Aug 5, 2013

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Why did You Become an Art Teacher?

There are a ton of reasons teaching art is ‘the best profession on earth.’ All art teachers have their own unique stories outlining how their careers started and what brought them to teaching art in the classroom.  A while back, we asked our Facebook Fans why they became art teachers. The answers are truly inspiring, as you can see below.

Why did you become an art teacher?

As you begin a new school year, it can be easy to get pulled into  the ‘rat race’ of politics, schedules, and the stress of setting up an art room for the new year.  Perhaps these ideas will motivate you to think about why YOU became an art teacher, and remember why you got into this profession in the first place.  If you want to get more updates from AOE (some that aren’t ever on our website) be sure to follow our Facebook page, too!

So, share your story – Why did YOU become an art teacher? 




Jessica-RoundThis article was written by AOE Founder and President Jessica Balsley. Jessica is a passionate thought-leader in the field of Art Ed, and a tireless advocate of helping Art Teachers get the ‘Ridiculously Relevant’ PD they deserve.

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  • Carmone Macfarlane

    I think it was the smell of new paper, fresh brewed coffee and new coffee mugs and new sharpies that got me :)….ohhh and the new aprons, freshly waxed floors, and smiling faces…..but even above all of that…it has to be the amazing creativity I saw every day in my high school art room. That same creativity that I get to experience everyday with my students. I am always amazed at how their minds work and what they create.

    • Jessica Balsley

      Yes, teaching art is a sensory experience! Thanks for sharing your memories.

  • maureen

    I love the freedom of planning for art lessons and the creativity I share with my students when executing them.