Nominations Now Open – 2013 Art Ed Blog of the Year


It’s that time of year again time to open up nominations for AOE’s 3rd Annual “Art Ed Blog of the Year” contest — the blogosphere’s only contest for exclusively honoring Art Education blogs. Wondering what this is all about?  – see the winners from 2011 and 2012.

We’re looking for your nomination for the Top Art Ed Blogs of the Year for 2013.  The winners will be promoted with a permanent space on AOE,  get kudos in our Weekly Newsletter, and will receive a special Award Badge to place on their website.


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Please nominate of your favorite art education blog(s). Do so by posting your favorites in the ‘comments’ section below.

  • Be sure to include a link to the blog you’re nominating.
  • Be sure to include WHY you like the blog, what sets it apart.
  • You are welcome to nominate your own blog.
  • You are welcome to nominate more than one blog.
  • This website, The Art of Education, is not eligible for nominations. Sorry!
  • We are looking for nominations in ALL areas. High School, Middle School, Elementary, Classroom Blogs, Teacher Resource Blogs, Comedy or Topic Specific Blogs like Assessment or Art History – Let’s see them all!
  • Try to nominate new and upcoming blogs, too! We want to highlight art teachers doing great things and expose their work to a larger audience.
  • Make your nomination by Friday, January 31st at Midnight CST.


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Committee Consolidation – After all nominations are made, the AOE Committee will vote on and produce the finalists who will then qualify to be included in the vote for ‘Art Blog of the Year.’ Finalists will be selected based on the quality of their content, the frequency of their posts, reader involvement (comments, pins, etc) look and feel of their blog, etc..

Voting – Shortly after nominations close, the finalists will be posted here in a ballot format so that you, the readers, can vote on your favorite blog. Voting takes place between February 3 – 7th. Be sure to come back and vote!  Nominated blogs are welcome to share the ballot link with their own readership so there are as many voters represented as possible!

Results – The top ten blogs will be selected by, of course, YOUR votes! The results will be announced on February 9. You will be notified if your blog is a winner. We’ll announce the winners and the top ten blogs, as well as the finalists, will all receive a unique Award Badge which they can proudly post in the side column or other prominent location on their blog!

Lets honor some of the amazing Art Ed Blogs out there for helping advance this profession to new heights.


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We need your nominations to get started! Let the world know which blogs you are best!  Go ahead and enter your nomination(s) right now in the comments section below and be sure to let your art ed colleagues know about this contest through social media, email, and more!

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Jennifer is a favorite of mine!
    I like it because it supports the integration of the arts into the total school curriculum and with the advent of the common core that is one of the ways that Arts Educators will be able to lead.

  • Nadja Czarnota
    My go to page when I need inspiration or class projects.

  • Katherine Svoboda

    My favorite art ed blog is the Helpful Art Teacher. It is extremely thorough and helpful indeed.
    I also want you to know that this comment section was not showing up on my Google Chrome. I had to go to Firefox. Others may have a similar problem. I teach middle school and the Helpful Art Teacher is wonderful for that level. I could spend days just looking over her blog…I highly recommend it!

    • Rachel Wintemberg

      Katherine, thank you.

    • Rachel Wintemberg

      Katherine, thank you for nominating my blog,
      I am deeply honored. I had no idea these awards existed and am excited to check out the other nominations too. What a great collection of resources. What makes my blog special? I do an awful lot of research on each lesson including visiting historic sites, taking my own photographs and creating my own step by step tutorials and worksheets. Then I share absolutely everything. You never wonder ‘wow! How’d she get the kids to produce that?’ because I show you exactly how. I include every link and every worksheet in the hopes of making your journey a little easier. I have been teaching art for 25 years and during much of that time it felt like I was reinventing the wheel. Hopefully my blog will smooth the journey for those who follow. My original intended audience was my students but The Helpful Art Teacher has become so much more.

  • Keira Talbert

    I appreciate this blog because the art lessons and projects are very open ended and are very little “craft” which is easy to do art ed. The blog also has some great worksheets which are hard to come by in art ed I feel like.

