea of using the gelli plates to make prints on cardboard/ card stock to then make sculptures out of them for 4th and 5th grades. I could use one plate on each table and have the students create works as a group or use each others ghost prints to build off each other. There are so many ideas! They would be a great addition to my classroom!

  • Paula Taylor

    I can’t wait to try this with my middle school art classes. We are going to try Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson’s paper painting, and these would be perfect! I attended one of her workshops, where she taught us to paint our own paper and then use them to create a paper painting.

  • Andy Rohde

    I saw the video the other day and I am really excited. The Gelli art plates are sweet. I would use them with all my grade Lvl.

    I might need to get one for myself as well

    Thanks so much AOE and Gelli Art

  • Christy Humpal

    Going to full-choice studio work for the last quarter of the year – the Gelli plates would make an amazing addition to the printmaking studio!!

  • Abigail Tucker Gravatt

    I love these! Bought a couple to try out with students and they love them too. Would love to have a class set!

  • Marcia Beckett (Art is Basic)

    I have a few already and it would be so nice to have more so that the kids don’t have to wait forever!

  • Sandy Rambow Hahn

    We just wrapped up a series on printmaking in my high school classes. I would love to be able to use this technique with my students. I had thought about suminagashi inks but they are costly and won’t work into our budget this year. I love offering different options and techniques to the students so they can find one that works best for them. I would love to share this specific technique with them now that they know some printmaking experience!

  • Angela Capuzzi

    I teach a printmaking workshop with my 8th graders. Monoprinting is the missing link they need to really get a variety of experiences. The Gelli Art plates look like they would be an amazing addition to my classroom! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Deborah Dowd Ross

    I love to use gelli prints as an I between project. If some students have finished a project and I don’t want to introduce a new lesson yet, I set up a gelli print station in the back of the room. This works out well since I only have a few. My high school students love using them!

  • Gail Scuderi

    I have used real geletin to make some amazing nature prints. Real geletin can only last a short time and needs a cold environment. The Gelli prints is a great alternative to gelatin with equally wonderful results.

  • Victoria Smith

    We currently only do Styrofoam printing due to budget issues and I would love to incorporate monoprints into my classroom since I teach middle school and I want them to experience different techniques.

  • Laura Pepera Wilson

    I have always wanted to do more printing with my K-5 grade levels and would be very excited to use them, so would my over 900+ students!

  • Ms. Candace Jacobs

    This looks like a great way to introduce printmaking into my Elementary Art on a Cart classes. Clean and contained to a desk, but entirely open to a student creative ideas and drive. Printing can be a great way to create cohesive art lessons during holidays or it can easily become a base for incorporating literature as part of common core.

  • Karina Warren

    printmaking is one of my favorite mediums and i would use this with different grades for a variety of open ended projects.

  • Susan Legere

    I would love the chance to try this! I have not been brave enough to try printing with my students yet, and this seems a technique I would love to try!

  • Edward Brucker

    I was actually looking to buy one of these this spring to test it out!
    I did a leaf mono-print project with 5th grade this year, but instead of having a Gelli printing plate I used unflavored gelatin. While it did work, it took hours to stir the stuff, it smelled like low tide, and I had one group of boys ruin a cookie sheet of the gelatin on their first go by using too many muscles.
    We’re currently using the leaf prints for a display in the school board board room. I would LOVE to have the fail safe Gelli print plates so that I could explore it’s use for K-5. I have a pretty minimal budget, so this help would go a long way.

  • Abigail Krone

    We are working on a printmaking unit right now! Gelli plates would make for a amazing addition to our projects! Thank you so much for doing this!

