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As you probably know, Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) are becoming very popular in education. PLC’s function differently from district to district, but most districts have PLC’s that meet both within specific schools and also district wide. You may be a part of a PLC within your own building, or perhaps you are part of a PLC made up of members from many different buildings. Currently, I’m part of a PLC made up of six middle school visual art teachers.

Naturally, PLC’s that are made up of teachers within one building have it a bit easier than those of us that meet district-wide. With each member having a different schedule, it can be difficult to facilitate communication, especially when you may only meet in person a few times each year! You could go with good old email to share ideas and set up meetings, but I’ve found a much more effective way.

Wiggio became our answer to some of the communication and collaboration problems we faced coming from all different places.


Simply put, Wiggio was created to make working in groups easier. It allows group members to communicate in one location without having to keep track of numerous e-mails, voicemails and text messages. The cool thing about Wiggio is that it allows you to communicate in multiple ways.


Take a look and see all of the features below.



Wiggio has allowed my PLC members to ask questions, start conversations, share materials, and collaborate all in one location. If you aren’t a member of a PLC, I think Wiggio would be an awesome way to connect with other art teachers through the world wide web!

Are you a part of a PLC? Who are your other community members? 

How do you communicate? Do you think Wiggio would be helpful?




Cassidy Reinken

This article was written by former AOE writer and life-long learner, Cassidy Reinken.


  • Alecia Eggers

    I think this would be great even within buildings! I’m part of a “specials” PLC team in my building, and having the ability to continue or add to our ongoing conversations would be really advantageous, especially when considering different schedules. Time is a hot commodity and this would allow each member to devote time when they have it in addition to our normally set collaborative time. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Claire S

    Not sure, but I thought something similar was available through Google Drive to which my district is moving us all over. How is Wiggio different and what are the advantages?