  • Angela

    I nominate the Art of Ed. I have received endless anounts of support and information from this blog. The span of subjects covered is immeasurable, and the quality of the entries is high. I am an art teacher with experience of 23 years.

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  • Jill
    It’s a great website that provides step by step images of project ideas. I find many projects appeal to the 6-12 level I currently teach.

    I also agree with Angela below…I love the Art of Ed too. Very helpful to art teachers at any level.

  • Jan Woolworth

    My favorite art blog is Cassie has such a unique way of introducing art to her students. She also includes personal stories which makes her blog extremely unique. I have learned many new techniques and ideas from her blog.

  • Heidi O’Hanley

    I nominate “Art on My Hands” because I found the elementary lessons very inspiring and fun! The author is also very helpful:

    I would also like to mention my blog, Tales From the Traveling Art Teacher! The blog is open for all art educators who have a room, share a room, travel between schools, or teach from a cart. I offer lesson ideas and adaptations for elementary K-6 art.

  • Nic Hahn

    I would like to nominate ‘Art at Becker Middle School’. Tracy Hare is a middle school teacher who has often been an inspiration to me. She is a well organized, very creative, and extremely researched art teacher. I’m pinning her ideas all the time and I’m in awe with the variety that come out of her classroom.

  • Sue Thomas

    I would like to nominate Deep Space Sparkle as my favorite art blog/site.
    In the words of Patti the creator of this site she states:
    “I’m an art teacher to 400 elementary kids in Goleta, California. This is where you will find a library of art lessons, handy PDF lesson plans and resources to make teaching art to kids a whole lot easier.”
    In my opinion she is so much more than that description. Thanks to the sharing of her creative genius she has provided a wealth of information and support to make it possible for all teachers to plan and execute wonderful creative art experiences for the students. In this time when the arts are not properly appreciated by “educational decision makers” Deep Space Sparkle gives us the tools to help children create.

  • Nic Hahn

    I would also like to nominate ‘Arte a scuola’ for the Art Ed blog of the year. This sweet little blog out of Italy is one of my favorites. There is a new fresh layout on the web design and the ideas off from this blog will blow you away. The images are amazing as well!

  • Jen Carlisle

    I have recently found that is maintained by Tom Bogatz. I love his writings and he just started a 14 in 2014 feature that focus on other teachers. He also does a lot with twitter.

    • Jen Carlisle

      Tim Bogatz… Not Tom

  • K Hyman

    Okay, can’t help myself, have to nominate one more

    Laura Kim @ Her blog is Art in the Big Green Room. I love her Kindergarten lessons

    • Laura Kim

      Thank you so much!!

  • K Hyman

    My other post has disappeared so I will list them again

    Heidi @ Thorough lesson plans

    Aimee Fresia @ http://onehappyartteacher.blogspot super Kindergarten lessons

    Beth Carter @ I connect to alot of her ideas and lessons

    Mrs. C @ Lots of fun humor and quips

    And a special thanks to Heidi! I was so happy to see you had nominated my blog Art on my Hands

    • Heidi O’Hanley

      Thank you for the nomination as well!

    • Beth Carter

      Thank you so much for the nomination for It has been a great first year blogging!

    • Mrs.C

      Thanks for the nomination! I’m glad you enjoy visiting my blog
      http;// !

    • Leslie McReynolds

      I second Rainbow Skies and Dragonflies!
      Mrs. C is a creative, soothing spirit in our art ed world. Her posts are articulate, realistic and down to earth.

  • K Hyman

    Okay, I’m not going away. Didn’t realize we could nominate someone that was recognized in previous years. Definitely
    Ted has been a go to for me for several years. He’s great about answering personal emails and sharing his expertise. When he started to follow my blog, I saw my hits escalate! Thanks Mr. E….you’re my blogging hero!!!

    • Ted Edinger

      :) THANK YOU!!