  • K Hyman

    I would love to win the Gellis. I’ve been reading about these for awhile, I am intrigued! These would be terrific for my classroom. Please pick me!!!! : )

  • artteach91

    I have looked at these before and they looked awesome. I would LOVE a classroom set, but need to try them out first!!!! We are doing a printmaking project now (my 1st, but def not my last- I have taught elem Art for 3 yrs- 15 yrs total:) and the kiddos LOVE it!!! My favorite is the OOOOOHHHHH AAAAHHHH it gets. and that is just monoprinting on colored paper. How ridiculously cool would it be if we could add this technique to our unit of study!
    I also do some mixed media canvases as well and these would be perfect to use for some homemade textured paper!!!
    Thanks for doing this AOE and Gelli Arts!

  • Kathleen Taplin Roche

    Oh wow, this looks like a printmaking tool I would love! I love printmaking and try to do it with every grade level I teach. Teaching from a cart and doing printmaking can be a bit of a hassle, but I make the effort because kids really enjoy the process and think the prints they make are very cool. Gelli plates would go over BIG with my students. I would love to try these!!

  • packna
  • Danica Reichert Willis

    I love printmaking. I would love to expose the students to this wonderful process.what a wonderful giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Kelly Eggleston

    I have a printmaking degree and love helping my students experiment with different forms of printing. This would be a great addition to our lesson! I know the kids would LOVE it!

  • Mrs. P

    I teach after school and do art enrichment in the schools. I also help teach future general education teachers–so I’d put these supplies to good use–taking the class on the road and encouraging everyone to try printmaking! Love it! Mrs. P @

  • Katy Bereiter Nez

    I teach K-8 art and have yet to venture in the world of printmaking with my students. I loved printmaking in college and would like to introduce my students to this art form. It would be a helpful addition during my quest :)

  • M Mucci

    I used one of these printing plates at a mixed media workshop last summer and loved it! I know my middle school students would enjoy printmaking with these fun plates for mixed media collages or bookmaking. My budget has been cut drastically for the past 5 years and it would be great to have a new tool to work with!

  • Michele Gorham

    I would love to replace my plexiglass plates with these. From what everyone says they work much better! i would love to wrap up my school year with some printmaking on these!

  • Susan Clonch

    I would love these plates…they would be a great addition to my An Artist Voice( graffiti / printmaking unit).

  • Colette Alexandra

    These Gelli plates look pretty cool. I would use them in centers/small groups to introduce monoprinting (with inexpensive paint instead of ink — great idea!) to younger grades.

  • marica.shannon

    These Gelli plates would be a great addition to our graphic design class.

  • spencefi

    I’ve been wanting to set up a printing center. These would do the trick nicely!

  • ms.seitZ

    This will not only keep students engaged but this c a n be adapted for all ability levels! I love these gellis and they will too!!

  • Amy Holman

    I would love to add these to my printmaking unit!!! We do many different printmaking projects and these would add GREATLY to the unit!!!!!!!

  • S. Ettman

    I would use these to introduce printmaking to 1st-8th grades and make patterned papers for bookmaking and collage!

  • Angela Karamian

    The Gelli plates are such a great way to speak to students about layering and building one’s work. Students are always wanting to finish quickly but this is a great example of how layering and adding more details improves one’s work. I would use these as an example for students later work, “Remember when we made the Gelli prints how every time you created another print the more the more interesting you print became?”
    [email protected]

  • Trixie Stoerger-Flavin

    My Fourth graders tried mono-printing with plastic baggies recently. I was trying for the same effects as the Gelli plates but with cheap materials because of our school’s budget restrictions. My students loved the process, but the results were not even close to the results I have seen on the Gelli demo videos. As excited as my students were, I cannot imagine how psyched they would be to use these high quality materials! The spark they had with the baggies would be magnified greatly if I could get this product into their hands. I would love to print with all of my students, and these plates would be fantastic at every grade level. Thanks for the opportunity. Trixie Flavin
    [email protected]

  • Art Teachers Hate Glitter

    Fact: I shy away from printmaking (especially mono-printing) with my classes because, well, it’s so dang intimidating. I would use these plates to actually teach the printmaking lessons required by my county (shhh…).

