New Class: Showing Student Growth in Art

Just released: A brand new AOE class, ‘Showing Student Growth in Art.” We will be running this class for the first time in January. You can earn 80 contact hours or 2 graduate credits for this month long course.

Student growth is a growing topic in education. More and more, teachers from all around the country are being asked to not only show what their students know and are able to do, and assess it, but show the journey of where students start and how they are progressing toward the learning standards.

This course will help art teachers understand the basic types of student growth data that can be collected, choose meaningful topics to assess, write a solid student growth goal, and create assessments to use directly in the classroom. Learn how to keep track of your complete student growth plan by creating a yearly timeline to keep you organized and streamlined. Samples of quality student growth assessments will be provided to help get you started. The process doesn’t have to be daunting – It can be very rewarding to see students learning new concepts in the art room!

You can now register for ‘Showing Student Growth in Art’ on our  Classes Page and reserve your spot for this January, but be warned, our new classes usually fill up very fast. Learn more about our classes and the accreditation we offer right here.

Is your state going through a Student Growth initiative? 

What questions do you have about the process?

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Jessica DaSilva

    I just s

  • Alecia Eggers

    I am SOO excited for this class!!!

  • Mrs.C

    So excited to see this offered! I am one of the many NJ teachers that are figuring out SGO’s this year! I Missed you at AENJ ! When I saw you were going to be there I was so tempted to go but the only day that was going to work for me was Saturday and the cost and miles outweighed everything else! It is a good conference, i have been many times I just couldn’t justify it this year with so much going on right now at school. I’m interested in seeing what your class has to offer! I am going to check with my school this week to see if the district will accept the PD hours before I sign up. ( I think they will) I’m happy with how I wrote my SGO’s but i am really interested in assessment and tracking. :)