  • Erica Stinziani artprojectgirl

    I’m going to nominate the same blogs I do EVERY year. The reason these are my favorite blogs are because they have become my friends. I had no idea when I started blogging how friendships would develop with other “bloggers.” It just sounds so strange! We now connect through other social media and I see that these artist/teacher/moms walk the walk. I was even roommates with one of these ladies for a National Art Conference. Isn’t growing connections what it is all about?

    The friendships that they grow through blogging is the reason I nominate

    Phyl: There’s A Dragon in My Art Room

    Nic: MiniMatisse

    THE OG;) and keeping it OG love that they are still on blogspot:)

    Every day these ladies are bringing art into their lives and the lives of others. They LOVE art education. Check them out:)

  • Erica Stinziani artprojectgirl

    Can I nominate one more? Cassie Stephens:)

    She is the Mary Poppins of the art educators, she has a bag full of endless inspirations, and her sunny disposition makes “every day a holiday” with CASSIE!

  • Annemarie Baldauf
  • Cindy

    The Helpful Art Teacher is a very dedicated and has been available to her followers. She is on my Facebook and I look forward to the vast array of information of all kinds that she shares. Her blog is full of useful lessons that are superbly done and easy to draw upon for presenting subject matter. It is an amazing blog that is like a mini-college for art teachers!

    • Rachel Wintemberg

      Cindy, thank you for nominating my blog,
      I am deeply honored. I had no idea these awards existed and am excited to check out the other nominations too. What a great collection of resources. What makes my blog special? I do an awful lot of research on each lesson including visiting historic sites, taking my own photographs and creating my own step by step tutorials and worksheets. Then I share absolutely everything. You never wonder ‘wow! How’d she get the kids to produce that?’ because I show you exactly how. I include every link and every worksheet in the hopes of making your journey a little easier. I have been teaching art for 25 years and during much of that time it felt like I was reinventing the wheel. Hopefully my blog will smooth the journey for those who follow. My original intended audience was my students but The Helpful Art Teacher has become so much more.

  • Rina_k6art

    I’d like to nominate Don Masse’s Shine Brite Zamorano blog. The blog is unique – Don teaches his elementary students art projects inspired by ‘real world’ contemporary artists. He often corresponds with the artists after the projects.

  • JDP

    I would like to nominate Lee Darter–
    very talented–very unique–very dedicated…such as asset to the teaching profession!!!!

  • Mary M.

    I would like to nominate and vote for Lee Darter is one of the most fantastic, creative, and dedicated art teachers I have ever known. I was her principal at a low economic school, but Lee did not let her budget stop her. Lee always had tons of wonderful ideas using items that every art teacher could easily have access to. With tight budgets, all teachers should take advantage of Lee’s ideas. Lee Darter knows how to excite students and fellow teachers with her fantastic projects, easily understandable directions, and at a reasonable (or zero) cost. Her ideas constantly amaze me!

    • Lee Darter

      Thank you so much Dr. McMillan for your direction and your belief in me all these years!

  • Marcia Beckett (Art is Basic)

    I’m not sure if my post went through but what I said is that it is really hard to nominate just a couple blogs because so many bloggers share valuable insights. Many of these were already listed and here are a few more that really speak to me:

    • Rina_k6art

      Thanks Marcia!

  • Robyn

    I’d like to nominate The art Ms. London is creating with her young students is amazing! I pass some of the ideas along to my daughter’s art teacher. I can’t get enough of the cute tepees!

  • Stephanie Harkness Moxley

    If you have ever had one of THOSE days, then this is the blog for you. No how to’s or cute kids here. Just the ‘oh my gosh you won’t believe what happened today!!!’ type of dark humor. Definitely a great spot for a laugh to brighten your day, and a little insight into the minds of the bravest most giving people in the world. A teacher.

  • Carrie W.

    I would like to nominate by Lee Darter. She is creative and passionate. Her dedication to her students can’t be beat. She is an inspiration to all. LOVE her blog!

  • Miriam Paternoster

    I would like to nominate and vote for , because Nic Hahn has been my inspiration to start and improve my own web site. Her blog is full of new ideas, suggestions and creativity. She deserve a place in the most interesting and amazing Art blogs!

