The Art Studio vs. The Art Room

I refer to my classroom as the “Art Studio.” The reason I call it the art studio instead of the art room, is because I want to make it a special, different, and unique place, unlike any other room in the school.

Professional artists create art in studios and since I wanted my students to feel like they were “real” artists, I started treating them like one. The first step was to teach them about art studios. I showed them photographs of famous art studios and discussed the importance of taking care of the art studio. Here is a photo of Grant Wood’s studio, Turney Alley, which is 5 minutes away from my school!


img_9822 copy


My middle school students really bought into the idea and were fascinated to see the different art studios. My colleagues complimented the change in name as well!

As art teachers, we know our classrooms are the best in the whole school, regardless of what we call it!

How do you refer to your room?  Do you think it even matters?

Cassidy Reinken

This article was written by former AOE writer and life-long learner, Cassidy Reinken.


  • Art_GottaLoveIt

    I love that your middle schoolers have embraced the Art Studio. I teach elementary and like to refer to our workspace as the Art Classroom. I do this to emphasize that learning in the art room is as important and meaningful as learning in the grade level classrooms. I like the idea of the art studio also . It says that there is something very special going on in that space.

    How wonderful to be near Grant Woods’ studio! Great idea to speak to artists in my area to see if they will show us their studio spaces. Thanks for the inspiration!

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