Earn Free Money at Your Favorite Stores: Just for Being a Teacher!

Right before the school year starts, I partake in my ritual of back to school shopping, especially where teacher discounts are available! I also make my usual rounds to the Learning Post (a teacher’s supply paradise), Toys R Us for their Crayola sales, and hit the back to school sales at Target and Office Depot/Max…a couple times. I also make a trip after school has started when everything is on clearance!  These mini field trips serve as motivation to start planning, but also as mini breaks so I don’t get overwhelmed, not to mention the thrill of saving precious mula!

Discounts for Teachers

But saving money and teacher/education discounts aren’t just for a new school year!  They can be year round!  Did you know some of your favorite stores will cut you a discount, just because you are an educator? My favorite places to shop that have a regular educator discount include:

Ann Taylor LOFT (15%)

Barnes and Noble (20%)

Michael’s (15%)

The Limited (15%)

Half Price Books (10%)

There are so many companies that offer educator discounts, especially education and art supply stores, and to think all we have to do is ask and show our teacher badges or name tags! Here are two sites with long lists of places that provide discounts or free educator memberships for exclusive sales and savings:



In addition to year round savings, Teacher Appreciation Week grants us even more savings, especially at lunch time. Look for lunch deals in early May when this takes place.


Also don’t be afraid to ask if you can take multiples of freebies and recyclables that would be valuable in your art room – I stocked up on tons of paint sample cards in one Home Depot trip that will last me for years! Also, keep your eyes and ears open for Scholastic Books educator sales, as well as the Barnes and Noble 25% off Teacher Appreciation Days usually in the fall (October!) and winter.  Look it up on your local Barnes and Noble Event Calendar.  (There are actually lots of cool things Barnes and Noble offers for educators!)

Your badge can also get you into places for free or discounted prices like museums, science centers, even IMAX movies!

Bottom line: ask everywhere and don’t forget your badge!! (I keep mine in the car, and sometimes my purse if I know the place actually has an educator discount).


Where do you frequently get an educator discount?

What is the best deal you’ve gotten because you’re an educator?

Where is the most surprising place you’ve gotten a deal because you’re an educator?

Alecia Eggers Kaczmarek

Alecia is an elementary art teacher in central Iowa who is passionate about teaching and reaching her students with an innovative and meaningful arts education.


  • Karen

    Verizon gives an educator discount also. I received a great discount from Restaurant.com recently. $100.00 worth of discounts for $30.!

  • teachkidsart

    JCrew also gives a 15% discount to teachers year-round!

  • Charly Brewer

    Any ideas on how to get these discounts/freebies if you don’t have an ID badge??

    • Alecia Eggers

      Do you have any paperwork or something similar to tie you with your school or prove you’re an educator? Like even a little licensure card? I know I have one with my educator folder number from the BOEE.

      • Charly Brewer

        I wonder if I could make a little copy of my certificate because that is pretty much all I have…

  • Mary Marcantel

    Joann’s, here in Tennessee, gives teachers a discount card that is good on every purchase all year long!

  • Jessica Sinclair

    Aerosoles shoe store gives a 15 or20% discount to teachers for shoes.

  • Alecia Eggers

    Wow! Great finds and suggestions!

  • Nyl

    If you don’t have a teacher ID, you can carry a pay stub…..that works too! :)

    • Alecia Eggers

      Good thinking!!

  • jeffreywp

    You can also save 15% at A.C. Moore as an educator. Plus, don’t forget to take your Michael’s coupons there. They will honor them.

  • Cherri Cash Rutan

    Applebee’s has a discount for teachers. I think it is the first Tuesday of the month.