  • Miriam Paternoster

    Another amazing Art Blog for me is . I found that every student with this teacher is expressing himself in the best way. The ideas, the pictures and the compositions of this blog are perfect!

  • Miriam Paternoster

    I would like to nominate and vote for , because Nic Hahn has been my inspiration to start and improve my own web site. Her blog is full of new ideas, suggestions and creativity. She deserve a place in the most interesting and amazing Art blogs!

  • Sandy

    I would like to nominate and vote for Lee Darter Lee is an extremely creative and dedicated art teacher who loves teaching art. I am always amazed at the items she uses to create projects. I wish I would have had her as my art teacher!

  • Elaine

    I would also like to nominate (I see someone did so in a earlier post). I taught elementary art for eight years and often referred to Patty Palmer’s website for great lesson ideas. Now her site has a visually stunning new look and even e-courses! If you teach K-6 art and are looking for resources, this is a long time favorite of mine. I now teach middle school art and still look to her site to see what she’s up to for 6th grade and think of ways that I can adapt lessons for 7th and 8th grade. Good luck to Deep Space Sparkle!

  • Jan Allen
  • Sara Allen

    I would like to nominate my own art blog. I am still pretty new to this blog thing, but if you look at it I don’t think you will find another art blog that looks quite like this. Although not all my lessons have art history components you will see it is what I am most passionate about teaching, especially at the elementary level.

    The goal of my blog was to keep parents informed about the subject matter I teach, to build conversation starters between parents and children on famous artists, and to help new teachers with ideas for their classroom. Please check out my blog and consider it for top ten blogs of the year. Thank you.

  • Christy

    I would like to nominate . She makes me laugh on a regular basis, gives great ideas for lessons, room organization/management, and outfit inspirations. Someone called her the Mary Poppins of Art Education blogs. I agree!!

    I would also like to nominate . She always seems to pop up in my inbox when I need to find the humor in this career I have landed in.

  • K-4 Art

    K-6 Art is my nomination. It is well written and covers many topics.

    • Rina_k6art


  • Barbara Levine

    I would like to nominate and vote for my new blog… Mrs. Levine’s Art Room. An important goal has always been to have better communication with our families. This blog gives everyone a chance to peek into our art room, see how we do our projects, and learn about the art history lessons that inspire us to be more creative. I have had so much fun showing off student artwork and posting about ART with this blog! Thank you AOE!!!

  • Carol Mohan

    I nominate and vote for She is extremely helpful for all ages, from elementary school through adult, even professional artists!

  • Ellen

    I would like to nominate Lee Darter Lee is a very dedicated and talented teacher. She has inspired me to take a proactive steps to help support art within our schools. Through Lee, I have been able to link up to very informative web links as they relate to art and its importance. As a parent of a student who loves to draw and paint, art and art education is very important, its enriching and rewarding.

    Ellen Menning

    • 2Dv8

      You are a wonderful parent Ellen! Thanks for you support.

  • Sarah K

    I would like to nominate Mrs. Impey at because I really enjoy her connections to the Common Core, appreciate the resources she puts out there, including assessment, and give her big kudos for teaching k-12 AND finding the time to post about it.

    I’d also like to nominate and for constantly providing inspiration and allowing us to see what goes on in art rooms internationally.

  • Neill Kimrey

    Please consider my good friend Michelle’s awesome TinyArtRoom blog, Michelle does a great job of showcasing the activities and art she does with elementary students, many of them under- privileged or with significant learning disabilities. Michelle pours her heart into her students’ artwork, and has such a great rapport with them.

    • MaryMargaret

      I second this nomination. She is an art rock star!

  • Teresa Crump

    I am very proud of my good friend, Michelle Osborne. She is an enthusiastic art teacher who works really hard to encourage art and expression in her classroom. I love reading her blog–she’s a great writer and is quite entertaining–and hearing about all of the exciting ideas and lessons she cultivates for her classes. She has even entertained me a few evenings with some of her great ideas (and abundant patience). Check her out at

  • Shalanah Dawson

    I’m glad you’re opening nominations to newbies :) . I created a free art lesson sharing blog in 2013 called Artfueled. I’ve been working my way through posting all my high school and middle school art curriculum from graphic design, digital photography, intro to art, applied art, and ceramics along with posting help tips and art resources.

