Feb 3, 2014

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I’m an Art Teacher – and Proud of it!

If you had to define our role as art educators in a few short words or images, how would you do it? There are so many misconceptions about teaching art, and also so many wonderful things we are proud to share.

Here is our humble attempt to summarize a few of the different ways the world views art teachers!



Share with us…

What makes ‘what you do’ in the art room special?

Any funny misconceptions that others have about you? 

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  • Lisa

    Several years ago I was having lunch in the high school teacher’s lounge and we were all talking about getting our semester exams ready. A math teacher looked at me and asked “What could you possibly put on a semester exam?” I was flabbergasted at first and then replied,”Much the same as you, vocab, comprehension, problem solving plus some art history”. I knew outsiders didn’t think art was a real class but I was surprised that my colleagues didn’t think real teaching and learning were going on.

  • Jenny

    My principal recently commented to me and a second grade class the what I do is “the fun stuff”. I’m hoping that’s not all she sees and have put extra effort into making connections to CC and visual literacy just for her!!!! But yes I do get to do the fun stuff!!!! That’s why I luv my job!!!