Jan 25, 2014

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It’s Conference Day!

Today is the day: The AOE 2014 Winter Online Conference!  We can’t wait to share over 20 presentations, 35 Handouts, 15 plus swag/giveaways, and a LOT of new ideas with over 1300 art teachers from around the globe today!


If you are registered for the conference and haven’t yet received your conference access information, first check your junk or spam folder, or if you have google, check your “Promotions” tab. We’ve been sending you stuff – sometimes it sneaks away!

If you are still having trouble, please email [email protected] and we will get you all hooked up for the big day!

Check back here for conference recaps, and be sure to follow the conference on social media and Twitter using the hashtag #aoeconference.


Jessica and the AOE Team

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  • Jenna

    Where do I go to rewatch parts of the conference? get the handouts” and print my certificate?
    I enjoyed it all!

  • sarah

    how do we find out who won the iPad?

  • Sam Copthorne

    This was a wonderful opportunity! Unfortunately one that didn’t come without frustrations. I am hoping that you can give some insight as to what happened yesterday with the technical problems, so that we can feel confident signing up for future events and referring others to join us. I received a follow up email, but there were no details as to what happened. Before the conference, I ran all tests, and during the conference, I refrained from using the chat window except to ask the presenter a question, and refreshed the screen many times. The delays and not being able to see a complete presentation and you in-between sessions still remained a problem. I look forward to accessing the complete presentations over the next six months, but am disappointed that I did not have the opportunity to enjoy the conference live as was the intention. I am sure that many of us would like to find out what happened and/or what we can do on our ends to help make this a minimally frustrating enjoyable experience for all. I thank you in advance for your reply.

    • http://www.theartofed.com/ Jessica Balsley

      Sam, thank you so much for this thoughtful and articulate question. As you can probably imagine, WE have been particularly interested in finding the answer to this question, as well.

      Yesterday’s conference was a tremendous success, but what I can tell you at this point is that while most attendees had a very positive streaming experience, others experienced very legitimate lagging, pausing, bandwidth issues, etc.

      During the entire planning, prep, creation, and execution process leading up to this conference, we knew there was one element that we couldn’t do ourselves – the software component. The software necessary to compress video and stream it live to ~1,000 art teachers around the globe.

      For one reason or another, the presentation company experienced some temporary issues causing some attendees to have a less than optimal streaming experience.

      We designed the conference itself to satisfy the needs of several different attendees. A live component for more interaction, a non-live version for a higher-quality and a more-flexible viewing environment. In fact, roughly just less than half of our attendees planned to use the non-live viewing option, as it allows them to absorb the conference on their own terms, at their own time, at a higher quality, etc.

      This feature has an additional benefit of ensuring everyone could attend successfully regardless of their connection quality, issues with broadcast signal, etc. The intention was that in the unlikely event live-streaming became an problem, the conference experience could still be largely maintained.

      I’m rambling a bit here, but the short version is this… We’re incredibly proud of the conference we put on; we feel the content is unmatched in value and relevance to the art ed audience, including all the presentations, handouts, swag box, digital swag, PD hour certificate, etc. The amount of positive feedback we’ve received from the event in just the past 24 hours has been absolutely overwhelming! The concerns over technical issues however, are something we are aware of and taking every step to improve in the future.

      As a company that prides itself in delivering the best possible experience to art teachers, we have high standards to live up to, and we aim to meet or exceed those standards.

      Our promise to future attendees is this… we will continue to make every effort imaginable to ensure you have a quality experience with our online conferences. To the extent to which we can handle things ourselves to ensure this quality, we will. To the extent we can’t, we’ll find the best possible companies to work with and continue taking the extra steps necessary to ensure there is a quality backup plan and that you get the most possible value out of the conference as possible.

      Thank you again for this question, Sam. I’m so glad you thought the conference was a wonderful opportunity and that you’ll be enjoying all of the presentations at your leisure on the password-protected site! We will continue to move forward, and improve our offerings! Art Teachers deserve quality relevant professional development, and we’re going to to our absolute best to give it to them!

      Jessica and Derek Balsley
      Founders, The Art of Education

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