Use art2day for your Contemporary Art Needs!

Showing examples of artists’ work is a great way to get the creative fire burning under the seats of your students. Ironically, searching for the right images by spending hours on Google or sifting through Pinterest is like a bucket of cold water over a teacher’s head. However, there is a site that might be the waterproof match you’ve been looking for: art2day.




At first glance it doesn’t look like much. No “About ” page explaining why the site exists or telling you what to do. The opening page only consists of a few inspirational looking, but rather innocuous quotes like “Let’s change art education forever”. Scrolling down, however, does give you some insight as to what lies beyond the front page; a Pinterest-like layout of contemporary artworks.

Click over to the Artist Search page, and the power of this site is revealed. A list of concepts like “contrast”, “identity” and “portraits” is provided. Having recently assigned a project on “text”, I was curious to see what would be revealed by clicking that word. The search returned approximately 30 contemporary artworks, many that I would have shared with my class. On the down side, the site offered no further levels. If I wanted to learn more about a particular work or artist I would be on my own, swimming the Google pool, at least for this section.




The next two tabs, Photography and Fine Art provided much more depth. These top level menus divide into sub categories including Digital, 
Film, Photoshop, etc.. And Paint, Sculpture, Mixed Media, etc., respectfully. These sub pages list artists alphabetically and many, though not all, provide links for more information.

Other sections include a What’s New page, which is sheer eye candy offering no detailed explanations, but image after image of enticing contemporary art. There is also a Lesson Ideas page containing a thin collection of interesting lesson possibilities, but no formal lesson plans.




If you prefer to receive your info via social networking, Art2Day is on both Facebook and Twitter, offering “Art of the Day” posts.

Overall what the site is lacking in descriptions, it makes up for in visuals. This site is worth a first stop in your contemporary art search. I would also recommend the “What’s New” page as a talking point for class discussions.

Do you think art2day would be a good resource for your classroom?

Where else do you look for reference photos?

Do you often find what you’re looking for, or is the process frustrating for you? 


Ian Sands

This article was written by former AOE writer and choice-based art education expert, Ian Sands.


  • don masse

    I’ll have to check it out. I base much of my instruction on contemporary artists to make things more relevant for my students. I check out blogs like booom!, this is colossal, and omg posters. I also get a bunch of stuff from pinterest. I like how you can search art2day by concept. Thanks for sharing!

  • Marcia Beckett

    Awesome, I love this!

  • Jenny

    Great ideas!! Thanks. The idea of searching by concept makes this site very relevant.

  • Susan

    Thanks! Great site!

  • Christine Devivo

    Thank you, thank you for sharing this insanely valuable resource. I love that I don’t have to be nervous having my students on this site. I also love the student artwork on the gallery…wow. If there were links to the artists I think I would cry with joy.