    You can check it out at and I am always looking for ways to improve the site! :)

  • Rina_k6art

    I’d like to nominate Art is Basic In addition to Marcia’s great lesson plans, she maintains the art teacher blog directories ( plus special directories for pre-school, elementary, middle and high school art teachers.

    • Marcia Beckett (Art is Basic)

      Thanks Rina! You made my day :)

  • Zach Stoller

    I’d like to nominate Thomas Elementary Art It is actually my own blog. I think it offers a lot of features that are unique among the blog community. It is all about teaching elementary art from a guy’s perspective. I like to think that my lessons are original and interesting. I try really hard to always post a link to my lesson plans. I haven’t seen this anywhere else. My lessons have content that is engaging and often related to academic topics as well as art. As a profession that is constantly trying to prove how important we are, I think my lessons promote the overall growth of students as people and artists. Lastly, I think my blog is fun to look at. I work really hard to create my own headers (see below) every year. Thanks for your consideration!

  • Brian Stiles

    I want to nominate Tim Bogatz’s East Art Room blog. His writing and reflections are smart, he is really funny (see the Hotties of Art History), and his students’ work is consistently excellent.

    • Andrea Slu

      I second this vote! Tim has a great variation of tons of topics and inspiration for lessons on his blog – woohoo!

  • Rachel Wintemberg

    Dear moderators, Cindy had some lovely things to say about my blog and was even kind enough to go back and edit her comments. But since she edited her post no one can see it. It’s all the way at the bottom, along with my response, ‘awaiting moderation’. Being that nominations close in two days, is it possible to free Cindy’s very thoughtful nomination from limbo? I would truly appreciate it. -sincerely The Helpful Art Teacher

  • Mary T. Kanak

    blog: I would like to nominate this blog because it’s fresh and new. The owner is excited about art education, where it is now and where it is going. It’s a continuing story of her journey towards being an Art Teacher which is her passion.

  • Erin

    My friend, Breanne Kanak, is a student studying art education at Northern Michigan University. She has more inventive and engaging lesson plans than anyone I know (my dad’s an English teacher, so I’m familiar with good lesson plans). She is one of the hardest working students in her cohort, and her blog is a showcase of her creative teaching style.

  • Breanne Kanak

    I tried to post a comment yesterday but it didn’t seem to go through… apologies for the repeat post.

    I would like to nominate my own blog I am a soon-to-be-graduated (yay!) Art Education student with big ideas and even bigger ambitions. My blog has several different stories and entries (journaling as arts and crafts director at a camp, lesson planning, teaching k-12, brainstorming) but the main goal is being an open-minded and progressive art educator for k-12. I create flexible but formative assignments and I strive to reach each student as an individual learner. I hope to gain more readers and feedback from other teachers – my other avenue by which I accomplish this is Twitter, which I have begun to tie into blogging. Retweets and favorites on Twitter are being developed into lesson ideas and put into action – so Twitter isn’t just a ‘fun’ outlet it’s also a working tool.

    Thank you Art of Education for this opportunity to showcase the hard work we all do and supporting the strides we take in our ongoing passion to teach and to learn.

  • Ronda Sternhagen

    I would like to nominate

    This blog is very extensive, down to earth, relavent and covers a wide variety of grade levels. The author previously taught at the middle school level and currently teaches at the elementary level. There are topics such as assessment, advocacy, and of course lesson plans, and much, much more to inspire you!


      Hey, thanks Ronda! :)

  • Jan Schneider

    I would like to nominate Ms. Breanne Kanak at Breanne has a unique approach to art education and has so much enthusiasm and unique ideas in art education. She has had a lot of experience in her art field and always shines in everything she pursues. Read her blog and be impressed. I am.