  • Melissa N
  • Debra groth

    Love to do more printmaking on alternative surfaces like fabric, etc…

  • Andrea
  • Angela Davidson

    I would love to use this in my PK-12 Art Room! We do many types of print making and would love to add more options.

  • Beth Carter

    I will use mine to make monoprints, painted papers, cards and collages. I have tried the homemade jelly prints, but this looks so much better.

  • Robby Sherry

    To monoprint in my classroom using Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plates would be a fantastic opportunity. I have loved trying to incorporate printmaking in the classroom, and I feel that Gelli Arts has made a fantastic product that will work very well in my K-5 classroom. Ever since taking the Gelli Arts Monoprint demo at the Florida Art Educators Conference in 2013 I have wanted to invest in printing plates for my classroom. Being awarded these would be a great honor.

  • Leslie Reschenberg

    I would LOVE to add Gelli Plates to our art program! I teach TK – 8th grade and have made Gelatin plates to use with my students on several occasions (try feathers, doilies and lace), but the plates just don’t last very long. I have been known to stretch them out over a week or so, melting them down and re-pouring them every day, but in the end, they become grey and sticky and just take up space in the staff refrigerator (“no, those are not edible”) It would be wonderful to have such versatile plates on hand to use when inspiration arises and avoid the nasty looks from my fellow staff regarding refrigerator use :o)

  • Chris Hobson

    Hi! I would use the Gelli plates with all of my students grades K through 8 but especially with my 8th graders who really LOVE monoprinting! ( I do too! ) We have tried to make Gelli plates but there really is nothing like the real thing ! Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Sharon Wnetrzak

    I love printmaking!!! Printmaking was my major for both my BFA and MA degrees.
    I have the great privilege of teaching art K-8 at our parochial school.
    Every grade, every year experiences the fine art of printmaking. IT WOULD BE SO EXCITING TO INTRODUCE THE STUDENTS TO GELLI ARTS MONOPRINTING!!!!!!! THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU!!!!!.

  • Jen

    I would use this with my first graders and their monoprinting projects!!

  • Lonna Tucker

    These would be fabulous in a printing center! I have never done printmaking because it seemed so daunting. These would make the process so simple, but with an extra dimension of creativity!

  • Jen

    Wow! I would definitely use these with all the grade levels I teach. Fantastic!

  • katgirldu

    Printmaking is my favorite unit! I’d love to upgrade my mono printing to gelli prints!

  • Val Lewis

    I wasn’t able to purchasethe gelli pads in Australia so I had to make my own from gelatine and water. It is rather a lengthy process skimming off the froth etc, so getting my hands on some ready made products would be great. This is a fascinating printing process as you don’t need expensive paints and each print is unique. I had my year 4 students use junk materials such as the end of cotton reels that they press into the paint . This results in concentric circle patterns. Dropping cotton thread, string or ribbon gives intertwining lines. However, the most exciting print is the ghost print taken after removing all the things placed on the pad. They leave the image behind in the paint resulting in two prints from the one set of objects. Printing over the top of dry images with a different colour and textures looks great as well. We used symmetry to cut stencils (folding and cutting) as they were too young for stencil knives and then printed onto the textured background. The students loved experimenting with these materials and created some amazing artwork. So get printing, it may be messy but it is so much fun. Val Lewis

  • Julie Flynn

    I have no experience with monoprinting and this resource would be a great way to introduce it to my students! We love trying new things!

  • Donald Dean Kennedy

    Print making with Geli pass the peanut butter and bread it is going to be my new favorite! I would uses these to the moon and back.

  • taylor newman

    Printmaking media is extremely exciting to all of my students. I would use these plates with Kindergarten all the way through 5th graders! So many possibilities that can inspire and excite students, not to mention instill an understanding and love for printmaking media.

