Winter Conference Schedule Released


The AOE Online Conference is less than two weeks away! Today, we’re releasing the official conference schedule so you can review all of the great presentations and begin to plan your day!

All of the times below are based on Central Time (CST, GMT-6). The Conference begins on Saturday, January 25th, at 10:00am CST (11:00EST, 9:00MST, 8:00PST) and ends around 3:00pm CST (4:00EST, 2:00MST, 1:00PST)

Unlike most conferences, you don’t have to choose which presentation to attend. Each presentation is roughly 10 minutes long, and you get to see them ALL! The conference will go in chronological order, and there will be announcements, introductions, raffles and digital SWAG announced in between each presentation. If you miss a few, they will ALL be available on the day of the conference in a password protected community so you can instantly see anything you missed, download the handouts, and review your favorites for up to 6 months.

Official Winter 2014

AOE Online Conference Schedule:

 Hour 1 – 10:00 am

Welcome and Announcements | Jessica Balsley 

Don’t Just Make Art: Play Art! Erica Stinziani

No Panic PLC’s: Sarah Dougherty 

Using Cultures to Create a Thematic Curriculum | Cassie Stephens

A Better Art Show | Amanda Heyn


Hour 2 – 11:00 am

10 Powerful Strategies for Art Room Organization| Alecia Eggers

Intentional Teaching | Lisa Phillips

Houses of Hope Cheryl Trowbridge 

Bulletin Boards that Get Noticed | Mr. E

Unlocking the Common Core Through Art | Jessica Balsley


10 Min. Break


Hour 3 – 12:00 pm

Blick Hands on Demonstration: String Painting | Julie Davis 

Teach Your Students to Paint on the iPad | Pam Dalton

10 Creative Art Room Hacks | Mrs. ATHG (Art Teachers Hate Glitter)

Portfolios for Student Created Goals and Tracking Growth Hope Knight

Simple Stop Motion for the Art Room | Theresa Gillespie


Hour 4 – 1:00 pm

Project Flop: Good Lessons from a Bad Art Teacher | Ian Sands

Writing a Winning Growth Goal Anne Weerda 

Modern Art Teacher’s Survival Guide | Jessica Balsley

Thinking Globally in the Art Room | Trina Harlow

5 Easy Ways to Empower Your Students Nic Hahn


5 Min. Break


Hour 5 – 2:00 pm

Kickstart Your Curriculum with Music Greg Percy 

Successful Weaving Projects for All Ages Amanda Novak

Creating Authentic Studio Experiences | Andrew McCormick 

Engage and Assess Using Socrative  Theresa McGee

Special ‘Thank You’ and Closing | Jessica Balsley


If you still have some questions or want to learn more, check out this list of “10 Reasons Every Art Teacher Should Attend the AOE Online Conference!” or learn more on the conference page right here.

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • kjadud

    I am really looking forward to the conference. Excited to see the AMAZING Greg Percy as a presenter. He performed at our school a few years ago and everyone loved him! Received my SWAG today. What fun! Thank you.

    • Jessica Balsley

      Great to hear! Greg came to my school, too. He is great!

      • Sandy Washington

        how do you know if you received a SWAG?

        • Jessica Balsley

          Most participants who registered before the 12th of January received swag. They went very quickly. You can email for specifics! We have a digital swag package for everyone on Saturday so no worries either way!

    • Greg Percy

      You are too kind-Thanks! Got my box o goodies….computer system checks out fine…ready to rock n roll!!

  • Debra

    I got my SWAG box today! Love it! Can’t wait for the conference.

    • Jessica Balsley

      YES! We are so excited, too!

  • christine garmong

    I got my SWAG box this past week, and I cannot wait until Saturday. I have been working for 19 years at two catholic shools, and never attended any type of conference for ART. I am flying high for Jan. 25. Only six more days. :)

    • Jessica Balsley

      That is awesome, Christine! So glad you will be joining us!

  • Elaine Simons

    This is awesome a friend just sent me the link to this and I am considering attending the conference on the 25th if I can get help- pending to hear back from the person who may help with the cost. (sigh about learning so late and not getting a SWAG Box!)

    • Jessica Balsley

      We hope you can come, Elaine! There will be a digital swag package as well, so you will still get some coupons and freebies. Also, next time we will try to get even more swag boxes…if you can register early!

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  • Becky Feast

    I am so excited, I got my SWAG box, boy I feel pampered. Is there an instruction list to help me get my computer all set for Saturday?

    • Jessica Balsley

      Becky – Yes, you should have received an email this week. We will send the information for the system test and login credentials again tomorrow. If you don’t see it, please email and we will make sure your email adddress is correct and send you everything you need.

      • Becky

        Thank you for making this so easy! I found my email in my spam inbox. I am all ready to go for tomorrow, very eager to learn as much as possible!

  • Brandy Carlson

    Jessica, I registered by the deadline 2 weeks or so back and I have received no email this week or the swag box as others are talking about. Not sure what to do about tomorrow. Any help? thanks.

  • Sherilyn Taylor

    I love my new Apron! & I’ve already made some nice new stains on it from art class this past week.

  • Jocelyn

    I won’t be able to attend the start of the conference. Will I be able to log in later on after it starts? Thanks for your help!

  • Marie Suarez

    I registered for the online AOE Conference and have not received any information or swag box in the mail. Not sure what to do either. The conference begins today in several hours, how do I proceed?

  • Marie Suarez

    Tried your contact email and couldn’t get through. Help.

  • jmh5

    Hello All,
    Thanks, Got my box of goodies, paid months ago the $85. and have not received the log in information for the conference for today…please assist, thanks, ready and waiting to log in and join in on the FUN…

  • Krystin Smith

    how do you access the conference lesson plans, or are the ones on the website posted the ones associates with the conference.