The Mounting Putty Your Walls Are BEGGING For!

Meet your new best friend in the art room!

Scotch Mounting Putty

Recently I was asked how I was able to keep my posters up in my room in the Poster Predicament article. I have to absolutely RAVE about the Scotch Mounting Putty by 3M. I bought it on a whim, at Office Depot, my first year of teaching in order to start setting up my art room. Except for extreme weather changes affecting two to three of my posters every once in a while, my posters, signs, and canvases (12″x12″s above my cupboards) have been up for over a year and a half and aren’t going anywhere! This is absolutely the best putty: it can mount, hang, hold, affix, and attach most anything in your home, office, or classroom up to one pound, but I bet it could even hold a little more! It leaves no marks on walls and doesn’t ruin the items attached. So say goodbye to blue sticky tack, nails, tacks, staples, and tape because this work horse can attach things to cold brick walls (what I have), weird plastic walls, regular drywall, cement, glass, metal, laminated posters, paper, canvases, cardboard, you name it. All it needs is a little kneading and warming up and a good solid press!

Putty art room example collage


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 Tell us, what do you use to attach things to your walls?

Is it working or are you in the market for something new?

Alecia Eggers Kaczmarek

Alecia is an elementary art teacher in central Iowa who is passionate about teaching and reaching her students with an innovative and meaningful arts education.


  • jeffreywp

    This is exciting to hear. I had tried mounting putting before, but not this brand. It didn’t work on my walls: painted cinderblock or drywall. I am sharing a room part-time now at my elementary school and I need to get some visuals up on my walls. I’m going to do an online search for this and give it a try. Hopefully, I can find it at AC Moore which is right around the corner (and I can use a coupon!).

    One question, though. You indicate this can be used on paper. Does it leave a stain? The last putty I used was oil-based and stained anything that wasn’t laminated.

    • Alecia Eggers

      It seems to be okay with construction or thicker paper! But I would do a test with the paper you plan to hang before just in case! Better to be safe! :)

  • Michele Gorham

    Never been a fan of putty, it always left grease stains behind. I use Scotch brand masking tape, packaging tape and Gorilla Tape when needed. However, this putty may be a less damaging route! thanks!

  • Shawsha

    I use blue painter’s tape, it seems to retain it’s stick and doesn’t leave behind sticky residue. Plus it will (usually) come off of paper if you’re putting up an un-laminated poster. When I was student teaching, my cooperating teacher gave me some Mavalus Tape in a goody bag, and I have rationed it out for 5 years! It is meant to stick to any surface and I have never seen it give out when holding up posters (affixed to painted brick or drywall). I haven’t tried it on heavier objects like canvas, though.

  • mthompson

    I use duct tape squares on an outside wall(cold!) and then hot glue posters, etc. to the duct tape. it doesn’t damage the paint at all.

    • Alecia Eggers

      Very inventive!


    I love this brand….yet our latest renovation required the use of putty and sadly, this exact same putty couldn’t take the “heat”! It not only fell only a few weeks to a few months later, but in some cases, took the paint with it. Now, thankfully – we can’t blame 3M or the putty because in the past, when I had used it – you’re right, it lasted FOREVER. The new paint used is Laytex like paint and they didn’t even clean or prime the walls before throwing it on so it is peeling off in all the expected places! I’ve found that 3M strips are making up for the difference – I love absolutely everything 3M! Unfortunately, they are more expensive so I tend to cut them into smaller pieces for lightweight posters and displays! And I’d still tell people to use this putty before trying anything else!!! It worked like a charm at the last two schools I was at!

    • Alecia Eggers

      Yikes! Thanks for letting us know about the latex!

  • Vicky Siegel

    Good to know! I use Scotch 3M 2-inch wide masking tape. Expensive? Yes? But I never have to rehang pictures/posters in my room or in the hallway!

  • Richelle Bower

    Nothing has worked in my room, even the putty that was mentioned! Until I found vehicle velcro! It has sticky sides so that I can stick it to my walls and the posters. Sad part is that I don’t think it will come off!

    • Alecia Eggers

      Oh no! I’m sorry you didn’t have any luck with it! What sort of walls do you have?

  • Kathy Dribbon

    I use wax sticky clips. They work pretty well.

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  • Debra McDowell

    I use gorilla tape. It seems to work the best. Yes, it does take the paint off the walls when you take down the posters.

  • Kate

    3M Grey Foam Wall Mounting Tape… It even sticks to brick!
    3M Grey foam Tabs work well too however, buy a fresh box full each year as the tabs lose integrity & strength of adhesive quality if not used within a year or so. Once onto the walls, WhAMO!!! They stick when rubbed down well and peel off cleanly too!

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  • Roy

    This junk does NOT hold anything. Don’t waste your dollars. Opt for push pins or tacks.

  • Picasso-pat

    I myself love using sticky tack ( BUT ONLY THE GRAY stuff) the blue sticky tack stains walls… and most of the time you can’t find the gray colored sticky tack…. Wish it was easy peasy to actually make the good stuff but… IT’S NOT