  • J. Morris

    I want to nominate Lee Darter. Her blog is She is not only a art teacher, she is a great artist.

  • Annette Fake

    I’d like to nominate Lee Darter’s art blog
    She is awesome!

  • Nancy Baack

    I would like to nominate my art blog. After teaching for 20+ years, I decided it would be fun to share all of the stuff I’ve learned along the way. I am still new at the whole blogging thing, but I get great satisfaction out of the feedback I get when an idea I had helped someone. I teach 4th-12th at a small rural school so I get inspired by all of my different age groups and am happy to bring that to the blogosphere.

  • Lisa Geene

    I would like to nominate and vote for the art teacher at my school Mrs. Barbara Levine. It is “Mrs. Levine’s Art Room” She uses this to regularly communicate with families about current art projects. She is a fabulous art teacher!!!!

    0 0 You must sign in to down-vote this post.

  • Tim

    I would like to give my nomination for Colleen Rose’s Northern Art Teacher blog– I don’t necessarily need project ideas (though she has those). I’m more interested in big picture, why we do what we do type of stuff, and Colleen writes about that better than anyone else out there. Absolutely my favorite read.

    • Colleen Rose

      Tim, I just saw this for the 1st time today — thank you so much! So kind.

  • Barbara Fisher

    I want to nominate Barbara Levine’s blog

    Mrs. Levine’s dedication is to foster the love of art by using creating this blog. The parents, teachers, and students of her school only benefit from logging in to see all the exciting art that happens in her classroom. What more could an educator do than to connect professionals, students, teachers and the whole community by using a blog!

    • Barbara Levine

      Thank you!

  • darin

    I would like to nominate Dorothy Amme and her Blog, Mrs. Amme’s blog promotes the visual arts, student success and an culture of learning. She maintains online student galleries which celebrates the dedication her students put into their work. The blog also acts as a forum for her students to learn about scholarship opportunities, “happenings” in art both current and historically and new and exciting project ideas that students can comment on.

  • Carrie Brown

    I would like to nominate Don Masse’s blog, Shine Brite Zamorano. Don uses
    contemporary artists to make lessons more meaningful for students. He is understandable, funny, and helpful to those who reach out for assistance. With the move to common core he is showing how art lessons can incorporate the new standards. He is also posting lessons that show how to integrate math and ELA standards into visual arts lessons.He keeps his school community in tune with what is going on in the art room as well as what is happening artwise around san diego county. In short, he’s great and so is his blog!

  • Megan Dimmerling

    Thomas Elementary (1st-5th grade) art blog is the BEST!! First off, Zach Stoller is an amazingly creative art teacher and the kids absolutely love him! His blog is great for students, parents and fellow art teachers. He showcases student artwork, describes his inspiration for the lessons, talks about what the kids enjoyed while making the project, and provides a lesson plan for each piece. It’s well organized and a fun place to go to be inspired! Take a look :)

  • Ilana Hessing

    The Helpful Art Teacher- helpful, innovative!

    • Rachel Wintemberg

      Thank you so much!

  • Leo

    My favorite art ed blog is Mrs. Levine’s Art Room. It is filled with so much great information about her projects and wonderful ideas to get her students creating. I wish I could be a student in Mrs. Levine’s class!

  • Madeline Quintana

    I would like to nominate the art blog, The Helpful Art Teacher blog. It connects many disciplines to Art very impressively. A lot of work and effort is always put into its different themes. It is awesome!

    • Rachel Wintemberg

      Thank you for your kind words

  • gregoryivan

    beyond any shadow of a doubt,

    • Rachel Wintemberg

      Thank you so much!

  • Janet Ruth Neumann Weidner

    I would like to nominate The Helpful Art Teacher. Her blog is an easy go-to for myself & my Grand-Daughter–a High School student that appreciates all art & is limited by what is available in our area. Tons of info & Great Art on her blog-

  • Phyl

    I’m going to agree with the many nominations already here for the amazing, but I’m also going to do something I swore I would never do and nominate my own blog, There’s a Dragon in my Art Room at because, even though I’m now retired, I still am very much ‘in the game’ and I feel like I sometimes offer something a little different with my perspective.