  • Lauren

    I’m looking at introducing some TAB methods into my art classrooms and this would be a perfect center during that time. I’m in a very rural county, so my students have not experienced many art techniques and mediums. I’ve been using brayers and tabletops to do some printmaking (by ruling out ink on the table and having them design on the ink, then pulling a print from that) and my kids are amazed at their outcomes. Having Gelli plates would bring so much more amazement to the art classroom and I know it would be an experience my students might never have again.

  • Zach Morrison

    Well this would be really cool to try. I don’t have experience with monoprinting, and this would be an excellent way to diversify my curriculum.

  • Margaret Roddey O’Neal

    We got a taste of gelli printing plates at a workshop. There are endless possibilities with these plates and the students could get really creative with them. I’m in!

  • Derica Belair
  • Lynn Williams

    We hold a Printmaking and Collage mini course for Middle Years students each year, during which we expose them to a number of different printmaking methods. We have included monoprints, but using Gelli Art Plates would give students the chance to work with a base that has give, opening the door for greater creativity and problem solving opportunities! Thanks for continuing to raise our awareness of this and other new products! [email protected]

  • Jamie Pettit

    I would use the Gelli art plates as an introduction to mono printing with my K – 5 students..They would LOVE using these!

  • Lisa R.

    To advocate for visual arts in our schools, every summer we hold a printmaking exhibit in the lobby of our school district administration building. I would LOVE to showcase gelliarts monoprints in this exhibit!

  • Mindy

    I would love to use Gelli Arts print to help my student feel unique and creative! I love how ever print is differnt and so will my students!

  • Douglas Lloyd

    If I received this wonderful give a way, I would use them with my elementary students…. and middle school too. We could take a short nature walk and find some textured or flat things that we could put into the paint or to cover up paint areas to make various prints.

  • M Huntsberger

    I would use the GelliPlates to print with my k-5 students in my shared artroom.
    Limited space and the transition onto and back off the cart has greatly limited my printmaking possibilities, and I could graetly use these in a ‘centers’ approach to printmaking skills!

  • Jane Langenfeld

    I could use GelliPlates in art camps this summer! Maybe they could be incorporated into my high school Intro to Art curriculum or used in Art Club.

  • Bob

    A student gave me on of these as a Christmas gift. I didn’t really know all the cool things that can be done on them. I can’t wait to test this out in my class once I open the printmaking center.

  • emily morton

    I’d love to use these with my middle school class! I could see them working collaboratively. I love printmaking and this seems like a great addition!

  • Elizabeth Humphrey

    I’d love to use this in my photography class. I would have student make a design print for background layer and lay a self-portrait silhouette on the top layer. I love to give it a try.

  • Pat Schlup

    This would be a great way to experiment with symmetrical balance, asymmetrical non-objective designs, symbols, and landscapes!

  • pac

    I would use it in my crafts class, we have the use of sewing machines,so I would have them study positive and negative space and create a design to later turn into a pillow or some other usable object. or maybe design t-shirts. Using fabric paint of course.

  • Jill Yanik

    My third graders create these beautiful 3D coral reef collages. This year students created textured papers for the ocean and sky, and then ripped layers to create sand. Working with actual and decorative textures, students create at least 5 different kind of texture in both relief and 2D. I would love for the students to create prints using gelli art plates to create textured papers for their coral sea plants next year!

  • Rachel Miller

    I got the opportunity to test out this product at the Arkansas art educators’ conference this fall. They are soooooo awesome! I would love to use the Gellie arts plate with all of my k-6 art classes. Printmaking is a challenge because of doing art on a cart or in the cafeteria. These plates would make doing printmaking with my classes so much more doable!

  • Erica Johns

    I would love to use this in teaching homeschooled and community students!

  • Verity Madsen

    Wow what a great resource!! I love to find new and creative ways to do printing. It is easy to use and clean up. A real bonus for me as I have six classes back to back!! This will make life in the art room a breeze to set up each time. Is is available in Australia??

