Feb 28, 2014

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Fingerprint Portraits: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: High School Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Line, Color

Art Skills: Self-expression, Digital Art

Making Connections: Social Studies, Science

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Click to Download Free Lesson Plan

Click to Download Free Lesson Plan

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programming is hot in education right now. Be a part of your district’s STEM initiatives by adding Art and making STEAM! This lesson plan is a great way to connect science, technology and art in a way that really asks students to dig deep and think critically about a number of issues. For more resources, checkout this information-filled PDF fromĀ http://www.crime-scene-investigator.net.

This great Art Ed lesson plan is 100% FREE to download! Use it in your classroom and share with your colleagues. For more free lessons like this one, visit our Lessons Page and download them all!


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  • http://tinyrottenpeanuts.com/ Jeanette Nyberg

    What a cool project- it’s impossible to not be fascinated by fingerprints, and then to turn them into self-portraits is such an intriguing process!

    • http://www.theartofed.com/ Sarah

      Agreed! Thanks for the comments!