  • Cre8ivity101 Tim has a great blog for upper level grade art teachers. It’s trench teaching, meaning it’s the real everyday how this works stuff.

  • Carolyn Willis-Snead

    You really need to take a look at Don Masse’s blog Shine Brite Zamorano at! I have worked with Don for years and he always does the most amazing art projects with the kids. He understands what the students are capable of and in what direction to take the class. He shares the work of living artists with students and builds art lessons around their works. I love the fact that he shows the students you can grow up and be an artist, just like all of the artists he introduces them to. While I enjoy art projects based on Van Gogh, Picasso and the masters I believe the lessons Don creates holds greater meaning to his students.
    Don teaches art to students grades K-5 and then puts many if his lessons on the blog to share with the world. So generous! He has even been aligning the lessons with Common Core Standards. The great thing about working with Don is he teaches all of your lucky students art, the bummer is that you can’t steal his fantastic easy to follow lesson plans off of his blog.

  • Andy Rohde

    This is Mr. R. Over at my messy art room. Putting in my nominations.

    Ok. I think all of the art bloggers are wonderful. So it is hard to pick one or two. So just because mr. E is mr E. I will vote for him over at

    And Philly. Who is still putting her 2 cents in even if she is retired.
    So Philly over at At there is a dragon in my art room. And who doesn’t like dragons. I know I do.

    • Phyl

      Thanks, Mr. R! I can always count on you to think of me, and I’m quite flattered!

  • Michelle W.

    I would like to nominate Leslie McReynolds blog, http://donaldartroom.blogspot/ . We are currently a 1 to X campus in which every child first thru fifth has their own personal IPAD. Her blog truly illustrates the amazing teaching that occurs in many of our wonderful public school classrooms who are teaching 21st century skills. Teachers from all around the country tune into Leslie’s Blog because of her phenomenal instruction .
    Please look at her Blog and you will be amazed at how articulate she is in expressing her passion for education, transformation and what the future holds for our children.

  • SD Art Teacher

    I would like to nominate Art of the Apex for Art blog of the year. This is a great site for high school teachers. Thanks to them this year I have taken my own art classes in a new direction, one where the students direct their learning. This site has been my inspiration.

    I don’t want to nominate my own site because I know that it needs work but I would love if more people would check it out and see what we are up to in South Dakota.

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  • Amanda Mandell

    I also nominate Lee Darter She comes up with the most creative, cute projects for her students and is very passionate in her artwork both in and out of the classroom.

  • Barbara Levine

    I am so excited about the ability to show videos on my blog, Mrs. Levine’s Art Room. Today’s post is my first grade classes drawing hidden objects. What a great lesson this was and a terrific thing to share with the families. Not every lesson ends with a well finished or framed work of art. My blog allows me to share the process as well. http;//

  • Sharon Steckel

    I would like to nominate Miss French Fry Makes Art

    Her blog is fun and lighthearted and has beautiful pictures with resources. The information she shares about artists is exactly what I would say to a class of students Seeing her students examples helps me understand the direction I can take my lessons. Her ideas on organization, opportunities for special education students, and being eco friendly are fantastic.
    She even includes stories from home from canning to using the Crock-pot. It makes me feel like if she can put these things together and still have time to write a blog, then it’s worth my time to give them a try!

    Sharon Steckel

  • Aira Fornwall

    I would like to nominate Organized Chaos at Ms. Novak continues to post thought provoking concepts that leave me with not only new ideas, but new thinking. I am inspired by each blog that I read. I feel very fortunate to work in the same building with Ms. Novak. She has a true passion that shines through to each and every student she teaches.

  • Joanne Frimmel

    Natalie – I tried. However, I was unable to copy and paste in your site to the comment and after i wrote the comment in (to nominate your blog) it would not do anything…it did not work. So, if you can use this and insert it for me, here it is:

    I am nominating the blog, “Smart Art – Imagination Rules the World” by Elementary Art Teacher Natalie Waggenspack. (go see it)!