  • Bee Lee

    The gelli prints would be great with all grade levels. I can see myself using them for kindergarten and first grade texture lessons. On a nice spring day, we can go collect items out in nature to press and draw on the gelli plates. With older grade levels a nice screen printed look can result from gelli prints. We could discuss Andy Warhol and do layered prints of pop art.

  • Geri Lloyd

    I would use the gelli plates to print papers that students could use to create their books in Mixed Media class. We currently make paste papers and this would add another creative layer to their paper decorating! I have tried printing on knox gelatin and it breaks down so quickly it’s hard to do a class of 20. These gelli plates would be a dream come true!

  • Kim Temple

    I took a workshop at TAEA in DAllas this past Fall. WOW! These materials are amazing and something which can also teach the elements and principals of art, which seem to be the most difficult for students to conceptualize = balance/symmetry, texture, repetition, proportion, etc. = learning really can be fun and engaging and even your mistakes are spectacular using these plates! I would love to include these materials in our Art program, teaching art in a Title 1 school in Richardson Texas (Northlake Elem/700+ k-6 students in Art) [email protected]. Sharing one plate per four person table team = cooperative learning, which is always my preferred mode! Thank you!

  • Dani Tuttle
  • Valerie Shears

    I have had these plates on my wish list for two years. They look easy enough for my K-5’s yet they can result in finesse and sophistication by theHigh schoolers. What great paper backgrounds one could make. before I would drag out marbling supplies and the room and set up was not at all spontaneous.


    I would love to Make postcards to send to other schools or sell for fundraising. Discuss printmaking techniques…honestly the possibilities are endless!

  • Emily Plummer

    These would be great for combining a printmaking lesson with nonobjective art lesson.

  • Courtney Pla

    We are starting a printmaking program at my school next year. These would be a great addition to the classroom! Thank you for the opportunity :)

  • Susan Pelletier

    I would love to use the Gelli plate with my students in our upcoming printmaking lesson. We like to print colorful pages and then cut them up and use them in our collage work. I teach K-8 so our budget for art supplies is small. Thanks for the great tips for printing on a small budget.

  • Angela

    I do linoleum and styrofoam printmaking every year! This would be great for students who have difficulty with these to make their experience more positive. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • funkhouserb

    Generous Gel Giveaway
    Eco-friendly reusable plates
    Layering- such cool effects
    Lesson plans included online
    Innovative mono printing technique

  • Shannon Salinas

    Being that I never done any printmaking in my class as a first year art teacher, this would be a wonderful beginning to printmaking in my classroom! It looks so easy and fun, my students would LOVE it!!

  • Jessica Fong

    I just finished a mono printing unit with my students and these would have been a fun twist on my usual plans.

  • Kelly Koble

    I’ve made some gelatin prints using homemade Knox jello. The Gelli Arts plates would be more durable and long lasting in the classroom. I imagine taking classes for a walk in the public park next to our school to gather natural materials and then create positive and negative prints from these materials using the gelli plates. This is sure to be a hit with students and a unique way to teach printmaking!

  • Rachel

    I have a few students who have been making prints with soft-kut. They love this process, but you can only use those print block twice at the most. I think that the Gelli Arts plates would give them another outlet to use their creativity and continue printing.

  • laursink

    Would love to add this to the lino and styrofoam printing we do in the Middle School.

  • Kathy S

    I would love to add this to our printmaking curriculum. It would be a big hit with the students. I can see using these not only for student projects, but also for making unique stationary to be sold at school fundraisers. In addition, our middle school students have a service project each year where they go to local nursing homes and sing Christmas carols for the residents. Gelli prints could be made into special Christmas cards to be given to residents that they visit. The possibilities are endless!

  • Dan McLaughlin

    I hesitate to do printmaking with my classes because I am currently teaching art on a cart. Setting up all those supplies in someone else’s room, getting 24 kids to print, and cleaning up in 50 minutes seems like an impossible task! Plus, I have a rather small budget that is mostly taken up by the essentials (paper, markers, paint, etc…). Gelli Printing plates would make it so much easier to set up and clean. Plus, designs would be so much more unique!

