This Cool New Website Makes Connecting to the Common Core A Snap

Have you heard about Newsela? It’s a fantastic online resource that makes it simple to find engaging, non-fiction articles to use in your classroom. The coolest part about Newsela is that there are five versions of each article at varying levels of reading difficulty. This means that you can have your entire class of students reading the same information at a level that is appropriate for each individual student. With Newsela, differentiation could literally not be easier.  In addition, the wide array of subject matter makes plugging in to the common core simple.




Newsela takes it’s articles straight from the daily news, so topics are always fresh and interesting. Admittedly, when I got the email about Newsela from the technology personnel in my district,  I thought, “Oh, that must be really cool for classroom teachers.” Luckily, I clicked the link and discovered that there’s an entire category devoted to the arts. It’s amazing.

With articles like, “A touch of red boosts global art pieces” about the Chinese art market and “Huge art pieces, done on an iPad, draw gasps at museum exhibit” about technology’s place in traditional settings, there’s sure to be something to connect to your curriculum and excite your students. In addition, some articles feature quizzes and writing prompts to further engage young readers.


Currently, you can browse 5 articles freely. After that, you are able to sign up for a free Beta version for your classroom, giving you unlimited access. I think this would be an incredible resource for any upper elementary or secondary classroom. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Tell us, do you use current events in your classroom?

Could you see this site being a valuable resource?

Amanda Heyn

Amanda is the Senior Editor at AOE. She has a background in teaching elementary art and enjoys working to bring the best ideas from the world of art ed to the magazine each day. 


  • artswim

    It looks great! It would be good for studying art and for Close Reading!

  • Kathy Hughes

    I really want to use this site in the classroom. I like the fact that students can highlight the text, I just wish this were possible on iPads as we don’t have class computers.

  • K Hyman

    How do we receive the password to access the site?