    The art work by her students, the processes the student’s demonstrate, the endless wonderful and creative lessons featured are amazing. The presentation is professional, colorful, and extremely well organized. The message that “Schools should not be boot camps for learning how to make a living, they should be places for learning how to make a life” and how valuable a quality art education is, and so much fun, clearly demonstrates this important point throughout Natalie’s blog. Any elementary art teacher, new to the profession or seasoned professional, parents, and core teachers who are looking to make connections to art, will find Natalie’s blog full of ideas, inspiration, and so much more! – Joanne Frimel, 2010 Humanities Texas Teacher of the Year for integrating Art Across the Curriculum, Spring Branch ISD, Houston, Texas.

  • Cassie Stephens

    I LOVE Phyl’s blog over here:
    I enjoy reading her blog because of the expertise she provides. I also love her thoughts on children and creating: They NEED to get their hands messy! Her thoughts on more mess and less technology may not be popular with everyone but it really resonates with me and makes me feel good about my own art teaching philosophy. I’ve been empowered by her words and lessons!

    I also LOVE Erica has such unique ideas…I love all the idea of play that she brings to her classroom. She’s introduced me to so many ideas that make me want to break out of my usual teaching routine…and I’ve tried several ideas of her with great success.

    So MANY amazing blogs out there that it’s hard to nominate. These are simply a few awesome ones that come to mind.

    • Erica

      Wow Cassie! I’m so honored that you used some of my ideas with success! That’s always my motivation – to do things that work for kids ( without enormous prep work from me!) speaking of which… Last week I wrapped up a Oaxacan sculpture and met the kids in the hall with the special package. I got the idea from your Egypt unit and I works like a charm. It made the mood of the ass so focused and less boring ( usually I just take attendence). They love the mystery! Thank you

      • Erica

        Wow! I meant mood of the “class” lol

  • Veronique Stefanica

    My favorite blog is The instructions are easy to follow, the ideas for project are great and Phyl has a good sense of humor. C’est un bonheur de lire son blog.

  • Melanie I have no artistic abilities, but I love reading this blog! Heidi’s attention to details goes above and beyond. Her passion for teaching art comes out all over the place, as does her great desire to mentor those who are new to the process.

  • Denise

    Mine is , by Heidi O’Hanley. Art is her life. She was born an artist. She loves, breathes, and believes art impacts every person’s well being in life making them whole. You have to believe in that if you are going to travel to different schools on a cart to make sure every child experiences all.

  • Cindy

    I am nominating The Helpful Art Teacher. I posted and edited a nomination for this blog, but for some reason it did not repost.
    The Helpful Art Teacher covers a great deal of material, with excellent tutorials and print material. Her teaching expertise on just about anything you might want to know about, is amazing, and she happily shares this information on her blog, as well as Facebook.
    The Helpful Art Teacher is a great resource, and the most complete that I have seen. I get the feeling that this teacher LOVES her job!

    • Rachel Wintemberg

      Thank you so much! I want you to know that I did see your edited post and have no idea why it was then marked ‘inactive’. Computer glitch I guess! In any case it was very thoughtful of you to take the time and trouble to re-post your nomination. Hopefully this time it won’t mysteriously disappear.

  • kgidhig

    I nominate Lee is such a positive voice in art education. I love reading about her classroom teaching experiences and her elementary-age students. She finds such creative ways to showcase their work and help them get public recognition Their finished products are so amazing and a testament to Lee’s motivational force. I also enjoy following Lee’s personal journey as an artist.

    • Lee Darter

      thank you Kathy!

  • Leigh Pedigo Siegfried

    I nominate Because MR.E ROCKS! He is great with students, parnets, and other art teachers everywhere!

  • Billie Federman

    I nominate…. Natalie is an incredible art teacher, mother, daughter and friend. She ALWAYS has fun, creative art projects for her class!!!

  • Barry Federman

    I nominate Natalie Waggenspack and her blog :‎
    It is very innovative and offers art teachers a variety of clever projects.

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