  • Christy Matthews

    I have been using styrofoam plates to teach printmaking for the last 5 years. This past year at the KyAEA convention I was introduced to Gelli printing and fell in love! I have a very small budget ($100 for over 300 students). I would use gelli prints in journalmaking, as additives to various projects I already do to create texture and different values. I think my students would enjoy gelli printing because they always like to do new things and use new materials. I think Gelli prints will help them explore more and be mroe creative!

  • Kristin

    Love this opportunity! I teach K-5. I was a printmaking major and am always thinking about how to bring more printing into the curriculum. This is a nice, safe way to teach monoprinting. I think I would make 2-3 stations with different printmaking techniques and have students travel. Or I could see having the plates be a collaborative process, where each student has a turn to add a layer to the plate and then at the end we print!

  • pininterest

    I would love to do collaborative printmaking with my elementary students. We would explore textures as well as shapes and colors to explore the principles of design in a new and exciting medium

  • Dee

    Gel printing is thee new project that I want to try next year. I am so excited to try it.

  • Jennifer McClean

    On Monday I start teaching our second term of printmaking option class at my Jr high school; due to last term’s success, enrolment has almost doubled! I need more Gelli plates!!!

  • Kim Correro Fandel

    I have not tried printing in my classroom and I personally have not done a lot of printing. Gel printing is something I would definitely be excited to learn to use and begin incorporating printing into my classroom. It would definitely be an engaging way to teach texture and color.

  • MelodyJ

    I would use it to make art journal pages.

  • Julie Floyd Fryer

    I would love to use these in my art classes. I would definitely use them during my unit on bookmaking!!! I would also like to set up a work station so students could use the Gelli plates throughout the year incorporating their prints into different projects!

  • Laura

    I have done some printmaking in my classroom, using styrofoam and tempera paint, but because of my classroom budget I haven’t done much more than that. One of the problems using styrofoam is that it is so hard to clean, but in watching the demo from the company website, I see how fast it cleans off with a wet paper towel. If I were to use this product with my class, I would want to create a book with the students–depending on the grade level, perhaps they can each be assigned a letter of the alphabet to illustrate. Another idea would be using printmaking as the medium for a regularly planned project with my 6th grade, where we first learn about color theory and then look at non objective art and abstract expressionism, and make a layered tissue paper collage.

  • Kari Sue Carson-Martin

    As the Art Director for the Boys and Girls Clubs of St. Helena and Calistoga I would be able to introduce hundreds of boys and girls to printmaking without a press. This product looks amazing and I would love to try it and possible invest in more if I won!

  • Barbara-Jill Winter-Vitale

    Gel printing looks like something I can use with my students. I would love to give them a try.

  • JeannieM

    These Gelli Arts plates look like such an amazing way to introduce printmaking to my elementary art students! They look like the perfect way for each student to have a successful and positive experience.

  • Jenny Fuller

    I took over an elementary art position after several years of art in high school. I have limited supplies and teach from a cart. I have not been able to do printmaking. I cannot buy extra supplies on my own, as my position is part-time after being unemployed for several months after my previous program was shutdown and I was laid off. For several years I have been vacillating between full and part-time after a previous layoff. I am managing to keep a roof over my head and food on the table on my less than fifty percent position pay, but there is literally no money for me to use towards my classroom. My students are living at a similar or lower level. Printmaking is something they have not been exposed to. I have thought about making my own gelatin plates, but am worried about how long they will last. It takes six weeks for me to get through a rotation at each grade level. I would love to be able to teach printmaking, but have been unable to figure out a way to manage on the cart with my time constraints. I would love to use the Gelli plates to to do monoprints, collograph style prints, layering, and visual texture, as well as the the basics, possibilities, and history of printmaking. I would love to do a unit across all grade levels with varied projects at each grade level so that all students at my school had a solid art experience with the printmaking medium.